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  1. "If you really want more scream it out louder" - Usher. I WANT MORE!!!! That was a cliffhanger. Please.dont.make.me.wait. Poor Aden he's gonna be heartbroken.
  2. Just to put it out there, Todd Lasance is currently on Rescue Ops. He has been in about 4 eps. he's so gorgeous I enjoy seeing him again. Jealous that "lara" is hooking up with him on screen Adelle forever! I am totally supporting Life Blood!!! Also if you haven't heard Todd is apparently dating someone, she is not an actress. I bet its Tenilla Lee Zink.
  3. Marigodly - You probably don't want to hear this. But I think that maybe you have to accept that you can't have kids, I'm sure there are plenty of women out there that simply can't have a baby. There are so many women who desire to have a baby. But we need to remember, that we can't always get what we want in life. With technology and money being accessible these days, we can get pretty much what we desire, but we have to step back a bit and realise we can't get everything we want. I think the best way to love and care for children is to babysit your friends and families children, get invovled with children's funtions, work at a childcare, care and love other children, you can positively impact on their lives. I think thats all you really can do. I think that if you tried and tried that's natures way of telling you that you're not able to reproduce, and that's not a bad thing. Doesn't mean that you can't be an amazing carer for children. We need positive role models for children. I know its not the same caring for a baby that is yours and a baby that is someone else's. Have you considered adpotion? Fostering? Now for my cry for help Lately I'm been feeling really sad and angry. I haven't felt myself. I've started a new job and its not going very well, and now I've been told I'm moving house, so I'm moving away from a friend that lives close by, I'm scared I wont see her as much, then our relationship wont be as strong. I'm struggling to adpat to my new job, because so many things are not right with the workplace. I'm wondering whether it could be due to the season change, I know thats not the only reason for me feeling sad.... does anyone else feel really sad lately. Maybe I need more Vitamin D. I don't know how to boost my mood. I feel hopeless and I know if I had something to look forward to or to motivate me I'd feel a bit happier. Things at home aren't great, but I'm trying to deal with that. So home isn't a happy place. Any advice?
  4. When I was first introduced to Marylin, when she came back to Summer Bay, that's when I first started watching her. She was nice, bubbly, funny. But then she turned bad, she is annoying now, I can't stand to watch her. She's so obessed with having a baby and is demanding too much, and is being selfish. She is taking advantage of Nicole. She's kidding herself, she knows deep down that Nicole wants her baby back, Marylin should do the right thing and give the baby back. She's ignoring Nicole's feelings and is ignoring the fact that she isn't herself. The baby is putting a major strain on her relationship with Sid, Sid and Marylin now are a bad pairing, I don't like them together. I hope she moves out, or Sid moves out. They are a boring couple. Poor Dex, he's struggling. Clearly, the baby wants one thing NICOLE! Then he'll stop crying
  5. I see this because Charlie wants to keep Brax a "secret", some of the dialouge and conversations they've had about their relationship, its starting out like adelle, not telling people about it because people won't approve etc.
  6. I think Brax and Charlie are kind of a rip off of adelle, but I really don't care, because I love Charlie and Brax relationship!!! I miss adelle so it's good to have them on screen. There are similarities between Aden/Belle, Charlie/Brax. We need more scenes with them, right now we haven't got enoguh
  7. I've just come in here to moan, I really, really wanna gain weight and I'm trying really hard and I've gained 3kg in about 2 weeks, but I've lost 2 kgs due to stress... would it be easier if I was a guy seriously??? I'm so sick of people's comments to me about my weight, its hurtful and rude. Why do people think its okay to say "oh hey you're skinny, go eat a hamburger" but its wrong to say to a fat person "oh you're really fat, maybe you should go on a diet". Argh, just angers me so much. We have to accept people who are fat, and we have to treat them as any other person, fat people are told to love themsevles and love their body, yet they are overweight and obese, they are so many mixed messages. I hate it. Why's it okay to comment on someone who is skinny and not okay to comment on someone who is fat. Some people who are fat might have a medical issues, not just to assume they are eating badly, its the same with people who have trouble gaining weight.. Gah, I think stress must do this to me, I don't understand... maybe I just need to eat more chicken I know another female who is the same as me on bttb, but I wonder are there any others out there?? what do guys think?
  8. WOW!!! That was amazing! I loved it. Jess was great, I didn't expect her to have so many scenes. More sex scenes with Jess I didn't like her with the short, short hair. I believed her character, and forgot I was watching "Jess" and couldn't see her as "belle" any more I loved the Paper Giants, it was so interesting, I couldn't look away! I really thought we'd see a scene with Jess playing with the sex toy, if you get what I mean, seeing as she stole it. What did everyone else think?
  9. ooooooooooooooooooo!! getting interesting with little Matt, please update sooonnn, loving adelle fluff
  10. Is Jess in part 2 only, or is she in part one as welll?
  11. Oh god, I completely forgot about this :( I am really upset. Is there any way to watch it? I've missed part 1 and part 2.
  12. I can't wait for Charlie and Brax, I agree with the person who said they are starting out like adelle They will be such a hot couple !!!!! Just kiss him already!
  13. "Do you like what you see" oooooo such a cheeky comment Love the adelle fluff!!!!! More please Update sooon
  14. That's really sad. I wrote to her and nothing happened I've been waiting for a couple of years now. I know a few people who have received from Jess Tovey.
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