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  1. Hey sorrry - I was just wondering how I could delete this account/membership? I've been searching everywhere and there is no indication anywhere on how to do so with account settings If anyone knows that'd be great
  2. haaxhaa


    Huh? What? Why? No season 2? Explain someone please? Sorry just jumped in ...
  3. haaxhaa


    I love Glee. Definately a programme to watch I'm already in love with Finn
  4. Congrats Jo (: Yeah I too was happy Roxy got left the pub, I think she was always the most loyal to her father and ultimately did love her dad very much. Didn't like Glenda one bit though, I knew she had come back for the money, all the other stuff she seemed to spin out her mouth was a load of sap! She's had 20 years to try and make it up to her "girls" and then her ex husband millionnaire pegs and shes back in a flash! Laughed when Janine cried she deserved it. And Ryan deserves better then her! Also if Jane wants to adopt so badly... why doesn't she adopt Ian's Kids... after all she loves them like they are her own and so it seems a little bit I don't know Silly? adopting a little person you have connection to rather then the kids you've raised for years as your own. I don't know! Something is telling me Braders killed Archie because he's meant to leave in Feb, reeeally hope not... I love him and Stacey! They are the new Ricckkaaay & Bianca in waiting!
  5. That was great. Made me smile too Please update soon!
  6. Eastenders never really made use with their teens and they always were used for props or in the background adding their 2 cents worth... were as home and away are always giving the teens storylines and they are made use of just as much as the older characters. I think its good that we are seeing the teens being used more, but I'm not a huge fan of these new comers Zsa Zsa and the pan-faced dude Lucy slept with. Hmmmm, something tells me theres a door to possible teenage pregnancy waiting to be opened. Devon your right about Adam though. I cannot stand him... he does my head in. He's pathetic!
  7. I see what your saying. But just because Aden and Belle were the same age doesn't make it any less of a random pairing... I don't want to be repeating myself... But Aden is also human and when we are with certain people its hard not to get a little bit influenced by them ... and even though the sensible thing to do would have been to keep him single for a while, the writers chose to do other wise, so until we see what they plan to do with these characters its hard to compare Naden to Adelle.
  8. haaxhaa


    I've heard loads about it. And E4 keep playing the add for the new series... but I just want to know what series is coming out on E4 in the UK because I don't want to start watching it when its like the 5th season and I've missed everything!?
  9. I totally agree with RR1 on this topic. For me Aden and Belle were such a random pairing. They didn't even like each other in the beginning and Aden always seemed to spend more time with Nicole having fun, and when he was with Belle they just seemed to have petty arguments. For me Geoff was like Nicole and Aden's pet project with the bet and everything, and whilst he was beginning to like Nicole, she was scheming away with Aden... Very "Cruel Intentions" like. In the beginning Aden did like Nicole but by the time she had come around to liking him, he had rejected her and got with Belle! And then Niff happend?! Well not complaining because I did like Niff whilst it lasted Now Aden and Nicole can finally be together, I'm reeally happy. These two deserve a break. But am not happy that it looks like its not going to last long!
  10. ^^^ My thoughts exactly. No storyline tonight... Tamwar is the best in it tonight!
  11. You make it sound as though it is alright to be dishonest and mendacious when in fact in my opinion it couldn't be more deceitful and devious. I accept that Syed and Christian are in love and I'm not at all in anyway slating them for being in love. I just think the sneaking around and lying is sordid and brings out the worst in Christian who has no reason to lie... he's not the one cheating, after all he's a free agent, but because of the situation he has been forced into lying and hiding his feelings to everyone else. To me it is extremely unfair of Syed to expect Christian to lie and then bed him when he feels like it. And I do not in anyway think that it is unfair to compare Chryed to Stax... at the end of the day they are both affairs that were in for the sex - Although you may disagree. Do you not think that if Syed was gay he would want to act upon those feeling by sleeping with Christian the man he claims to love? Would he not? Therefor it is about the sex however strong your argument is, the evidence is there. And I agree that Stax/Chryed are both complete different situations however just because he is gay doesn't excuse the fact that it is alright to cheat on someone because you have no sexual feelings for them. Max cheated on Tanya & Syed cheated on Amira so that's why I compared them. And I do feel for Syed in the respect that it is difficult for him to be who he truly is because of his family and religion however what bugs me is that he wants it all... he wants his cake and to eat it like somone I think mentioned? Syed is now married and so him and Christian's affair shouldn't continue unless he tells the truth, leaves Amira and deserts his religion and family - which I personally cannot see happening.
  12. I don't know why people are all for "Chryed" in my opinion the whole thing is just as bad as the Max/Stacey affair which I know you can't really compare to. But still Syed had an affair and lied to his whole family, so for me I just cannot warm up to this relationship. I think that for them to get together would be wrong purely because it is prime example of Adultery and deceit. I don't find them sweet at all, they may be in love and they may share a few "awwww" scenes together but it still doesn't excuse the nitty gritty facts 1. Syed is still CHEATING! It doesn't matter that he doesn't want to be with Amira, the fact is he is and so he is still therefor betraying her. 2. He is contradicting his own beleifs 3. He was going behind his families backs and lying to them! In my opinion after the first Kiss which was on Syed's behalf, Christian should have backed off a bit instead of allowing Syed to persue... they weren't in love then, they fell in love afterwards. Christian knew the moment it all became complicated and so he should have broken it off with Syed instead of allowing his heart to get broken later on down the road. I just hope that their affair doesn't continue, and if it does then we need to see the ramifications of what would happen because in a Muslim society something like this for Syed would be pretty hard to deal with as he risks loosing everything. Its not so simple.
  13. Yeah it was a bit random the ending.... Also you'd have thought that if Shirley and Hev were going to have private words in the loo they'd have checked they were the only ones in there. I can understand why Libby broadcast it... she was upset. Though its the writers way of making it more dramatic.
  14. Hi Paris, I see I haven't written to you in a while!

