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  1. Jordan [who played Jai] is on it as well, though not very active! http://twitter.com/#!/jordansblah09
  2. Symphony

    Support Group

    Thank you <3 Aileen, my sister [who was in Australia with me that time] slipped away from us on Tuesday morning. She was diagnosed with primary lung cancer, and secondary bone cancer 13 months ago - just four short weeks after we arrived home from traveling, and though she fought a very brave and uphill battle, in the end, we had to let her go to where there is no more pain. today, we lost a star - but heaven gained an angel.
  3. Symphony

    Support Group

    i would hugely appreciate any prayers and good thoughts that you guys could send out to my family at hte moment.
  4. Valentines Day can't wait for my copy of Remember Me to arrive though!
  5. I'm trying to remember. I think it was the Last Song. Which I wept buckets in!
  6. Remember Me. IT was amazing - and I'm not a huge fan of Robert in Twilight but I have to say he really showed his talent here. As somone on teh last page said, it's absolutely heartbreaking - has a huge twist but even the storyline itself - he tries so hard to prove himself over and over again... please do go see this!
  7. The Notebook. Glad to have finally seen it though I didn't cry. Thought I would after all I'd heard about it!
  8. he's ridiculously good looking Enjoying him so far although but impressed anyway. He made some scary vision
  9. There's A Possibility - Lykke Li
  10. Shopaholic Ties the Knot - Sophie Kinsella. Light hearted and makes me laugh - i'm happy
  11. the bodyguard. iv'e been saying i'll watch it for SO long and finally did. well worth it - and the tissue warning i got before hand was well worth it too!!!! so sad!
  12. Hey :),

    I was owndering if you deleted An Australian Summer as it was a really good fic and I would like to read it again but i cant find it anywhere :( Do you still have a copy of it? xx

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