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Dan F

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16 hours ago, CaptainHulk said:

Me too. I actively wait til they're in the mix to give my full attention.

And yet I’m at the point of fast forwarding their scenes!! 😂 I’m all for the suspension of disbelief but their current storyline is beyond ridiculous on every level to me. 🤪

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I must admit I was surprised Ryder and Chloe were using the Diner's stock as well as 'stealing' their electric, gas and water.  Doesn't let them off the hook, but they are supplying the main ingredients for their meals.  It does now explain why Chloe didn't want Leah and Irene to do their stock check, I thought at the time it was because Chloe wanted them out of there so her and Ryder could  get on with their orders but apparently not.  When caught they are going to have to repay Irene/Leah for all the ingredients they've used, which will slow down the repayment of the debt which was the purpose of setting up the  takeaways/deliveries in the first place.  Quite a few people will not be impressed Irene, Leah, Roo Alf not to mention Ari and Mia.   Chloe and Ryder were very enterprising with the idea but not in the carrying it out. 

I did feel for Ryder though, he was really knackered,😴 maybe part guilty conscience that he helped Roo and by extension Martha.🤔  He did seem to squirm a bit when he was called a hero.  He had actually nodded off while standing up when Logan was ordering a fresh drink. 

I know some don't but I like Logan, he's passionate and cares about the people in his care even if it isn't for that long.  Tori is  the same about her patients.  It's not as if the people of the bay are totally dependent on Tori, even though she is the only doctor ever on duty in A&E.😉   She must have at sometime told Christian about the Morgan's history as he referred to it when talking to Logan albeit obliquely.  It could have been seen as interference but Logan's advice was from a different prospective.  Can't think what you mean Red about going somewhere that's starved of decent doctors. 😉 😛 As Logan said, if it doesn't work out they can always come home, they're not being exiled.  Tori has always seemed to me as a  glass half empty woman where Christian is a glass half full guy.   Well now she has decided to give it a go all they have to do  is to pick the right time to tell Justin. 

Oh I did like she was concerned about leaving Buddy. 😙🐶

Not giving anything away but Mac snogs Logan this week.

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Grant was the person I was referring to and it doesn't matter whether there have been other guys like Dean or whether it's understandable, it doesn't excuse it.  He was trying to help Dean, was calm and patient.  It was one thing when Dean initially said he didn't need his help but when he helped Dean get up, Grant was smiling and genuinely happy, Dean shouted at him and told him to get out.  People in that position often don't get paid a lot of money and then they get treated like crap.

Bella was being a pain in the backside (as she often is).  Didn't like the way she was towards Tane.  She was strongly advocating Ziggy get with Dean and it's none of her business what happens with him and Ziggy anyway.

Whilst I'm still not sold on Ari/Mia, I did find their reaction quite funny when they were eating popcorn, watching TV and Tane brought Felicity back.

It was clear early on that Felicity liked Tane more than he likes her.  She was the one who kept making the moves and he didn't seem that bothered.  He kissed her to try and get back at Ziggy and only met up with her after that when he was frustrated and wanted to get laid.  It really felt like Tane was using Felicity and it made me feel a bit sorry for her.  In saying that she was aware that Tane was still hung up over Ziggy and wasn't over her (And I strongly agree that she wouldn't take no for an answer).  The whole premise of their relationship was a one night stand and seemed very physical.  Tane only seemed to open up to her once, when he told Felicity why he had an issue with the cops and even then he did that because he felt he was forced to given the situation he was in.  The rose Tane found was definitely a concern as given Felicity wasn't too happy when she walked off at the beach, it makes me wonder if she's going to go all psycho.

I think Chloe and Ryder really are taking the mick.  They are stealing food in addition to using gas/electricity.  It's disappointing Ryder is going along with this.  Chloe on the other hand supports stealing from people who give her a job.  First Ari re Mackenzie and now off Irene and Leah.

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Alf's episode count this block:Three.

Well, it seems there's going to be no real consequence for Ryder and Chloe's misuse of Diner facilities beyond having to pay for what they've used now and in the future. I have mixed feelings about that: I'm not a huge fan of Chloe, but I wouldn't want Ryder punished with her, so I guess I have to be okay with that.It's hard to see how this has solved anything going forward though.It's all right for Leah to say "No more all-nighters", but if they can still only use the Diner after hours, and they still have other jobs during the day, and that's how long it takes to fill the orders (I've given up on making sense of their limited delivery window)...what else are they going to do?

(Incidentally, anyone remember Ryder having a sleeping disorder when he first appeared? I don't think the show does, because I'd have expected Roo to have been a bit more worried about him falling asleep at random times rather than going "Yeah, anyway, can you design a website for me while you're clearly dead on your feet?")