    Gutted Elle has left! And am not too fused about this Andrew guy moving in on Donna. Haha. How are you?

  15. Yeah I agree with you. I don't think it was reeally about weather he loved Christian more then Amira, it was more about him lying to his family and going against his religion. I did feel sorry for Christian tonight, but I wasn't at all shocked by Zainab's reaction, I think we all knew thats how she would have reacted. Syed was willing to leave his own wedding, but he didn't. And I can also quite see why. He doesn't want to go against his beliefs (Although he already has!? ) and he doesn't want to dishonor his family ect... Hahaa I loved Tamwar tonight, thought his scenes took the edge off it a bit and gave us some humour. And what is up with Hev? I may be reading too into it, but the way she kept starring at Darren made me wonder if there was more to it. I think I would have preferred Libby finding out if Darren had told her, because now it feels to me like Adam is one point up. I reeeally hate Adam's character and I know he is going to weasel his way in on Libby I reeally like Libby now.
  16. Yeah its amazing, the first 3D i've actually ever seen! Currently got Sparticus on in the background. Not a huge fan, scenery doesn't seem real in parts, like they've painted it on a canvas... though wouldn't be suprised it was made in like 1960!
  17. I see were your coming from, but you have to put it into perspective. Syed is meant to be the good Muslim boy and he is meant to honour his family... at the end of the day he committed an act of adultery so whoever it is with is besides the point. He went against his beliefs and lied to his family after they had put their trust back into him. I think that for Syed and Christian to then get together after it all comes out in the wash would be totally disrespectful to his family and of course Amira. I think the right thing to do would be for Christian to hold is head up high and find someone who isn't ashamed of him and will treat him right. If Syed loves Christian so much then surely he wouldn't be ashamed of him, it that was the case all of this would have been out in the open a while ago. And also If he loved Christian that much he shouldn't have made commitments to Amira and given her false hope. I did feel sorry for Syed in recent episodes, but I still find him weak and spineless. Christian deserves better and so does Amira.
  18. I think that we are all going to have different perspectives of Syed & Christian's relationship. But for me I think if they did ever become a couple it would drive a big wedge between Syed and his family, and of course it would leave Zainab and Masood's pride wounded. Also the writers would have to explore the religious side of it, and as it goes against the Muslim community Syed would probably have to battle out his love for Christian with his religious ethics... I suppose it could be an interesting storyline the writers could explore... but we all know that it probably wouldn't have a happy out come as Syed would have to sacrifice his family and religion for Christian... he'd probably end up leaving walford. And (SPOILER) Apparently Amira and Syed do get married.
  19. I have disagree. I think that Christian unfortunately fell in love with the wrong person and after the way Syed treated him, I now actually feel sorry for Christian as its obvious that Syed is too weak to come out to his family. I think even if they did become a couple it wouldn't last, The Masood's would never accept it as it goes against their beliefs and so the pair would probably be outcasts and this would probably force their relationship to break down. Also, Syed had to try hard to win his family's trust back and now that they look up to him and he is the "golden" boy, to have that taken away again would probably make Syed regret telling them in the first place. So inevitably Syed and Christian would never work as a couple. But on the other hand, I think its wrong that Syed is going to continue to lie to his family, and to Amira who has done nothing wrong. There are a few spoilers here: Eastenders Spoilers
  20. Yay an update! I'm looking forward to the next chapter... shall be interesting
  21. Hmm maybe we are all reading "too" into it. Maybe the writers want us to think its someone else because in our heads it would be too obvious if it was Phil... but it turns out to actually be Phil... If that makes sense. Or it could be the writers trying to tell us it is Phil and we are think its someone else... I don't know! I reallly do hope its Sam or even Janine. I mean the way Janine is acting is sickening, and well Sam... her facial expressions and winey voice drives me mad!
  22. Can someone please make me an Aden avatar if its not being too cheeky? Thankkk yooou
  23. I wouldn't mind if the murderer was Janine, Peggy or possibly Sam. Janine has killed before (Barry if I recall), Peggy is due to leave and I cannot stand Sam. I preferred it when Kim Medcalf played the part... she was much better and I didn't mind the character. Seriously loving Bianca & Rickkkky at the moment, and of course Bradley and Stacey. Thought Phil was funny tonight, I actually laughed at the TV. 1 question though.... Why on earth was Shirley walking Baby George past a murder investigation? Use your noggins writers! I know... someone will come back with "So she could speak to Phil..." But still it bugged me.
  24. I reallly felt so sorry for Ronnie tonight. I don't think she killed Archie. I have two people in mind, Bradley or Phil, but something is telling me it's Jack so that makes three? I think that tonight it was a little OTT what the officers did to Ronnie considering she has just lost her dad and clearly was in a destressed state. If she wanted to take some air you would have thought a police officer would have gone with her outside for a few moments and that they would have been a little more understanding before walking in and straight away start questioning. It really bugged me the way that scene was filmed and I'm so irrated by the officers in it I think I've actually taken it way to personally I cannot stand Ian either! He could have avoided all this had he been straight with Jane from the beginning all he had to do was sit her down and tell her somewhere along the lines of this : "When you left I was in a bad place and well I took comfort in Janine. She took advantage of the fact that I was upset and I know it was wrong of me... yadaayaddaaayaddaa, I really want this marriage to work and I hope we can just put the past behind us... yadaayaddaayadaaa please forgive me." Now we're going to have to endure a week of questioning of all the characters... I'm actually looking forward to Syed and Amira's wedding, finally the truth will come out!
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