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I don't think anyone is suggesting that teen pregnancy is an ideal situation, just that David was not a criminal and did not deserve to die for this unplanned pregnancy. He consummated his love for So

In this case it would have been so much more practical if David had stayed alive. Look at this this way. He died and you celebrated his death for like 15 minutes. You might have felt good about his de

lol spoiler alert!

lou worked at the school????

I can never recall her working there??

Well she went on and on at Donald about the job and if he didnt employ her because they were family it would be unfair. So she gets a job as art teacher. Has a bit of a story about getting in trouble for taking the students to the beach and then it was never mentioned again!

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Finally caught up to 1100.I like Sophie, really I do, but it would be nice if she actually learnt something.We seem to be stuck in this cycle where she blows up at someone, spends an episode or so in a sulk, then feels bad and apologises.Okay, apologising is good but learning not to yell at people in the first place would be good.

I was surprised that Greg was so keen for Adam to move in, given that he was railroaded into it and I didn't think they were that good friends.I loved Alf pooh-poohing Bobby's weary observation that he was the best candidate only to be confronted by Scary Biker Dude.("You know, I think Adam has hidden depths...")

Wow, that's a pretty abrupt personality transplant for Shane.I know he's been gradually softening but it's like he suddenly turned into a Boy Scout.Admittedly he'll change back a few times before the middle of 1993 and maybe even after that but still.

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Well, that's the last bit of action Sophie gets until around 2002.The whole thing seemed a bit rushed and mostly just an excuse for more angst.In fact, some of Gary's behaviour is downright weird:Sure, if you really like a girl her having a kid might not put you off, but would you really immediately suggest taking the baby for a weekend away?Sophie's farewell with Blake was simultaneously quite sweet and a bit strange, since they'll see each other again in a few weeks yet it came across as rather final.That was the episode I missed that week first time round, otherwise I might have actually known they used to be a couple.The chat did kind of emphasise how much has changed for them since then, including both having someone they loved die on them.

Are the people of Summer Bay really so unobservant that they go around thinking Damian's over the moon when he's as sulky and miserable as he ever gets?Even Bobby, who initially seemed a bit suspicious of his story, seemed to accept it pretty quickly.My sympathy for Damian kind of evaporated with the way he went around letting everyone think he and Kelly were a couple:How long did he think he could get away with it before people noticed that they were never together or Kelly heard about it?

And Alf seriously needs to get a grip and notice that Ailsa's going to be hurt by two people she cares about being at each other's throats.Blake was willing to make an effort for her sake, he should have been a grown-up and done the same.I do wonder if we're meant to see his behaviour as a delayed reaction to the way Simon left, but given the way no-one talks about him anymore(Sophie even says she hasn't been on a date since David)probably not.

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