Justin Morgan

James Stewart

Justin Morgan (2016-)
James Stewart
Episodes: 6442-present

Birth Name: Jack Lee
Parents: Coby & Kate Lee (née Harris) (both deceased)
Siblings: Tori, Brody & Mason Morgan

Occupation: Mechanic; Bait Shop Manager

Justin had a less than promising arrival in Summer Bay when he squared up to Ash, who had driven himself, Brody and Mason off the road as they were arriving in town. He ran into Ash again shortly after but the situation was defused by their sister Tori, who had been in town some weeks already. Justin abandoned his attempt to get a job at the garage when he learned Ash owned it, and briefly attempted to chat up Phoebe when he ran into her. When they met up at Angelo’s that evening, they shared a drink and then spent the night together. The next morning, they awkwardly agreed to forget about it and Justin told Brody there was no point getting involved when they’d move on sooner or later.

Tori arranged for him to accompany Alf on a shakedown cruise of the Blaxland as a mechanic and after a shaky start they got on. However, the boat broke down and Justin had trouble fixing it, after which Alf suffered a heart attack and Justin had to swim to shore to get help. He was hailed as a hero, with Phoebe giving him free food and beer. He found out that Mason’s girlfriend Lara Adams had tracked them down and pretended to be okay with him continuing to see her, then warned Lara off. When Mason found out, they got into a fight at Angelo’s which Brody broke up. Justin kept quiet about the reason but told Mason to finish with Lara.

He visited Alf, which resulted in Roo hiring him to look after the bait shop while Alf recovered. He warned Tori against getting too close to Nate but she was upset at not being able to have friends and Brody also broke the family’s rules by buying Angelo’s. Justin was let go from the bait shop when Alf insisted it stayed close until he was better. Phoebe offered to help him get a job at the garage but when he stopped by he saw Andy arranging car ringing with Simmo and told Ash he wasn’t going to work anywhere dodgy. He was furious when he learned Mason had told Lara they were in witness protection, their parents having been murdered by a drug syndicate that their father had handled the accounts for, and felt they had to leave town, but when Tori checked with their handler, Decker, they were told to stay put. He was reinstated at the bait shop when Alf had a change of heart.