Why is the show turning Bella into yet another weak male-dependent female? This could have been a great episode for her, with her rediscovering her photography mojo and opening up to Roo. (I've seen comments recently claiming Bella's had no character development, but there's no way she'd have had that talk two years ago.) But no, we have to get her tearfully saying she still loves Nikau and looking mopingly at old photos of him that she can't bring herself to delete and leaving him longing voice messages, and I'm shouting "He's not worth it!"

So, things are happening between Mackenzie and Logan. I'm not sure if he'll be able to keep his mouth shut long enough to not annoy her, although they did manage to have a conversation first.

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Well, I guess the jig is up for Chlo-Ryder!  

Half of me wanted them to milk it for another week, the other said "Screw it, I'm *glad* they got caught". 

No doubt some are probably disappointed Irene wasn't the one there there to read them the riot act. "Gawd Savus, You scared us half to death! I flippin' knew something was goin' on when the stock started droppin'"

Just as well the latter half of that duo listened to sound medical advice (aka COMMON SENSE) from Logan. If this had been an older ep, Ryder probably would have totalled the car on Yabbie Creek road, got a bollocking from Alf, have his arm in a sling a mope around for two weeks until his friends had an intervention and chucked him the sea to snap him out of it, therefore resetting.


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Dean wouldn't be the only patient to be giving Grant and other psyhio's earache.  I'm not saying it's right but It must come with the job that not everyone will appreciate your help. 

Chloe and Ryder got off very lightly.  I'm not sure I followed Leah's logic, someone sneaking in, to steal rice and spices because they were hungry? How did they get in, so signs of  a break in so that would have meant they had a key and locked up after leaving.🤔 Would liked to have known Irene's reaction -  "What they changed my radio station?😁😱  Chuck them off the end of the pier". Neither of them were getting anything out of it, apart from knackered, they were supplying a service, working all night after doing their day/evening jobs to repay their debt.  Chloe and Ryder were very tidy, cleaned up after themselves every time, place must have been sparkling. Leah recognises a good business deal, it'll probably benefit all of them. Justin got roped in to help and he drove the van to deliver the food which beggared the question - who was  running the garage? C&R are on the lease so can use the kitchen legitimately after hours and Irene and Leah get a cut - to be determined.  Chloe does have a good business head on her, but  as you queried Red, when are Chloe and Ryder meant to fulfil these orders unless they change the delivery hours? They can't use it during the day as it's otherwise engaged. 

I remember Ryder's sleep problems when he first arrived, it just faded away and nobody refers to it at all. Be fair Roo looked a trifle concerned.  Are we to assume, bad me, mustn't assume, that Roo and Alf don't know anything about it yet? 

I definitely like Logan, he gave sound advice to Ryder without being over preachy  or in a   "I'm a medical person so I know what I'm talking about" way.

He's certainly persistent, with wanting to get Mac to talk to/listen to him.  She did look back when she went into the storeroom.😉  Lovely talk, not too deep but they found out a little bit more about each other.  Was he being a bit of a tease there when he just left without moving in for  a kiss, whatever it did leave Mac with big grin on her face. 😁   He has got the gift of the gab, but Mac knew how to shut him up😗. I'm guessing there's going to be  a lot of that for a while, though she will have to get used to him dashing off when he gets a call.

That was quite an in depth conversation between Roo and Bella, it did result in her swallowing her pride and regluing her nose to her face and getting Ryder to retrieve her gear to help out Roo and Martha and doing something she loves.  Bella had never been in a deep relationship before but  is pretty independent in other ways, so not totally reliant on Nik. 


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Whilst I would dearly love the show to let Bella and Nikau move on, I must admit the role reversal piqued my interest a bit.I'd have expected Ryder to be trying to push his friends back together, but instead he seems to feel that they might be happier apart instead of being stuck in this cycle.And Chloe has never had much time for Bella, but seeing her upset here did seem to prompt her to give Nikau a pep-talk about the fact they're both miserable.So at least there's that.

I thought Logan was going to talk his way out of something again, and I also wondered if Mackenzie would actually make it into work when he walked her home.But it looks like they're a thing now.Good luck to them, I guess.

Martha was fretting a bit about the auction, hopefully that first bid will lead to more.While I believe Alf and Roo when they say they didn't make it, I do wonder if someone we know was involved.

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Still doesn't give Dean or other people the right to treat him or others in the profession like that.

Chloe's face when Leah caught her and Ryder in the act was a picture and I was ecstatic initially.  That quickly turned to dismay when Leah rewarded them for stealing from her and Irene by helping them complete the order.  Allowing them to use the Diner for a share of the profits is sound and Chloe probably should have approached them with the idea before going ahead and using the facilities.  In saying that I'm not sure Leah and Irene (especially) would have gone for it.  I think someone had to witness first hand how dedicated she and Ryder are.

Wake me up when the Nikau/Bella stuff is over.

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