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  1. Finn should have got on the bus and left with Blake. She has become the most invisible irrelevant character since Matt.
  2. Is that the austvclassics2 youtube account. I'm from New Zealand so I'm guessing I won't be watching them anymore either. Was fun while it lasted.
  3. Irene's tenure at the store is quite decent comedy, especially the mounting disbelief on Ailsa's features.And Adam's conscience kicking in over Tug. I felt really bad for Fin when Blake left and she was left crying at the Bus stop. Blake didn't have alot of conviction in his voice whenever he said I'll be back. Its a pity the writers didn't start this romance a bit earlier. I think it had alot of potential and gave both characters much needed purpose.
  4. These latest episodes feel alot different to me, its like watching Home and Away version 3.0. So many of the old faces are leaving and we are seeing lots of new characters arrive in summer bay. Does anyone else feel the same way?
  5. Karen is more evil than Skeletor at the moment. Its like shes on a mission to make life as hard as possible for anyone stupid enough to care about her. Although I did find it funny when she told Blake to stop acting like an old lady.
  6. I feel bad for Fin too. Soon its not going to feel like she belongs there anymore. Also episode 1156 is already on youtube. Someone recorded it on their vcr and posted it a couple years ago.
  7. Its a well documented fact that Alf always goes crazy whenever he sees teens doing anything more than holding hands. Hes obsessed.
  8. Hey does the way Luke acts remind anyone of the other former teacher Grant Mitchell? Also I think Sophie will be missed for two big reasons. She was the first of that second generation of teenagers to Summer Bay that included Simon, Karen, Haydn, Finn and Blake. With her leaving it feels a little bit like the end of an era.
  9. I couldn't work out what Blake was doing. I was think man Finlay might drown and Blake is just wasting time. If he was trying to get her to breathe slowly then that makes alot of sense.
  10. Its real to me dammit!!!!!!!!!! lol just kidding
  11. I struggle to get through every scene that Sophie is in at the moment. They have make her very unlikable about 90% of the time with her constant screaming and crying. Also Blakes new romance with Finlay has really breathed new life into his character. He was looking a bit out of place since Megs death and Simon leaving the show. IMHO. I kinda get the feeling the show is in a real transitional period at the moment. Will be interesting to watch it all play out.
  12. I really like the Tug/Shane feud. Never a dull moment when those two are on screen togeather.
  13. Yes absolutely! His non stop scams definitely get repetitive and they always end with him saying hes learned his lesson till the next week anyways. In saying that he does have a pretty huge storyline coming up if I remember correctly that does breath new life back into his character.
  14. Did anyone else laugh when Shane threw the paint at Alf?
  15. Les seemed pretty cool at the start but he is quickly turning into a werido. Like when Blake asked him why he wouldn't go visit Karen and he said it was because she was a loser. Thats a pretty hash thing to say about your daughter.
  16. The best thing Lou ever did on the show was leave Summer Bay. She was only likeable in her final episode. IMHO
  17. I hate to agree with Old H&A Fan but hes right. Sophie is probably the hottest girl on Home and Away during this time and they stick her in a fat suit for 7 months. What a crime.
  18. His lack of a girlfriend on arrival? I'm sure it's one of those things that was purposely left to the viewer's imagination with no proper explanation. When I first watched these episodes back when I was 11 years old I thought it was because he liked tug boats or something. Man how wrong was I! lol
  19. If I remember correctly Pippa quits after Alf calls her a flamin mongrel because she was 20 minutes late to work. It has been 22 years since I last watched it so I'm not 100% sure thats exactely how it plays out.
  20. Or, more accurately, Blake's trying to put the brakes on but can't quite find the pedal.(I did love his pained reaction to Alf telling him stories of his misspent youth.)Fin being head over heels after one kiss feels a bit of a stretch(unless more than that happened, since we didn't actually see the aftermath?), although her saying she's liked Blake for a while, despite there being no real sign of it, does kind of cover the point. Red Ranger 1 I think its safe to say more than that happened. Still I think Blake is crazy for passing up on Finn however with his history I can also kin
  21. So Blake and Finlay look like they might be an item. I think they make a cute couple IMHO. However I know this will **** off alot of fans because not alot of time has passed since Megs time on the show.
  22. I can't even think of her current 2010+ stint to compare it, it just gets me too angry the way she (and other long term characters) are "written". Is that Simon gone too? Bit of a low key exit if it is. Yes Simon is gone now too. He went to go live with Matt in invisible land.
  23. She probably just doesn't want to be stuck working for Alf the rest of her life. Marrying a sugar-daddy would be a quick fix Can't say I blame her.
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