Eden Fowler

Eden Marie Fowler (2022-present)
Stephanie Panozzo
Episodes: 7829-present

Siblings: Levi Fowler and an unnamed sister

Occupation: Musician; Bartender

A good friend of Felicity, Eden arrived in Summer Bay with Kirby Aramoana, Remi Carter and Bob Forsyth, the other members of band Lyrik for which Eden was bass guitarist, and arranged to stay with the Paratas. Eden quickly claimed Nikau’s bed, offering to share, although he retreated to a seat by the pool. She was willing to go along with Felicity’s request for them to play at the reopening of Salt, which Felicity had just bought into, but Bob was against the idea. However, the rest of the band outvoted him. At the gig, Eden was reunited with Felicity’s brother Cash. She admitted to Felicity that, last time they met, she slept with Cash, who had long had a crush on her, and left town straight afterwards. She met with Cash and they cleared the air.

The band returned to town the following week where Felicity offered them a regular gig at Salt. Eden was keen but Bob was so against the idea that he quit, leaving them to find a new lead singer. They held emergency auditions at Salt and selected Theo. While rehearsing at the Parata house, she noticed the house next to John across the road was up for lease and asked Cash for a reference, also acting as Cash’s confidante with his girlfriend Jasmine failed to return to the Bay. After taking possession of the house, she agreed with Remi to ban Kirby and Theo from seeing each other. She also volunteered to take over Felicity’s shifts in Salt while Cash was in hospital. She revealed that she grew up in a funeral home and was expected to take over the family business before she got into music. She accepted Theo and Kirby together on realising they’d been seeing each other in secret.

She and Remi missed out on being part of an interview Theo and Kirby gave with online magazine editor Tully Dixon after heading down the beach, and were upset that the article barely acknowledged them. Asked by Felicity to keep an eye on Cash, she ended up sleeping with him only for him to reject her next morning. She and Remi missed a band meeting that saw Justin appointed as manager and Eden quickly wanted him fired after he lost the gigs at Salt. Cash met her for another hook-up and they were caught together by Remi. The next person to catch them out was Felicity, who accused her of using him. As a result, Eden nearly refused to play with the rest of the band when Tane proposed to Felicity. She found out Remi had told Cash she had feelings for him and refused to let either of them help her when she sprained her ankle. She tried to get Bree to keep her in hospital so she didn’t have to deal with it before admitting to Cash it was true, prompting Cash to end things.

Eden initially resented Remi but softened towards him on learning he was dealing with the discovery that Bree’s husband Jacob was hitting her and stood up to Jacob on his behalf. Felicity, meanwhile, changed her mind and began pushing Eden and Cash together, asking Eden to be her “bridesperson” so they’d have to work together on wedding arrangements. Eden asked Cash’s advice about Bree without naming names and refused to perform with Bob when Theo didn’t turn up to a gig. She learned Remi and Bree were sleeping together and accused Bree of using Remi as a distraction.

When Felicity refused to go wedding dress shopping, Eden brought a large number of wedding dresses to the house for her to try on. She had to pay a $1000 deposit and pretend to be a celebrity stylist, and ended up leaving the dresses in the van while she helped Felicity with her vows, leading to them being stolen. She was left facing paying $12,000 if she couldn’t recover them and asked Cash for help. Together with help from Rose, they managed to find the thief, Stan, selling the dresses online and lure him into a trap.

She arranged a karaoke bus for Felicity’s hen night only for Felicity to cancel it and drag them out to the city in order to get Eden to spend time with Cash. Eden ended up getting drunk and falling off the stage. Cash took her home where she sleepily told him she loved him. She learned from Cash that Remi was in hospital after Jacob broke his hand and visited him. She then accused Cash of ignoring her declaration of love. Cash told her if he was going to love anyone, it would be her, but he couldn’t go there again. On the morning of the wedding, she had to talk Felicity into going through with the service before driving her to the wedding. En route, however, the brakes failed and they crashed. Eden was rushed to hospital with a head injury and left in a coma on life support.

She recovered a couple of weeks later but was left confused when Cash told her she was right and they should be together: She could remember everything else about her life, including the build-up to the accident, but had forgotten their relationship. She got Cash to tell her what happened but, when she still couldn’t remember, told him to stop visiting her. After being discharged, she was left disturbed when she started getting flashbacks to their relationship. She confided in Remi, who confirmed some of what she remembered had happened. She was unable to tell Cash and pulled away when he kissed her so decided to put her memories down in song. She accompanied Felicity when she went to pick up her things from Tane’s and witnessed her being pulled over for driving under the influence. At her and Remi’s first gig back with the band, she ended up singing her song about her memories in front of Cash, after which they kissed. After talking things over, they established themselves as a couple and spent the night together.

