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  1. If Justin does become a recurring character, it would give Aden a reason to come back and visit. fingers crossed.
  2. Bec, they're fantastic, I can't pick a favourite out of them, as they are all so good. The split affect is awesome.
  3. have you checked out the bring back Todd and Jess facebook lately, is up to 182 fans, only 18 to go to reach 200, we'll get there.

  4. As somone said on the discussion thread, They aren't that many blood types, so you don't have to be related to someone to have the same blood type. Both Sean and Larry are in prison,
  5. I'd love to see Matilda come back, maybe Ric might come back and visit his grandad and Matilda comes along for a visit aswell. There's a facebook group for Matilda to come back, there's alread over 140 members on it.
  6. Love these. Great colouring. the 3rd one is my new av. thought it was time for a change and a new custom title aswell.
  7. Just been looking through the old Aden appreciation thread from 2008, with 1522 posts and cam across this quote It certainly would be empty without him, the fun and sex factor would be sucked out of the show. please post this on post.
  8. Bec these are great, they are indeed funny if you don't mind I might just use one as my profile pic on facebook. Did you get my last message, I was wondering, if it's not to much trouble, can you make me an Adelle wallpaper for my youtube channel. I just love all the Adelle avs you make they are great. You should do some with Belle on saying, Nicole will never steal my man or he's my husband Nicole not yours or something along those lines.
  9. Bec can you make somw Adelle avs from the episode when they get back together both times. So episodes 1st reunion ep 4742 and 2nd reunion lead up to it 4868 and actually reunion 4869. Also, if it's not to much trouble, can you make me an Adelle wallpaper for my youtube channel.
  10. I hope you do a sequal and it was all a dream, you could have had Ben find out Belle was his biological mum and then just as Ben gets to know her properly she dies but Ben realises that he won't get to know his real mum, then he wakes up and realises it was all a dream., so he can get to know her properly.
  11. I'd love it if you did a sequal and it was all a dream. It would be intereting to read and who was actually dreaming it. Please do this one.
  12. I like the bit were Aden and Belle went into the broom cupboard. I wonder what they could be doing in there. I'd love it if you could do a sequal to this one shot.
  13. Great chapter. I hope Belle gets pregnant soon, I mini Adelle would be so cute! Update soon please, we need some Adelle cuteness in the next chapter.
  14. then we shall get this sort of fluff... http://au.tv.yahoo.com/home-and-away/video...y-2010-preview/ That butt slap is cute as. What scene did he say was that?
  15. There MUST be a mistake, it CAN'T be Aden's baby. Yay Belle's home.
  16. Jess doesn't have twitter it was fake, as the profile pic the person put up was Misha Barton.
  17. What is the personal statement used for? Is just for keeping notes for yourself?
  18. Who's the person who paid for Belle's treatment? Is it Amanda or could it be Roman.
  19. Could a baby Adelle have been on the way!
  20. I think she meant Aden's letter was more than a page long and yes we heard the entire letter read out by Belle (that was Aden's letter). I guess we are to assume Irene has already read her letter and we'll never know what the letter said. I think Belle was just editing her letter to Irene and Aden and who knows maybe writing her will? Belle said there were some letters for Aden, so that means they were more than one. I do hope we get to hear Irene's letter.
  21. I've been wondering the same thing. Also, didn't Belle give Aden a couple of letters, so there should be another one somewhere.
  22. I think if she was cremeated, we would have seen Aden scatter her ashes by now.
  23. It gives us hope that she might come back, since we didn't see her get buried.
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