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  1. Jordan [who played Jai] is on it as well, though not very active! http://twitter.com/#!/jordansblah09
  2. Valentines Day can't wait for my copy of Remember Me to arrive though!
  3. I'm trying to remember. I think it was the Last Song. Which I wept buckets in!
  4. Remember Me. IT was amazing - and I'm not a huge fan of Robert in Twilight but I have to say he really showed his talent here. As somone on teh last page said, it's absolutely heartbreaking - has a huge twist but even the storyline itself - he tries so hard to prove himself over and over again... please do go see this!
  5. The Notebook. Glad to have finally seen it though I didn't cry. Thought I would after all I'd heard about it!
  6. he's ridiculously good looking Enjoying him so far although but impressed anyway. He made some scary vision
  7. There's A Possibility - Lykke Li
  8. the bodyguard. iv'e been saying i'll watch it for SO long and finally did. well worth it - and the tissue warning i got before hand was well worth it too!!!! so sad!
  9. You never know, maybe someone from the set on H and A fancies a bit of extra cash and is nabbing a bunch of everyone's fan cards to sell online. Well that would explain how they are able to auction off these fancards in bulk at a regular clip. It doesn't explain however how they seem to have an endless supply of hand-signed Sharni Vinson and Tim Campbell fancards unless some of the actors are asked to sign a bunch of fancards before they leave the show which is possible. Either way I'm really considering buying one of those packages as of late (looking for a Jessica Tovey fancard) but I'm probably going to pass because I have some real doubts as to their authenticity. You do bring up a good point ES, someone at Seven could be stockpiling a lot of these fancards and then doing a brisk business. There seems to be one seller in particular who only deals in soap fancards whether it be H&A, Neighbours, EastEnders etc. Hmmm. One time when I was at PB, someone from the crew staff put a load of pre-signed fan cards on a table for any fans to take there were Tim Campbell ones, Kate Ritchie, the guuy that played Kit & the woman that plays Marilyn along with a few others, can't remember which. Mistified on here might be able to help out; I posted her a few of them to keep. So perhaps they've been to PB, and have taken 10-15 of one cast member from something like that? Just at hought.
  10. What aussie_female has stated above is true. I saw the madness that went on on Todd's myspace when the fake profile was posting as her [and came to the conclusion it was a fake, by the way! xDD] and, to my knowledge, the original fakers have now been deleted from Facebook. As she also said, many of the stars do have facebook, yes, but they are very well hidden - either invisible, or through other manners, and the majority of the real ones don't have the option to add them as a friend up, or even to send them a message.
  11. Oh gosh yes I forgot about the tram stops by that Irish pub - on like George Street, is it? Scruffy Murphys! Thanks!
  12. In the scene in the alley where Martha's tied up in the boot of the car, and Angelo knocks yer man unconcious; in the background it looks like a tram goes past; but there's no trams in Sydney, that I'm aware of ?! Any idea where this was filmed / what that's about?
  13. Ray is good for responding when he does Panto's I believe, but not so much in Australia. I've found Esther Anderson & Bernard Curry to be the quickest repliers ;)
  14. Symphony


    We've only had two episodes shown so far here in Ireland. LOVE IT!
  15. The Secret Life Of Bees brought back great memories of watching it down near the bridge in sydney outdoors last year. amazing, heart breaking film
  16. the majority of them do have personal pages here or there; and, when people are on their friends lists, i believe they do on occasion, pass out photos, which obviously isn't very nice. think there's been a bit cut down in recent times though, of actors allowing fans on their friends lists
  17. New Moon. I'll change my tune one of these days
  18. "Edward Leaves" - New Moon score.
  19. ugh, raining. and it's so freakin' annoying - we've been trying for THREE DAYS to get all the outside decorations out! -grumbles-
  20. New Moon, again irish_angel to be honest, Twilight wasn't all that great, as a movie. Perhaps, for people who haven't read the books, it makes a good love story, but for me I was hugely disappointed with it. New Moon, however... is in a league of its own xD
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