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My two favourite characters. I love them individually and I love their friendship/Own relationships(Aden/Belle,Nicole,Geoff) but I think a Aden/Nicole relationship would be great. The chances are slim though as I can't see both of these couples splitting anytime soon but if it was to happen in the future, a Aden/Nicole pairing would make up for the loss of both Aden/Belle and Geoff/Nicole.

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I would love it if these two got together.Anyone remember the episode where Aden and Belle were fighting about his father's drinking and Aden was chatting with Nicole at the surf club and then when Belle came in he basically forgot Nicole was there?I was practically screaming at him "For god's sake, stay where you are!You'd make a much better couple!"Even as friends they spark off each other really well.

I've said it in at least two other threads but I'm kinda hoping they end up like Ric and Matilda, who also looked like they were going to get together when they first joined only for him to end up with someone else and them to settle down into a friends/quasi-sibling relationship but then got together further down the line.

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I think Aden suits Nicole a lot better then Belle and Nicole even suits him better than Geoff. As a couple they'd still have the drama but they've already proved how close they are, I think it would be less contrived then all the Adelle OTT stuff.

But in the mean time, i still love them as they are :wub:

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I love their relationship as it is but in the future I wouldn't mind it if they got together. Their scenes together are probably some of my favourites.

They seem to have this unspoken understanding of each other. LOVE their banter.

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I cant see Aden & Nicole as boyfriend and girlfriend but they remind me of me and my best guy friend, they are so at ease with each other, they know how to be friends with each other and know at times their banter has to stop and the seriousness begins, I cant wait for more banter Aden/Nicole style, I hope the writers dont forget this pairing as I love these two as friends and their scenes, long may it continue. :D

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