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  1. Aden-5 Alf-5 Annie-5 Charlie-6 Colleen-5 Dexter-4 Geoff-9 Harry-7 Indigo-5 Irene-5 Jai-5 Leah-7 Liam-6 Martha-2 Miles-7 Morag-7 Nicole-7 Ollie-3 Ross-5 Sid-5 Xavier-5 edit - Xavier was randomly dropped
  2. Happy belated birthday Ray and Jordan. Happy birthday Sharni
  3. Are you talking about when they reconciled after their breakup from Kirsty working as an escort? If so it's episode 4755.
  4. Happy birthday Tessa! Hope you have had a great day so far.
  5. Aden is a character I seem to do more avatars with than the rest of the characters. My last update was of Adelle.
  6. 4553 4563. Loved that scene I don't think the eps are but i'm pretty sure i've seen that Aden/Geoff scene up on youtube.
  7. That was on Melody's debut episode wasn't it? I think that's 4598.
  8. In a way Aden did all he offered to. He offered to take Melody home instead of Miles (knowing that Miles needed to stay to watch over the formal) and he did so. I don't think he is in the wrong at all. Staying home with her to make sure she is alright is more then he requested to do and it was the night of his year 12 formal. He also asked Annie and Jai to keep an eye on her which they said yes so he followed through in making sure Melody was safe for the night. Imo in Nicole's situation, She offended him and thought following him to make sure he will be fine would only make the situation wor
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