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  1. That’s quite a Mary Poppins styleee bag Susie’s got going on there. First poison and now a handy dandy bottle of chloroform. Not sure why she didn’t just grab the nearest heavy object to bonk Irene on the head but I guess she’s just one of those soccer Moms who has something on hand for every eventuality.
  2. It’s such a long time ago I can’t really remember details. I was a teenager back then and I think she just seemed bossy and authoritarian!! I CAN remember being glad when she was written out though.
  3. You should Google the “Tommy Westphall Universe Hypothesis” for the ultimate “it was all a dream” scenario.....
  4. Controversially I never liked Alisa.....and I really don’t think Martha has added anything either. I guess I just like a single Alf!!
  5. Which sort of nicely sums up quite a lot of his time on the show really!
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  9. Didn’t Romeo also have it once? I can’t remember how or why he hurt his leg, but it rings a bell.
  10. Well that was all kinds of bonkers!! No surgeon or OR available at a major hospital?? Nothing more than local anaesthetic?? Just get the patient’s best mate to hold him down while the doc performs minor surgery? I thought I was watching Dr Quinn, medical woman for a minute there..... (As an aside - Tim Franklin does play the pained puppy exceptionally well!)
  11. Please God let this finally be the end of this Robbo storyline. I’m not going to lie, I stopped watching regularly waaaay before Christmas and have sort of dipped in and out of the endless episodes recorded in my TV to see if I can be bothered to engage properly. I’ve caught up now and it was every bit as bad as I was expecting. Everything Red said is what I feel. Mason didn’t even get to die heroically on camera. It was just BANG....so yeah, that happened.....Sheet over face....bye. Will I stick around for the new season? If Robbo dies in that crash and this is truly the end of it then may
  12. I always hated him! Never understood why he was so popular after what he did to Casey when he first appeared.
  13. Josh killed Charlotte by accident and in self defence. So for me, Colby’s murder of Ross was waaaay worse. Josh’s actions after Charlotte’s death were reprehensible. Both storylines ruined characters for me and both made me stop watching.
  14. I totally agree. I’ve actually struggled to watch it since Colby killed Ross in cold blood. I really liked him when he first arrived too! I have it recorded and catch up in bits occasionally but mostly I just keep up with it here in the vain hope that the truth comes out and he has to face the consequences. I suspect it will only happen when he leaves.
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