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9 hours ago, H&Alover said:

I thought it had been Tane that told Mia she could use their washing machine, this was when Ari and Mac were away.  Ari did act guilty when Mia burst in on him and Mac, he could have locked the door though to stop say Tane, Nik or Bella just walking in, surprised maybe, a bit silly which would be normal. As an aside was Mac paying for their hotel stay, it sounded pretty top end and all her buying posh gear, I didn't think Ari earned that much.🤔  

Tane told Mia to use their washing machine and her gave her the key of the house. Tane didn't tell Ari that Mia's got the key. Probably because Mac's friend organised their luxury room Mac had money to pay for the gear, I don't think Ari works at all, I can't remember the last time he was in hi-vis shirt or mentioning the job.  

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Wow, you really don't have a good opinion of Dean, do you? (Or is it that you don't like Bella so you want to pretend that Dean doesn't like her either?) Bella offered to drop out of college and get a

I'm guessing THAT'S not Ribena in Kieran's flask...

Knowing that food costs money, flats come with bills and rent, and you have to work in order to get it.

I think Ari's run out of excuses now.His behaviour towards Mackenzie is pretty appalling, and his behaviour towards Mia isn't much better, with him coming up with an utterly flimsy excuse to hang out with her.We are definitely into emotional cheating territory here.I sympathised with Bella last week, but her actions here, keeping Chloe away from a family gathering, were uncalled for, and also served to make it even more obvious that Nikau and Tane had their girlfriends with them, while Ari had deliberately excluded his and invited someone else instead.

Dean probably did right in calling Amber and she seemed amenable.So, who's looking after Jai while she's in town? Did that house we saw her in front of when she called Dean before belong to a friend or something? Bella checking in on Dean didn't last for long but it's the thought that counts.

Okay, er, where has Irene being suspicious of Susie come from? I mean, I guess Susie has been stirring things up between Alf and John in the Diner a lot, and Irene's probably noticed that, but it feels like they've barely said two words to each other.

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On 23/03/2021 at 21:07, Red Ranger 1 said:

Willow definitely went outside the boundaries of being a supportive friend in her treatment of Ziggy.I get that Dean is Willow's priority, but getting rid of Colby doesn't mean his life gets to just magically go back to how it was before Ross' body was discovered.Ziggy has the right to choose who she dates.Meanwhile...I like Amber (she's about the only person with no illusions about Colby for a start), but I can't really say I trust her.It feels like she didn't really tell Dean anything concrete.Him being glued to his phone next morning waiting for her to call wasn't exactly promising.


13 hours ago, Slade said:

I'm not happy Amber is back either although out of the two I prefer her to Willow as at least she owns the fact she is a bitch.  In saying that she almost seems to have had a personality transplant since she went away. She was actually pretty pleasant to Dean.  Although whilst she's around it might be worth seeing her wind Mackenzie up a bit again.


10 hours ago, H&Alover said:

I'm confused now though as to why Willow rang Amber (or was it the other way round)?  She did panic and tried to tell Dean about Amber being back before they bumped into her.   Is Amber being nice to Dean because she really does want her and Dean to have a proper go at co-parenting Jai or to keep him sweet while she still makes up her mind.   I'm guessing Jai was in school  while she was visiting the bay - does that mean she has nearby all the time?  


18 minutes ago, Red Ranger 1 said:

Dean probably did right in calling Amber and she seemed amenable.So, who's looking after Jai while she's in town? Did that house we saw her in front of when she called Dean before belong to a friend or something? Bella checking in on Dean didn't last for long but it's the thought that counts.

I readed seeing Mber again. She may have seemed nice, but I think it was telling that she ONCE AGAIN went on her schtik about how Dean waas the reason she had to leave, as if she didnt do anything to cause problems the last time. I do hope that Willow and the others back him up this time, cuz I dont wanna sit through another arc full of her borderline abuse.

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Why are people so obsessed with seeing people at their place of work, it's the same on UK soap FB pages.  

It was  Ari that suggested to Mac they go away for a couple/few days.

Ari, it seems, is more into Mia than Mia is into him.  She seemed a bit uncomfortable when they were having brekkie at The Diner, he was considerate enough to stay away from Salt, a breakfast Mia didn't even start, let alone finish, more waste of food and money. 🙄  Btw since when did Tane become so knowledgeable about relationships?  His advice about sorting his feelings out over Mia was sound though. 

Although the idea of a family bbq was mainly an excuse for Ari to send time with Mia, it looked a good one, apart from Bella's phone call to Ryder to keep Chloe occupied. Tane has a  good voice and can play a good guitar, how's about a threesome, NO not that kind - with him, Justin and Ryder?  Lovely traditional Maori song if I'm not wrong. Ari couldn't stop staring at Mia that kind of way.  Bella and Nik seemed oblivious though  and what was with  her wearing that heavy jacket over a summer dress when everyone else was in t's, jeans or shorts?  Made me feel quite warm. 

Mac was either brave or foolish to tackle Mia after she mentioned the bbq, not knowing Mac hadn't been invited, but it opened her eyes to Ari's real feelings towards her.   Though thinking abut it how awkward would that have been having his present/future and past love in the same small place.  Mia did put him straight, neither of them knowing Mac was eavesdropping. 

Amber mentioned, once Dean had got hold of her that Jai is still in school up north and is clearly being looked after by someone she must trust.   Amber had a go at him for ringing and asking her when he'd hear, and he had been very patient, but if that had been the other way round and he'd kept her waiting, she'd have blown a gasket. Did we see her in front of  a house?  At least he gave it to her straight which made her think and he got to speak to Jai.  Amber may not have been Colby's no.1 fan but he did bring Dean back when he ran off with Jai. 

