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  1. 'Bout bloody time! I was getting so sick of seeing people trying to logically explain to Carly why it wasn't Gary. I get that they found it difficult to do anything and that Carly can be really self absorbed and dramatic but to keep telling her to her face that she was wrong- I wouldn't be suprised if she has major trust issues with them now. This is assuming it was Gary but it's looking pretty likely now. I can't say enough how good these episodes are, the continuity especially. When someone leaves they're not magically gone forever which is pretty realistic, and whether it's weeks or mon
  2. Greatest Hits Album- Queen Bohemian Rhapsody is still without doubt the greatest song ever written.
  3. Barbara got another mention! Brett's last line to Stacey was amusing though, something along the line of "There's a little girl that may want to look up her father, I wouldn't want her to get a copy of Dad."
  4. My god the quallity of these episodes in terms of writing are fantastic, let alone for a soap. The end of that episode had a few tears flowing. I love Alf and Ailsa so much. I'm assuming she comes back and they renew their vows. Can't wait. The best bit about that was probably that by soap standards these days Alf probably would have unrealistically turned up there by the end of the episode and they managed to do an emotionally charged scene from both end over the phone. *thumbs up* Oh and I couldn't stop laughing at Colleen. Maybe THAT'S why she really dislikes Marylin, not coz of Lance
  5. Happy Birthday. Hope you had a great day. :)

  6. Happy Birthday Miss! Hope you're having a great day and getting lots of pressies. :D xxx

  7. Um...she doesn't return for 18 years? I was talking tongue in cheek, geez I promise not to make anymore jokes.
  8. It's such a big day in Australia, the soccer, the new female prime minister... Martha being born. I love that the Macklins are going to be completely dissapointed with the sex of the baby. To paraphrase the famous words of Samantha Jones- Probably thinks she'll get her period and ruin his empire, lol. Roo is... thoroughly unlikeable, even in labour. But Justine did a great job with it. Bobby and Frank But it has to be said, that music that was playing was HIDEOUS. It's definitley a reminder of how old the series is.
  9. I love most of Bobby's scenes but I have to put a pillow over my face whenever she's on with Alan and they appear to be flirting or he tries to kiss her Ick. Tom and Pippa That nightmare was actually pretty creepy, even for something written so long ago. It's little things like birthdays and anniversaries of deaths that they write in that makes me love the early years so much more. Especially that shot of Steven and Phillip sitting on the beach toasting to his parents. And yesterday's episode when Lance and Martin made up was my favourite bit- these two are as stupid and annoying a
  10. The problem doesn't lie with her 'mothering' abilities with all children/teenagers, if it did she wouldn't be as good of a principal as she is. She has so much guilt over Xaver, Brendan and Hugo that she over compensates with work and other children like Mink and Romeo. Whether it's intentional or just luck on the writers part it works very well imo.
  11. Happpyyyyyy Birthdayyyy :D

    Hope you had an enjoyable day. xx

  12. Just to reinforce the above sentiments, argue the + and - for Charlie/Angelo until you're blue in the face but don't assume your opinion is superior. Everyone is entitled to share what they think without being spoken down to for disagreeing.
  13. Little Rascals. I will NEVER get sick of this movie. Ever. "Dear Darla, I hate your stinking guts. You make me vomit. You're scum between my toes! Love Alfalfa"
  14. I don't want Romeo with any of the current cast on the show. He's such a likeable and sweet character I just don't see him keeping that if he was to get with anyone that's on at the moment. Luke definitley earnt that logie as he's proving with his scenes with his mother, he can do a range of sadness and anger very, very well.
  15. Josephine is great. Her scenes with Luke have been highlights for me in recent weeks. She comes across as one of those mothers who wants to do the right thing but is too bogged down with her own issues. I think it's obvious with the way she keeps coming back. Albiet drunk and upsetting Romeo but she does keep coming back and trying even if she's got it completely wrong. I'd love to see someone like Irene help her out with alcohol issues given that it seems to be a bit too much of a big task for Romeo on his own. With regards to Gina/Jonh. She stirring the pot, and that never hurts. And I
  16. I LOVE her. I think she's such a complex character played by a fabulous actress. She can go from being completely beige, to a genuine mother figure to someone who comes across completely cold and uncaring. Gina does a lot of things that I don't agree with and some things that I downright loathe but I can't bring myself to dislike her as a person. I think it comes down to very intricate writing and great acting on her part. She goes through a range of different stages but manages to include them all under the same umbrella of one character- this I like. IMO, nothing about her is typical, Hope s
  17. I love your icon. :) I tried to play with that picture and it just didn't work for me lol. But that av is beautiful. <3

  18. At this stage hasn't the show only been going less than a year? What other "rushed relationships" are there? And I'm not disagreeing that they moved into it quite fast but why is that a problem in terms of a storyline? No complication = no moving forward. ETA: While I'm making making my 4th post in here for the day I may as well say something else on the current episode. I adore Bobby and Frank. Together, seperately as friends, as something more, who the heck cares. It's like this total slow burn and I love watching them. I can see why they've remained memorable to viewers for so long. And
  19. Ailsa's intuition has very little to do with her gender, it's the nature of her character. As is in Alf's character to be very blindsided when it comes to some things, such as Roo. And if that's a little too "stereotypical" for you then all you have to do is look at the reversal of the situation with Alan, Barbara and Fisher. Fisher (THE MALE ) was in tune to Alan with his "gut instinct" where as Barbara was the opposite. I don't think Ailsa's been "stroppy, rude, uncooperative, and generally nasty" at all. She could have stayed for the party and made a huge fuss but she didn't, she left w
  20. Yes of course. Ailsa should pretend she doesn't have an opinion and shut the hell up. She should ignore her (correct) gut instinct about the Macklins trying to take them for a ride where they could both quite possibly be left in a shocking financial state. What on earth is she doing putting so much energey into trying to make her husband see that her opinion is valid anyway. She's a FEMALE. Her time would be much better spent cleaning the house or getting in the to kitchen make food for her husband's guests.
  21. Oh Ailsa! You put Alf in his place!
  22. I could not have loved that ep anymore! Especilly Narelle asking Celia if she could hold Lance's money in her mouth because the bank wasn't big enough. Poor Colleen, but lmao at her wanting to move in with Lance, this will be brilliant.
  23. I think these eps have some really shocking freeze frames, dodgy clothes and some naff lines... but I LOVE them anyway. There's something about good drama that remains timeless. Although I have to admit some of the things they get their knickers in a twist about I find hilarious. Like Celia considering what Narelle (sp?) was wearing to work to be revealing, lol. Poor Frank. He's such a good guy. I genuinley have no idea who sent that furniture but I'm glad they did. Had to laugh at him thinking it was Carly though... as if. I loved Pippa giving her a serve, and Tom catching her out on Celi
  24. HAPPPYYY BIRTHDAYYYY little one. :P (altho you're older than me...)

    Have an awesome day. :D

  25. Carly, Roo and Bobby all irritate the crap out of me. Partially because one moment I love them and then the next moment I want smack them stupid. It's so hard to make up my mind when they act like cows one minute and then they have these really nice moments the next. I do love the writing of them though, because they're all complex. I've loved the past few weeks particularly of the early years, all the wedding stuff was great and I was in stiitches with Lance and Martin's prank on Celia. Absolutely adore Barbara, she is by far the most relatable and normal out of the Stewart bunch. Speaki
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