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  1. Jordan [who played Jai] is on it as well, though not very active! http://twitter.com/#!/jordansblah09
  2. Valentines Day can't wait for my copy of Remember Me to arrive though!
  3. I'm trying to remember. I think it was the Last Song. Which I wept buckets in!
  4. Remember Me. IT was amazing - and I'm not a huge fan of Robert in Twilight but I have to say he really showed his talent here. As somone on teh last page said, it's absolutely heartbreaking - has a huge twist but even the storyline itself - he tries so hard to prove himself over and over again... please do go see this!
  5. The Notebook. Glad to have finally seen it though I didn't cry. Thought I would after all I'd heard about it!
  6. he's ridiculously good looking Enjoying him so far although but impressed anyway. He made some scary vision
  7. There's A Possibility - Lykke Li
  8. the bodyguard. iv'e been saying i'll watch it for SO long and finally did. well worth it - and the tissue warning i got before hand was well worth it too!!!! so sad!
  9. Hey :),

    I was owndering if you deleted An Australian Summer as it was a really good fic and I would like to read it again but i cant find it anywhere :( Do you still have a copy of it? xx

  10. You never know, maybe someone from the set on H and A fancies a bit of extra cash and is nabbing a bunch of everyone's fan cards to sell online. Well that would explain how they are able to auction off these fancards in bulk at a regular clip. It doesn't explain however how they seem to have an endless supply of hand-signed Sharni Vinson and Tim Campbell fancards unless some of the actors are asked to sign a bunch of fancards before they leave the show which is possible. Either way I'm really considering buying one of those packages as of late (looking for a Jessica Tovey fancard) but I'm probably going to pass because I have some real doubts as to their authenticity. You do bring up a good point ES, someone at Seven could be stockpiling a lot of these fancards and then doing a brisk business. There seems to be one seller in particular who only deals in soap fancards whether it be H&A, Neighbours, EastEnders etc. Hmmm. One time when I was at PB, someone from the crew staff put a load of pre-signed fan cards on a table for any fans to take there were Tim Campbell ones, Kate Ritchie, the guuy that played Kit & the woman that plays Marilyn along with a few others, can't remember which. Mistified on here might be able to help out; I posted her a few of them to keep. So perhaps they've been to PB, and have taken 10-15 of one cast member from something like that? Just at hought.
  11. What aussie_female has stated above is true. I saw the madness that went on on Todd's myspace when the fake profile was posting as her [and came to the conclusion it was a fake, by the way! xDD] and, to my knowledge, the original fakers have now been deleted from Facebook. As she also said, many of the stars do have facebook, yes, but they are very well hidden - either invisible, or through other manners, and the majority of the real ones don't have the option to add them as a friend up, or even to send them a message.
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