Home and Away Spoilers – Tane hunts Kahu down after betrayal

This week on Home and Away in Australia, Tane tracks Kahu down after he does a runner with his money, but will he finally get answers?

Tane’s (Ethan Browne) fears about Kahu (Jordi Webber) are realised this week, when his dodgy cousin skips town after his web of lies began to unravel.

Kahu decided to spring a surprise visit on Tane and his new wife Felicity (Jacqui Purvis) after they met up with him whilst on honeymoon in New Zealand.

Things didn’t seem right from the off with Kahu, who was quick to put himself forward for the Personal Trainer position at the gym before admitting he didn’t actually have the certifications required. Tane employed him anyway to help out, and agreed to stump up cash so that Kahu could enrol at TAFE to gain the necessary qualifications, despite hesitance from Flick.

It soon became apparent that Kahu was lying about joining TAFE, after we learned that he had sent the money to his mother back in NZ, who seemed to be under the impression that he was working on a fishing trawler.

When Tane rumbled Kahu about not enrolling, he explained that it was always his dream to own a trawler, and Tane agreed to let him keep the cash he’d given him in order to register his business and apply for relevant permits as a starting point.

That wasn’t enough for Kahu though. Having tried and failed to convince Tane to invest further in the business—and losing interest in fling Mackenzie (Emily Weir) after he realised she wasn’t rolling in money—Kahu turned his attention to Cash (Nicholas Cartwright), after hearing that he had a sizeable inheritance sitting in the bank.

Putting on a BBQ as a way to butter Cash up, his bold request only caused embarrassment for Tane when Cash bluntly turned him down. His eyes now opened to how low his cousin would go in order to find himself cash, Tane started watching him like a hawk.

People welcomed him with open arms at first, because they saw how happy Tane was to have his cousin there, but over time that perception changes,” Jordi Webber told TV Week.

After realising that Kahu had again lied to him about using the money to register his business, followed by a very revealing phone conversation with Kahu’s mum, Tane confronted his cousin over what he’d actually done with the money…and asked why his mum thought he was working on a trawler.

Kahu admitted that his mum had lent him $50,000 in order to buy a second-hand boat, but claims that there were so many mechanical issues with the boat that he couldn’t afford to cover, that it’s now sitting at the bottom of the harbour.

When Tane left Kahu alone so he could call his mother and tell her the truth, Kahu instead packed up his things and left the Parata house.

This week, Tane is furious when he realises that Kahu has bailed, after he fails to turn up to work. Heading over to Flick at Salt to tell her the latest news, Tane feels stupid for falling for Kahu’s lies again, who is clearly choosing to run away from his responsibilities and has no qualms about betraying his whanau.

On the surface, Kahu is smiles and fun, but behind the smile there’s some neglect and pain,” Jordi continued. “He grew up with a single mother and has been spoilt by her.

Tane doesn’t know the half of it though, when he later receives a phone call from the bank alerting him to some suspicious transactions that have been made on the company credit card, one of which is a deposit for a houseboat!

Kahu was very keen for Tane to let him help out with processing payments for the gym, and now it’s all too obvious as to why.

So what now?” Flick asks after Tane updates her.

Now, I go get him,” Tane responds.

Putting on his Action Man pants again, Tane gets hold of someone with a speedboat to whisk him across the water, eventually tracking down Kahu who’s very leisurely playing his guitar on the deck of a large boat.

What are you doing here?” Kahu brazenly asks.

I could ask you the same thing,” a seething Tane replies.

TV Week reports that Kahu tries to talk his way out of things once again, but Tane isn’t falling for it. Backed into a corner, Kahu claims that he’s hit a neverending cycle of borrowing money to try and pay off debts whilst in pursuit of his dream (though we fail to see how hiring a houseboat is helping with that).

Kahu has a lot to figure out at first, and needs to right a lot of his wrongs,” Jordi added. “But after that, I think there’s a really good man there.

Still adamant that a supposedly ashamed Kahu should tell his mother the truth, Tane offers to fly to New Zealand with him so that they can do it together.

Can Tane really believe a word that Kahu says, or is he just setting himself up for even more hurt?

Here’s the full spoilers for this week’s Home and Away episodes in Australia:

Monday 15th May (Episode 8036)

Kirby feels betrayed. Kahu leaves Tane in the lurch. The search for Andrew’s family hits a dead end.

Tuesday 16th May (Episode 8037)

Kirby fears that she and Theo are on the rocks. Kahu has done a runner.

Wednesday 17th May (Episode 8038)

Justin and Leah prepare for an emotional farewell. Marilyn’s crusade draws unwanted attention. Tane shows his cousin compassion in the face of betrayal.

Thursday 18th May (Episode 8039-8041)

Marilyn goes to the police with her fears. Is Mali’s friendship enough for Rose? Mac throws a party for Mali but not everyone’s invited.

Cash receives shocking news. Marilyn fears for her safety. Mali and Rose’s friendship is tested.

Justin fears for Andrew’s safety. Cash is determined to right a wrong. The threats against Marilyn escalate.

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