Cash Newman

Senior Constable Cash Newman (2021-present)
Nicholas Cartwright
Episodes: 7584-present

Parents: Anthony Newman (deceased)
 Felicity Newman

Occupation: Police officer

A new senior constable arriving at Yabbie Creek police station in mid-2021, Cash described himself as a country boy. He first became involved with the residents of Summer Bay when he arrested Justin for the assault on Stephen Tennyson, learning of his painkiller addiction. He was willing to release Justin on bail straightaway but agreed with Tori’s decision to keep him in the cells overnight in the hope it would be a wake-up call. Soon after, he had to deal with the discovery of a body in the bay and Dean’s fears it was his missing sister Mackenzie. When the body was identified as Susie McAllister, who had conned several locals a few months earlier, Cash conducting preliminary interviews with John, Justin and Leah. He also interviewed Irene, telling her she was officially a suspect. Mackenzie summoned him to remove Dean from Salt and Cash let Dean go without charge after he explained the situation.

Kieran admitted to him that he hadn’t managed to arrange a sponsor as part of his good behaviour bond, so Cash put him in touch with a local AA group. Cash was assigned to work with Detective Amy Peters when she led the investigation into Susie’s murder. He was uncomfortable with some of her methods, including ambushing Leah and Stephen at Salt for an unofficial interview. They clashed even more when Justin was arrested after Susie’s smashed phone was found in his car. Amy attempted to badger a confession out of Justin without a lawyer present until he collapsed from withdrawals. Cash halted the interview and took Justin to hospital, prompting Amy to warn him not to go against her again.

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