They were co-opted by Felicity and Tane to arrange a new wedding for them but after a few days of inaction they were told the wedding was the next day and to just turn up. Whilst helping Felicity get ready, she found an engagement ring Cash had bought for his ex-girlfriend Jasmine. During a drunken night with Cash after the wedding, they jokingly put the ring on her but next morning Cash couldn’t remember what happened. Eden jokingly let him think they were engaged until he admitted the truth, but was hurt when he went into a panic when she couldn’t get the ring off. However, her mood improved when he exchanged the ring for a charm bracelet for her. They hit another stumbling block when he walked in on her sitting on Remi’s lap and Eden was forced to accept she and Remi couldn’t be so physical with each other now they were in relationships. At a band meeting, the others proposed doing her song at gigs but Eden felt it was too personal. She was stunned that Cash didn’t have a problem with it and, after talking it over with Kirby, changed her mind. She later tried to get Remi to ask his parents for the money to record an album but refused to accept money from Cash. She voted in favour of Remi’s plan to cancel a tour and enter a Battle of the Bands to win $20,000, although she admonished him for doing it without consulting them.

She was similarly annoyed when Remi contacted his old friend Mercedes Da Silva for help since she resented Mercedes for trying to take Remi away from the band, but was forced to admit that the band sounded good with her. When Felicity was raped during the competition, Eden was the one who accompanied her to hospital. She queried why Mercedes was still around and wasn’t too happy about her getting involved in the album but was again forced to accept she’d be a bonus. She returned early from helping Cash to attend the first recording session and advised Remi to tell Bree about Mercedes kissing him. She spoke to Mercedes herself, telling her about everything Bree and Remi had gone through, although this led to Mercedes nearly leaving town without doing the last recording session.

The remaining members of the band managed to get the launch party together despite Justin only giving them a few hours’ notice. Afterwards, however, they learned Kirby had been approached by label rep Forrest Duke about becoming a solo artist. When she heard Kirby had accepted the offer, Eden tried to throw her things out of the house but eventually agreed to working around her absence. However, the blows kept coming when permission to use Kirby’s songs was withdrawn and their gigs at Salt were cancelled. Eden’s frustrations led to her accidentally hitting Felicity during a self-defence class after which she was Felicity’s confidante when her rapist, Jeremy Holding, asked to meet with her and accompanied her to the meeting.

She went away with Remi to his parents’ summer house to do songwriting and was inspired to start writing a song about Kirby’s betrayal but didn’t feel able to finish it, until Kirby turned up and admitted she hadn’t done anything about the copyright. Justin warned them against performing the song and they accepted he had a point. They were thus embarrassed when Kirby saw the lyrics but decided not to accept an invite to her single launch. She learned that Cash had been helping his friend Harper Matheson hide her sister Dana from corrupt police officers and had been suspended for not following proper procedure, prompting her to blame Harper. At the last minute, she and Remi decided to go to Kirby’s launch and she was delighted when Kirby promptly decided to come back to Lyrik, beginning promotions again after Kirby and Remi struck a deal with Forrest. She attended Lyrik’s comeback gig at Salt and learned Kirby had $8000 royalties from one of the songs she wrote for Forrest, which they could use to fund their next album. She tried to get Cash to take his suspension seriously but he considered supporting Felicity after her marriage break-up more important.

She then learned her own brother, cardiac surgeon Levi, was in town treating Mackenzie: They hadn’t spoken since they were teenagers, when he chose to live with their father when their parents’ marriage broke up even though he was the one that cheated. She reluctantly went to the hospital and nearly left without speaking to him before he noticed her. She spoke to him but was unable to get over the past and was upset when Cash met Levi behind her back. Remi convinced her to talk to Levi but it ended in another argument, although she resolved not to let it affect things between her and Cash. She was happy to ignore a message from Levi saying he was about to leave town, but when Mackenzie ended up back in hospital, Eden was frustrated he decided to stick around until she recovered. She asked Cash to go away with her and he agreed but, instead of a hotel as she assumed, he took her camping. She struggled with the lack of luxuries, finally freaking out when a tick burrowed into her neck. Cash explained camping with his foster father Gary had been an escape after his parents died and Eden agreed to go on a bushwalk with him to a waterfall, but was quick to try and use a gig at a fundraiser as an excuse to ask Remi to come and get her. Cash convinced her to stay another night, after which they’d go to a hotel. During the night, she stumbled across brothers Wes and Mickey digging a hole and was promptly knocked out and kidnapped by them, waking up next to a prone Remi.