Oz Picture Preview – Ty’s Mum arrives in Summer Bay

Episodes 69316934*
Monday 6th to Thursday 9th August 2018 on Seven

*Please note that these episode numbers apply to Sydney. Due to AFL, episodes will vary depending on region, check local guides for further information.

Ty Anderson (Darius Williams) has to deal with a blast from the past this week, when he comes face to face with his mother Jodi (Sara Zwangobani).

It’s been ten years since Jodi apparently walked out on Ty, leaving him to live with his grandparents after the death of his father.

Following the death of Ty’s grandmother earlier this year, and his grandfather having a stroke soon afterwards, Ty had to be placed into emergency foster care with John (Shane Withington) and Marilyn (Emily Symons) until his sixteenth birthday.

When he turned sixteen a couple of weeks ago, and having recently come to terms with his sexuality, Ty reaffirmed his wish to stay in Summer Bay with his new family—but was later stunned to learn that Jodi had contacted the foster agency in hope of seeing her son.

Whilst Ty turned down the opportunity to reconnect with his mother, last week we saw inklings that he was having doubts about his decision. Marilyn also felt that it wasn’t a choice that should be taken lightly, certainly not without finding out more about Jodi and her circumstances, but John disagreed and felt that Ty’s decision should be respected.

Despite this, Marilyn was last seen going against John’s wishes by heading out of town to track down Jodi, and on Monday we will see the two women meet, where Jodi begs Marilyn to let her see Ty so she can tell him the truth about what happened.

The estranged mother’s plea evidently strikes a chord with Marilyn, with Jodi later making the journey to Summer Bay to reunite with her son—but will he be interested in what she has to say after a decade of no contact?

Long-term viewers may remember Sara Zwangobani previously appearing in the show as counsellor Mel Harris in 2006.

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