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If Aden and Nicole did get together, and I think they are better suited to each other than certain other people, I'd want it done properly.I'd have no problem with them suddenly deciding they want to be together so long as they were upfront about it and didn't go sneaking around behind Belle and/or Geoff's backs.And I certainly wouldn't want it to be a five minute relationship before they go running back to their "proper" partners.

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I don't think they're suited to a relationship ; I love how their friendship is, they're so close [even though they're not talking at the moment :P] but even the food fight was hilarious - and, it's fabulous to finally see a friendship between a guy and a girl that's NOT messed up by this seemingly theory that a guy and a girl [who are both straight] can't be just friends...

Which is precisely why I don't want Aden & Nicole to hook up; it's so refreshing watching them together without the spark of chemistry - please please they keep it that way :D

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I'm sick to the back of my teeth of them ruining friendships (especially for the sake of relationship) and this is one of the very few (and now the only male/female) that I have any faith in. If they ruin it for a relationship, or even worse a temp one while they're inbetween partners I'll have lost the last shred of hope I have that this show can write a proper male/female friendship. I think they have great chemistry and bounce off each other very well because they're both incredibly headstrong and have a lot of cheek. But their chemistry doesn't work for me on a romantic level, it's a friends only based thing. To take it any further would ruin it and that's not something I want.

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I have nothing against any Adelle fans and feel that 99% of you make really good points and your opinions hit the nail right on the head. However in my opinion I feel that Adelle have reached their Peak. It's become stale and I think breaking up was the best decision they have made in a while as all they seem to do is hurt eachother. :(

Everyone knew that when Nicole arrived her and Aden had an instant spark and that eventually they would come to the point past friendship 'stage'. But right now I think Aden and Nicole are actually kind of good for each other :wub: even though some may think it's wrong on different levels. Nicole and Aden can both relate to each other at the moment and can both use each other for support, undertstanding and of course TLC. I think that belle could get in the middle of this and in result it could ruin Nicole and Aden's friendship.

I feel that Belle hasn't been the best person for Aden lately :( , Aden has been through enough with Larry and so for Belle to abuse Drugs and then lie about it was wrong ... maybe if she hadn't lied then they could have worked through it and it would have been different for her and Aden. In my opinion Belle and Aden can't work... they use to be great for each other and their relationship was sweet but now they are both unhealthy for each other. Belle needs to focus on getting better, and Aden needs to concentrate on finding happiness again. I'm not saying that they should cut all ties loose but I just think that maybe something coming between them (e.g. Nicole) , could be the best thing.

What is everyone else thinking? If I'm wrong or if I'm right it doesn't really matter because it's just an opinion! :)

And by the way who renamed this topic??? I can't change it back because now it's under someone elses!! :(

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i agree, aden and bell are completely worn out!!

although i dont think the relationship lasts that long, but its good for them.

They both feel the same way and are just looking for some comfort! And they found it in one another!

so good on them, i think this storyline will be great, although i love geoff and nicole together, this could possibly in a way bring them back to each other, and maybe if belle recovers, her and aden can get back together!

but for now i like it this way!


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The dream sequance, which features Aden, Belle and Nicole should be airing this week of next week. I just hope the scene hasn't been cut from the show.

I think it must be Aden who is dreaming, as he's trying to figure out who he wants to be with, but we all know that he chooses Belle.

There was an Aden/Belle/Nicole thread in the spoiler section, it must have been removed.

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I feel that Belle hasn't been the best person for Aden lately :( ,

Why does Belle always have to be the better person though? Maybe for once it was Aden's turn to be the better person for her? Yes he's been though a lot but even when they weren't together she still found a way to support him. Aden's abandoned her twice now and left her to deal with her addiction alone.

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There's already both an Aden/Belle and an Aden/Nicole thread on this forum but seeing as how this is here I might as well put in my tuppenorth.

I genuinely think that Aden and Nicole would work better as a couple and Aden and Belle would work better as friends.I think they've got that sort of chemistry and that sort of relationship.I actually think Aden and Belle as friends would be interesting to see because in a way friends are more selfless than partners;when you help a partner it's not completely selfless because you've got a vested interest in them being all right.I actually said right back when Aden first told Belle about his abuse that she should have helped him as a friend instead of getting back with him and both of them trying to force a relationship(which is what I see them as doing, Adelle fans will probably disagree)has never really done them any good.

Aden and Nicole I think just look right together in a way that Aden and Belle never have for me. Watching at UK pace here and given what's coming up I'm really hoping that we're going to see Aden supporting Nicole in the near future because it's something we've never seen.In a way their friendship seems a bit one way:We've seen Nicole supporting Aden, at least to some extent, during the court case and his relationship troubles with Belle and her drug addiction but whenever Nicole's had a problem, like her two experiences on the island and her break-up with Geoff, Aden's been conspicuous by his absence.

Another comment I made earlier in the year when they first started speculating about Aden and Nicole was that I hoped they weren't going to let them have a five minute relationship and then have him run back to Belle.

And it sounds like that's exactly what they're going to do.

To me that would just succeed in annoying everyone, ruining their friendship and wasting a potentially decent couple.

But I'm still hoping they'll get together properly later.

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