Spoiler: Baby Drama in Summer Bay!

There looks to be some more dramatic scenes coming up for fan favourite Irene Roberts (Lynne McGranger), who was spotted filming outside the Barrenjoey Boathouse in Palm Beach yesterday.

A video posted on Instagram by an onlooker shows Irene running to the safety of approaching police cars with a baby in her arms, whilst being followed by a man who was swiftly arrested.

Whilst we can’t 100% confirm who the creepy figure is, or indeed the identity of the child, regular viewers are sure to be able to make their own speculations…

Two months ago, scenes were filmed for a wedding ceremony between VJ Patterson (Matt Little) and a heavily pregnant Billie Ashford (Tessa de Josselin). Viewers of the current episodes have seen Billie tell VJ that he is the father of her baby, when in actual fact she was raped in the gym by Irene’s long-lost son Mick Jennings (Kristian Schmid).

Whilst the identity of her attacker was unknown at first, Billie was able to identify Mick by his distinctive tattoo when he was in hospital following his kidnap of Irene.


In recent weeks on-screen, Billie’s guilt over the deception has been compounded by her growing close to Irene whilst secretly carrying her grandchild. Whether Billie reveals the truth before the wedding remains to be seen, but if not we can be sure the truth will come out if Mick chooses to come after his baby.


We expect these scenes will be shown in the opening weeks of 2017, so it’s a possibility that the birth and/or reveal could form part of the run up to this year’s season finale. With scenes involving a male inmate also set to be filmed at Maitland Gaol next week, it certainly leaves some food for thought…

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