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  1. "If you really want more scream it out louder" - Usher. I WANT MORE!!!! That was a cliffhanger. Please.dont.make.me.wait. Poor Aden he's gonna be heartbroken.
  2. Just to put it out there, Todd Lasance is currently on Rescue Ops. He has been in about 4 eps. he's so gorgeous I enjoy seeing him again. Jealous that "lara" is hooking up with him on screen Adelle forever! I am totally supporting Life Blood!!! Also if you haven't heard Todd is apparently dating someone, she is not an actress. I bet its Tenilla Lee Zink.
  3. When I was first introduced to Marylin, when she came back to Summer Bay, that's when I first started watching her. She was nice, bubbly, funny. But then she turned bad, she is annoying now, I can't stand to watch her. She's so obessed with having a baby and is demanding too much, and is being selfish. She is taking advantage of Nicole. She's kidding herself, she knows deep down that Nicole wants her baby back, Marylin should do the right thing and give the baby back. She's ignoring Nicole's feelings and is ignoring the fact that she isn't herself. The baby is putting a major strain on her relationship with Sid, Sid and Marylin now are a bad pairing, I don't like them together. I hope she moves out, or Sid moves out. They are a boring couple. Poor Dex, he's struggling. Clearly, the baby wants one thing NICOLE! Then he'll stop crying
  4. I see this because Charlie wants to keep Brax a "secret", some of the dialouge and conversations they've had about their relationship, its starting out like adelle, not telling people about it because people won't approve etc.
  5. I think Brax and Charlie are kind of a rip off of adelle, but I really don't care, because I love Charlie and Brax relationship!!! I miss adelle so it's good to have them on screen. There are similarities between Aden/Belle, Charlie/Brax. We need more scenes with them, right now we haven't got enoguh
  6. WOW!!! That was amazing! I loved it. Jess was great, I didn't expect her to have so many scenes. More sex scenes with Jess I didn't like her with the short, short hair. I believed her character, and forgot I was watching "Jess" and couldn't see her as "belle" any more I loved the Paper Giants, it was so interesting, I couldn't look away! I really thought we'd see a scene with Jess playing with the sex toy, if you get what I mean, seeing as she stole it. What did everyone else think?
  7. ooooooooooooooooooo!! getting interesting with little Matt, please update sooonnn, loving adelle fluff
  8. Is Jess in part 2 only, or is she in part one as welll?
  9. Oh god, I completely forgot about this :( I am really upset. Is there any way to watch it? I've missed part 1 and part 2.
  10. I can't wait for Charlie and Brax, I agree with the person who said they are starting out like adelle They will be such a hot couple !!!!! Just kiss him already!
  11. "Do you like what you see" oooooo such a cheeky comment Love the adelle fluff!!!!! More please Update sooon
  12. That's really sad. I wrote to her and nothing happened I've been waiting for a couple of years now. I know a few people who have received from Jess Tovey.
  13. Interesting update Aden's lucky he got the car. I'm suprised Justin isn't fighting for Belle. Wants some scenes with Aden and Justin showing their desire to be with Belle Aden and Belle seem to be comfortable with each other, they are already holding hands??? lol Update sooon!!
  14. Awww Belle kissing Aden!!!! Aden is being very supportive. For some reason I had this image of Justin turning gay, "he's in the shower" is he cheating on Belle ;) Poor Belle, Irene Please update sooon!!!
  15. Well done Zetti!!! What I love about this chapter is the realism. The situations are so realistic, with the gardening, cooking, cleaning, Belle checking Aden out quitely, and Aden noticing Belle too. It's sweet Aden asked Belle out. I'm loving this fic!! Please don't keep us in suspense for too long. I love how Aden and Belle in the mind fancy each other. I wonder if Justin will catch on, or whether Aden/Belle will notice that the other has feelings for them. Update soooooon!!!
  16. goooooood story Zetti, loving it!!!!!!!!!!!! Awesome idea making Belle and Justin date, hopefully Aden will become jealous lol. Please update soon, otherwise I'll have withdrawals!!!!!!
  17. Could someone please make some Ruby and Romeo avatars???
  18. Just disappoining that I know people who have signatures from these two actors when the were on the show and when I did sent in my request. I doesn't help when they don't visit places like QLD.....Melbourne, Perth, places in sydney home and away stars visit..... feel like I'm outta luck. I'm probably better off moving to Sydney (not that it will happen). I like Esther, but I couldn' be bothered taking time to write a decent letter of appreciation when it's going to go to waste. Anyway...For those who are interested what address do people sent it to?
  19. its been more than a year, or maybe two years since I sent a longish letter to Jessica Tovey..... I requested an autograph....and haven't recieved anything. I sent a letter to Todd too, I asked for a autograph but I only got a photocopied version. I can easily print one from the internet. I'm really down about this. I don't know why I bothered trying, bothered to wait, and bothered to write a letter of my admiration for these actors. It's a real let down. Sounds like some people have more than one genuine autographed photo. I don't know whether it's even worth trying again. Does anyone know the address to send it to....
  20. I didn't realise Jess was 23 now. Happy Belated birthday Todd's birthday is coming up this month too
  21. Tomorrow when the war began!!!!! Its worth watching
  22. Just thought I'd post this link, its from Aden's earliest scenes. Aden doesn't seem like a bad guy, from what I've seen he seems kinda nice. There's also scenes with Aden and Sean. It's worth checking it out, Aden is alot smaller back then, Aden certainly has gotten sexier as time went on.
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