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  1. Home and Away : The Early Years All up to date again... ☺
  2. Wentworth Prison - Finally caught up, was 3 weeks behind. Home and Away : The Early Years.
  3. Ok Chris J and Dan F, I know this is probably a really silly question, and believe me I don't know the first thing about updating websites, technical stuff i.e servers etc but why don't you create a BTTB app for android and apple users?
  4. Really like the new look forum. All topics are easily accessible. I particularly like the layout of the profile page, has a nice fresh feel to it. Well done to Chris J, Dan F, and the other site Admins, you have really given the forum an updated new look which is also user friendly, thumbs up from me.
  5. The Blacklist Home and Away: The Early Years
  6. Sally's birthday party when she played "spin the bottle" and kissed Peter was episode 817. Michael and Pippa were watching through the kitchen window. ☺
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