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  1. I am up to chapter 27 so thought I should do a reply because by the time I'm up to date I'll have forgotten all the things I want to say now! I didn't realise how much I miss Rola, they are amazing and you write them perfectly. I love them so much. I knew right from the beginning that Roman wouldn't be dead, you would never be able to that! I love Ella going to him and setting up the phone so they could speak. And I might have cried when he saw Lily <3 I love Lily by the way, she's my favourite of the children. She's adorable! And now Ella's pregnant?! Seriously the woman's like a baby making machine! How old are her and Roman meant to be now? Love this if you hadn't guessed, off to carry on reading!
  2. Aden-10 Alf-6 Charlie-12 Colleen-3 Geoff-15 Harry-6 Indigo- 1 Irene-6 Leah-7 Liam-6 Miles-6 Morag-6 Nicole-16 Ross-4
  3. Finally caught up, real life's been so hectic and I've been away too. Loving this. How sweet are Nic and Geoff with their offer? But they can't let them do it, Ella's going to love her baby just like she loves Meggy!
  4. Yay I knew it was El but I was worried you were just teasing and then it wasn't going to be her She's not dead Please please update like an hour ago
  5. Hope you realise this is a special extended version just for you..... And I appreciate it lots and lots! And there might even be a new "ROLA" fic started at the weekend.......
  6. Hope you realise this is a special extended version just for you..... And I appreciate it lots and lots!
  7. I'm sorry but this is where I stop reading. I lost a very close relative to leaukeamia not too long ago and it's too soon for me to read things like this without getting really upset, I'm sure you'll write it amazingly though and I will still read all your other Roman and Ella stories.
  8. YAY I'm not crying now But...waterproof mascara...does that mean it's going to get worse?!
  9. Sorry I haven't commented for a while, real life has been stressful lately. But I have loved every chapter and I am so glad they are back together. I hope Danni arriving doesn't set them back and that they can get through this together and maybe get to know her properly. I love how this started out being Ella needing to remember what she forgot because of the accident and now it's turned into a story about her needing to remember something that happened 19 years ago...
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