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  1. I love the banter, it makes me smile that despite all the crap that they have to go through they also get some small moments of laughter and just being there for each other. I want Roman and Aden to have more scenes, they just bounce off each other perfectly well
  2. Oooh showdown! I am seriously intrigued to find out what is going to happen next!
  3. Finally!! I'm glad they're gonna sort Mark out. I despise him!!
  4. Heh finally caught up with it all. Great so far!
  5. I'm not sure whether to be relieved or terrified that you'll do it again. It doesn't feel like Rola are going to be happy anytime soon and that really does hurt my heart but I am glad that the kids are okay.
  6. I have no words. I can't even put my thoughts down. I can't.
  7. Hahaha! This makes me laugh hard! Love it!! Yeah me thinks Ella would disagree!
  8. Hahahaaha this legit made me snort! How true! I have faith that Roman will find a way to defeat Mark and Gardy. Loved this chapter!
  9. Roman and Ella are going through so much hurts my heart for them. I think Roman might end up completely blind. Will have to wait and see.
  10. Uh oh. Mark. he needs to take a long walk off a short plank.
  11. Yep I decided to go on to read it so I could refresh my memory
  12. I just read some of the other stories.. I got the answers, thanks anyways.
  13. The end? Wow. I have so many questions and not exactly sure what just happened but whoa. Enjoyed the story though
  14. I think Ella really needs to talk to Roman and be open about it, if he finds out later, it won't end well. Love the chapter and love Irene/George getting married
  15. I love this line, so funny, so glad to see them happier Great chapter. Like this
  16. Thanks guys for the comments! Much appreciated, the next chapter will come when the technical issue is sorted out Thanks for your patience!
  17. I really enjoyed this chapter, it is always going to be hard for them to just settle back into the Bay but I enjoyed seeing Roman with Miles. Throughout everything, they do need friends that they can talk to as well. Good chapter
  18. Things have been changing a lot for Ella, so glad to see it happening :D, I only want to see her grow and get her sense of normal back like she has been doing. Love the family scenes, good old fashioned family time! Great chapter.
  19. I am glad that Ella is getting better and going back to Summer Bay. Wonder what happens next! Great chapter
  20. Dr Barton I honestly have no words for him. Well I do but I'm keeping this comment PG. I'm glad Roman and George were there with her though to support. Great chapters.
  21. That was pure happy Rola fluff, I loved it. I adored the middle name call, so funny! I think I need a middle name now Loved it and looking forward to more soon
  22. Finally! They are communicating with each other, I love this side of Roman and Ella, being open and honest but still think George and Roman are going to come to blows sooner rather than later. Looking forward to more <3
  23. No. Just no. Ella you cannot blame someone else for the way you act, yes Roman has his flaws but he doesn't know how to deal with anymore than you do. Hmm I think I know what Ella is going to do with the pregnancy, but I'll wait to see if I'm right. Aww Roman! I can tell he's hurting and does not know what to do next. I hope that he can find a way through this. Roman and Ella really need to communicate with each other.
  24. I think that Roman and George are heading towards a fight.. FYI topless and sweaty Roman would be ideal and preferred I want Ella to make some positive changes and make more strides towards recovering. So so cute More please Like this
  25. So this chapter starts off as all happy and in love and I'm smiling at their goofiness and how adorable they are! I should have known that was not going to last because then came the hurtful comments, I don't like broken rola. It makes me want to cry! Pleaseeeee make it better. Okay? Thanks! More now please.
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