Olivia hides a secret from Hunter. Ash and Kat clash over their unborn child. Alf talks some sense into Mick.


Robbo finds himself in hot water when the special force detectives bring him in for questioning. Ash puts Tori on the back-burner, jeopardising their relationship. Mick agrees to take the job in WA.


Ash attempts to make amends with Tori. Justin puts himself in a life threatening situation to save Willow. Maggie suspects that Brody and Ziggy are more than just friends.


Ryder’s relationship with his mum hits rock bottom. Justin grows closer to Willow. Brody and Ziggy tiptoe around their feelings for each other.


Ryder’s erratic behaviour threatens to change Roo’s life forever. Axel continues to push Olivia and Hunter further apart. Robbo hides his dreadful secret from Kat.


Kat’s testimony builds the pressure on Robbo. Roo’s diagnosis rocks the Stewart family. Raffy and Ryder make a shocking discovery.

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