Spoiler Roundup: Bust-ups & Rooftop Capers

It looks like tensions are set to remain at a high in Summer Bay in 2017, as we take a look at the latest pics from filming for the new season.

Further to our report last month about Ash and John getting into a tussle, it seems that one of the bay’s long lasting friendships is about to be threatened…

Irene vs Leah?

Lynne McGranger and Ada Nicodemou (Leah and Irene) were pictured by a fan last week filming what looks to be a heated argument.

The pictures, which have since spread over social media with no credit to the original photographer, show Leah raising her hand to Irene – is she simply fobbing her off or could she be about to slap one of her oldest friends?!

(or maybe the photo is just taken at an awkward moment and Leah is simply showing Irene how to ‘Walk Like an Egyptian…’)

Lynne McGranger & Ada Nicodemou

Photographer unknown. If you can prove you took the original picture, please get in touch so we can credit you.

Speculation is rife amongst fans of the show that the argument could be over Billie’s baby, Luc, with the possibility of a custody battle between the biological grandmother (Irene) and ‘step grandmother’ (Leah) following Billie’s upcoming death.

Whilst Billie & VJ’s wedding is now only a week away on-screen, the truth about the baby’s paternity is yet to come out— whilst Nate (who is bound by patient confidentiality) has already realised that VJ cannot be the father, only Billie knows that her pregnancy is the result of being raped by Irene’s long-lost son Mick Jennings.

With Billie set to bolt from the altar, could this be the moment when she finally comes clean to VJ?

Whether she does or not, the truth is sure to come out either in the final weeks of the season or in early 2017, as we already know that Mick appears to come after his child following the birth.

With a possible legal minefield emerging if there is a custody battle, we mustn’t forget Billie’s brother Ash – both George Mason and Pia Miller (Kat) have been pictured filming several times over the past few weeks with a baby in their arms. Could Luc end up in the custody of her Uncle Marty?

Justin vs Patrick?

In other news, scenes filmed this week in Palm Beach saw Justin Morgan (James Stewart) coming to blows with newcomer Patrick Stanwood (Luke McKenzie). The scene was captured both by a fan and press photographers.

Fight scene #homeandaway #summerbay #palmbeach #oz #travel #surf #film #soapopera

A photo posted by John Shore (@oneluckynomad) on

Whilst the press claimed that Justin was fighting Ash, we can see that Ash actually appears to be holding Justin back from laying into Patrick.

Further details on Patrick’s character are currently unknown, though there’s various whispers going around that could relate to either Ash or Justin’s past…

Happy Families?

In further scenes filmed recently, Justin was spotted on the beach playing with half-sister Raffy Morrison (Olivia Deeble) and another unknown girl.

James Stewart & Olivia Deeble

Photographer unknown. If you can prove you took the original picture, please get in touch so we can credit you.

There’s speculation that the girl could be Justin’s daughter Ava, who Australian viewers learnt of the existence of in last week’s episodes. We understand that Ava’s mother is upcoming character Nina Gilbert, who will be played by former McLeod’s Daughters actress Zoe Naylor.

An Engagement?

Additional photos taken by the paps at Palm Beach this week feature what looks to be a big development for Phoebe Nicholson (Isabella Giovinazzo).

The scene in question appeared to show Phoebe excitedly running down onto the beach waving some papers, embracing Justin, and then showing off a ring.

#isabellagiovinazzo #jamesstewart #homeandaway credit @matrixmediaau

A photo posted by Tayla (@taylalogan) on

#isabellagiovinazzo #homeandaway credit @matrixmediaau

A photo posted by Tayla (@taylalogan) on

With the photos taken out of context we can’t always be 100% certain as to what we’re actually seeing.

Whilst the obvious assumption is that Justin and Phoebe are now engaged, given several scenes being filmed recently showing them as a couple, others have questioned why Phoebe would be showing off the ring to Justin if he had been the one to give it to her…

Could we have another wedding on the horizon?

Zac’s Rooftop Capers?

Quashing speculation that he may have departed the show, Charlie Clausen (Zac) last week posted a curious photo of himself alongside a stunt double whilst filming at the Summer Bay House location in Kenthurst.

Ada Nicodemou also posted a photo showing Charlie stood atop a scissor lift raised to the roof level of the house.

@charlie_clausen taking his acting to new heights. #acting #homeandaway #stuntman

A photo posted by Ada Nicodemou (@adanicodemou) on

Zac’s certainly not the first character to scale the roof, there’s been a couple of tumbles from there over the years, and a similar stunt setup was used last year when Tank crept out of Evie’s bedroom.

Presuming Zac isn’t trying to escape out of his own bedroom after Leah locked him in, we have to wonder how he ends up there!

A week later, Ada today posted the following photo on her Instagram, showing Charlie with a neck brace, a graze to his face, and blood coming from his ear.

With interior scenes for a particular episode filmed the week after location scenes, coupled with the fact Zac is wearing the same shirt which has now been cut open, it does seem like the two scenes will be related. Whoops!

Leah &Zac ❤️❤️ @charlie_clausen

A photo posted by Ada Nicodemou (@adanicodemou) on


❤️❤️ #corneliafrances #Morag #homeandaway

A photo posted by Ada Nicodemou (@adanicodemou) on

Ada also posted a snap of fan favourite Cornelia Frances (Morag) back on set. When we first revealed Morag’s return a few weeks ago, we confirmed that she will be back for approximately a month (give or take a week or two) and that she’s back in a professional capacity… could this have something to do with it….?

For info on upcoming episodes in the run up to the 2016 Season Finale (the date of which has not yet been confirmed), check out our Upcoming Australian Episodes page, updated weekly with all the latest synopses as they become available.

A Quick Note on ‘Spoilers’

Please remember that a lot of things stated in this article are only speculation based on what we can see in the photos.

Certain H&A fan pages on social media are presenting their own speculation as fact, with the consequence of misleading information being spread around the internet. A lot of this has later been proven completely false, which has caused a lot of confusion with fans.

Unless information can be backed up with a credible source or photographic proof, then please take any of those type of ‘spoilers’ with a pinch of salt. Even when photos are posted, these can’t always be taken at face value unless the person who physically took the photos can confirm what was happening.

When so many accounts on social media take photos from fans/press and apply their own tags and ‘spoilers’ on top, this is not always easy.

We at BTTB always endeavour to make it clear when we are merely speculating, and will explain how and why we have reached any conclusions. We also attempt to trace any fan photos back to the original source, or at least someone who has credited the source, before embedding them in order to provide a link to the account.

Any information that we do state as fact is, and always has been, from reliable sources.

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