Bella isn't a huge fan of Amber either but at present the lessor of two evils.  Nik has assured Bella again and again that Chloe is no threat to them, but was/is a step cousin so technically family and that's all but Bella has swung from being the sensible being she can be to jealous girlfriend in the blink of an eye.   She dropped herself in it though.

Glad it's not just me that wondered that about Irene and her sudden distrust of Susie,🤔 they have  barely spoken and her stirring things up between John and Alf could be put down to her being on John's side in the upcoming election.  She seems good at her job, not that so far, she has sold anything that we have seen.   Maybe she'll get lucky with Justin and Leah.  Would they have that much trouble getting a mortgage, she is still part owner of the Diner isn't she, Justin has his own business, only rents his current place?  Wise advice from Leah that they need to tell Tori before someone else does, though Justin looked dead scared about doing it.😄

   Having said all that about Susie, who is this sweetheart she was talking to?  We've been there many times, a woman, usually a woman, talking to a disembodied voice, normally along the lines of "it won't be much longer". 


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1 hour ago, H&Alover said:

Why are people so obsessed with seeing people at their place of work, it's the same on UK soap FB pages.  

For me it's more about continuity. Last season there was a big focus on the Paratas financial situation (living with Marilyn, struggling to pay rent when Gemma left for NZ, Tane getting a job, etc). Considering there was such a big focus on this, they don't have to be shown at the place of work, but simply wearing uniform or mentioning work would give the viewers an indication that there won't be yet another 'the Paratas need money' storyline. 

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I forgot to say: One good thing about Bella being against Willow and Chloe is that it seems to have made her forget that she hated Ziggy!

Well, I think we can safely say Susie is Up To Something, given that she spent half the episode on her own shooting "They had better not spoil my cunning plan" looks to camera, and a decent part of the rest turning the devoted girlfriend act on and off for John.And yes, she was obviously trying to prove a point, but Marilyn kind of had it coming with her drunken home invasion.As Nikau pointed out, for two people who loathe each other, Ryder and Chloe seem to be spending an awful lot of time together, and it can't just be because Bella tells them to.At least their cocktail contest was vaguely scientific this time!

Lewis really hasn't lived up to his side of the bargain.As with last week, the issue isn't so much what he said to Christian as how he said it: It's as if he's trying to catch him out. Meanwhile, Leah and Justin are really bad at breaking news...

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Oh don't forget to add Amber to that list!😉

OK it wasn't a hidden lover Susie was talking to it was John, seemed intense and her waiting up for him in the dark was a bit weird, saying she was worried about him, but then she had a that funny look on her face when she hugged him.  She certainly staked her claim the next morning and in  such a subtle way too.  Is she a potential bunny boiler and no offence to him but why John? Are Irene's spidery instincts right?

I loved drunk Marilyn😆but one question how did she get from the Caravan Park to John's in her state, she certainly didn't drive? How was it a home invasion she didn't break in, she used her key. Besides, correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't she and John joint owners?   Just like John to be concerned about Marilyn when she took her tumble, though she wouldn't have felt that much, she was pretty numbed by those  cocktails and whatever was in them.🥴    

Was Lewis hanging around after his shift finished just to see how Christian treated Marilyn and how well?  He wasn't alone, Tori was there and the was tension was palpable. Marilyn, obviously didn't pick up on it but Tori did. You don't question a top surgeons decisions in front of a patient and Marilyn hadn't been knocked out so could have gone home with the usual warnings.   Though I feel she was rather glad to be kept in overnight so she could properly sober up. Her comment that her head hurt but she didn't think it was to do with her fall said it all. Tori is such a tight spot, she knows something that is suspected about Christian but can't say anything and she can't show favouritism towards Christian because of their  relationship, she's got to remain neutral.   Anyways it seems it blows up today and very publicly.

So that was Ryder's plan to keep Chloe busy as instructed by Bella! They did seem to be having fun, they were still comfortable in each other's company until they bumped into Nikau then it went all frosty again.   Liked Nik's questioning of them both and they both seemed concerned about Marilyn's accident but they didn't hold her down and force the cocktails into her.   Nik wasn't at all convinced with their separate "he's/she's a pain in the neck" statements.  In fact I'd say they both doth protest too much.  Very vaguely.😀

Susie was at least doing her 'day job' arranging a place for Justin and Leah to look over.  Come on Justin you wuss, tell Tori already, Irene nearly let it slip. How can he be so scared of telling Tori he and Leah are going doe their own place?  Leah could have said something but it's not down to her, Tori is Justin's sister.  Oh what about Buddy is he going with Justin? Is he Justin's or the families?🐶 





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Alf's episode count this week:Four.

Well, Roo seemed to be briefly suspicious of Susie, but was soon reassured by Leah and Justin pointing out that relationship do tend to move quickly in soaps.Justin says he and Tori have lived together most of their adult lives.Bit of an odd way of putting it, does he mean Tori was away at uni at one point?At least he finally told her and she took it in her stride.

Chloe didn't really do her research before popping round to apologise to Marilyn, presumably Nikau's never given her the spiel about how there was nothing worth eating in the house when he lived with her.She did seem genuinely upset when Ryder filled her in, and the thought counted.

So Christian finally knows what Lewis' problem with him is.I'm slightly suspicious of the fact that he does seem to remember the case well. Could it be that he never actually met Lewis?

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