Morag to return in 2017!

We can reveal that the much-loved character of Morag Bellingham will be making another return to Summer Bay in 2017.


Cornelia Frances, who has played the feisty character on and off since 1988, commenced filming at Palm Beach this week in scenes with Shane Withington (John Palmer).

Morag’s first episode appearance in Home and Away aired on 7 June 1988, as the oft-mentioned sister of established characters Alf and Celia Stewart, arriving for the wedding of her niece, Roo to her high-school love interest, Frank.

The wedding, however didn’t go ahead as planned and Morag left Summer Bay soon after. Morag returned, now as a member of the main cast, to the series in 1989 for the wedding of Frank and her newly-discovered daughter (and arch nemesis), Bobby Simpson. She stayed on for 9 months, before leaving the series once again.


Morag’s next return to the series was after the death of Bobby in 1993. She was then exiled from Summer Bay after it was learnt by Ailsa that she was trying to manipulate Summer Bay to gain custody of her grandson, Sam.

She made a surprise comeback in 2001 as the judge presiding over the infamous Dani Sutherland vs. Kane Phillips trial, then made subsequent appearances on a regular basis over the next decade.

Morag’s most recent appearance came earlier this year, when she represented Zac MacGuire following his arrest for the suspected murder of Charlotte King.

During her tenure she butted heads with Detective Dylan Carter, and was later able to provide Kat with information on his shady dealings.


Whilst we can’t reveal anything about the storyline that brings about her latest stint, we can confirm that Morag will once again be back in a professional capacity, for approximately a month.

By our calculations, viewers can expect to see Morag back on Australian screens around March-April 2017.

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