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1992 Episode Discussion

Dan F

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Onto a new season - episode summaries for 1992 can be found in our archive if you're after weekly spoilers :wink:

Some of the key episodes for the year are listed below, I won't put expected dates at the moment as another christmas break could send those out anyway:

927 (Week 4) - Meg's first episode

975 (Week 13) - Meg's death

994 (Week 17) - Mary Croft's first episode

1009 (Week 20) - Tug's first episode

1014 (Week 21) - Shane's first episode

1022 (Week 23) - Greg & Bobby's wedding

1030 (Week 24) - Tamara's birth

1038 (Week 26) - Phil & Toni Bryant's first episode

1054 (Week 29) - Marilyn's departure

1055 (Week 29) - Simon's final episode

1061 (Week 31) - Shaun Wood takes over as Chris Fletcher

1078 (Week 34) - Les Bagley's first episode (Blake's father)

1093 (Week 37) - Lucinda's final episode

1112 (Week 41) - Roxy's first episode

1145 (Week 47) - Season finale

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This year will bring even MORE drama.

In with: Shane, Tug and Roxy

Out with: Marilyn, Lou and Simon

Ryan's return spices things up. All the girlies want him; Lou, Soph, Maz.

A great year for Des Monaghan to sign off on before handing the reigns over to Andrew Howie

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994 (Week 17) - Mary Croft's first episode

I wonder why they decided to invent a never-mentioned-before sister for Donald when they introduced David and Lucinda in 1991, when they had previously mentioned that he has a brother who is yet to be introduced.

1054 (Week 29) - Marilyn's departure

This happens much earlier in the year than I expected/hoped! :(

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Things that happened in 1992

  • Summer Olympics were held in Barcelona.
  • Samara Weaving, Nick Jonas and Miley Cyrus were born.
  • Dick York, Frankie Howerd, Marlene Dietrich, Denny Hulme and Peyo all died.
  • Aladdin is released in cinemas and brings a whole new world of fans to Disney.
  • Bill Clinton is elected president of the USA.
  • A Brit didn't win Wimbledon.
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