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  1. I got fancards week from Cassie and Isabella!
  2. ​I'm so torn over whether I want to read that or not. I've heard so much about it, and it sounds quite good, but I've also heard a lot of mixed reviews, and now I'm not sure. Are you enjoying it? I'm currently reading Don't Let Me Go by Susan Lewis. It's the sequel to No Child Of Mine which I read before it and loved. ​It's on my 'To Read' list too, along with countless others on the Kindle, would be interesting to hear what others think without spoiling. Discussion in here seems very rare nowadays, more just people listing books (sometimes suspiciously quickly ) Sorry only seeing this now. I
  3. The girl on the train, by Paula Hawkins
  4. Got a reply from Kelly the other day Fancard with a lovely note on the back
  5. Got fancards from Andrew and Kassandra today
  6. I'm the same, though at least there have been some replies lately, it's promising Maybe they are just slow with posting the replies! lol
  7. Nope nothing yet. Though I sent all mine in one envelope, as was running low on funds and thought it would be easier that way! lol... Do you think they would still get to the actor okay or I would at least get a fancard?
  8. I got a reply from Charles Cottier this morning! My first reply in a very long time, it's good to see they are replying again! Good luck to everyone else waiting! p.s he has very lovely writing for a boy! hehe!
  9. Loved the last few chapters I really hope Charlie can give Brax a chance, it would be nice to see her happy and slightly moving on! Hope Ruby settles in Uni! Update soon
  10. Aww Poor Charlie! I hope her and Brax do become better friends soon Great chapters, I love Grace she is just so cute! lol
  11. Great chapter Oh really interested to see what happens with Heath and Brax! I doubt anyone will be too happy about the story being swithed
  12. Good chapter Aww I feel sorry for Charlie, I wonder what Brax will do when he learns about Angelo...
  13. Great chapter I wonder how Heath will react to I assume Brax being the new manager and living in SummerBay! Can't wait for more!
  14. Loved those chapters! Grace is such a cutie! It is a really interesting story, I'm looking forward to more
  15. Really good start I'm looking forward to reading more and finding out who her husband was
  16. Your icons are gorgeous Jen! I love the Sam ones! Beautiful!
  17. One Direction - Nobody Compares
  18. Shorts and a tank top (Even though I'm cold! lol)
  19. Garlic and Honey facemask Facial moisturizer MilkyBar desserts
  20. Do Home and Away still send out fancards? It's been so long since I or anyone else has received anything :/ They used to be so good with fanmail
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