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Dan F

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Right, well...Mackenzie's not in the episode, which makes it easier to ignore the fact that Ari spends the entire day with his ex, again.It feels like they're pulling an "in love with two women" with him: He's moved on with Mac but he and Mia split up for reasons that were nothing to do with what they were like as a couple.Still very unfair on Mackenzie though.Ari says Alf arranged him a van when he first got there: As I recall, Alf wasn't in town at the time and it was Roo who arranged the van for him.Chloe seemed to be unnecessarily difficult with Ryder, would she have behaved like that if Mackenzie had been telling her the correct way to do things?

Susie treating surf club president like a major political post continues to be ridiculous but maybe that's the idea, as it disguises what she's really up to.Er, whatever that is.Those looked like surf club documents but it's hard to see what use they could do her.At least we get some idea of who's voting in this election when John mentions a members' list.

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To me that episode doesn't appear to bode well for Mackenzie or John.

Ari and Mia seemed to get closer.  Going out of his way to get a place for Mia, his reaction when Chloe was criticising Mia later on in the episode and then when he immediately called Mackenzie after he had a go at Chloe to arrange to spend a few days with her almost as a way to try and suppress his feelings towards his ex.

I actually really enjoyed most of the scenes with John and Suzy.  She seems quite pushy with this campaign but John seems happy about it.  I really hope the questions she was asking about the kids John has fostered/adopted but more importantly her going through and photographing his documents is her being opportunistic rather than just using him this whole time.

I'm assuming with Ryder and Chloe, it's not a case of 'if' but 'when'.  Seems as though Chloe had just finished a swim at the beginning of the episode - A shame it was off screen.😂

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The only thing I can think of as something being different about Ryder is his haircut.  🤔  He and Chloe are so going to be an item, their bickering is hilarious, him accusing her of stalking him  and then at the end her smile and his.😉 Also be a change for Ryder to have a girlfriend who hadn't been a friend  beforehand. Had Ryder handed over to someone else btw as he was supposed to be in charge in Mac's absence. No, Chloe wouldn't have been that stroppy with Mac, it's partly because Ryder is so easy to wind up  and she enjoyed doing it. 

Ari and Mia, it was a question that needed to be asked and answered, would they still be together if he hadn't gone to prison.  Mia liked to thinks so but nothing in life is guaranteed.  His sudden decision to go away for a few days with Mac spoke volumes about thinking if he is away from town with his current lady he can put any latent feelings he has towards his last one aside.  Did Mia have thoughts in her mind when she came to the bay about hooking up with Ari again or was that an afterthought when she saw him again? 

Chloe deserved that outburst from Ari, he's been too gentle with her so far, she's been making it all about her, which to a point which was fair seeing as she was a kid when it all happened, but now she's a young adult, or so she keeps claiming, but still throwing her toys out of the pram, but as he rightly told her she wasn't the only one to have suffered, he and her mum did too.  It certainly worked as she did go and see Mia and seemed ready to listen and talk properly to her. 

Not to be too picky but didn't Roo offer Ari the van because he had to  move out of the house as he and Nik weren't getting on at the time  and Gemma was getting fed up with playing referee? 

Susie does have sort of hidden agenda, but it can't be to fleece John, he's not that wealthy.  Perfectly normal questions she was asking about Jett and Raffy, but it was just the way she was asking them.   And what were those documents and is she working alone or behalf of someone? 

Oh yes, the old "I've nowhere to stay" ruse and she's an estate agent!🙄😉  At least Mac's was genuine. 

Am I missing something about THAT episode? 🤔



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10 hours ago, H&Alover said:

Not to be too picky but didn't Roo offer Ari the van because he had to  move out of the house as he and Nik weren't getting on at the time  and Gemma was getting fed up with playing referee? 

I think it was mainly because he thought John would be more accepting of Gemma and Nikau staying if he wasn't there.Nikau helped arrange it because he knew Roo from helping out at the bait shop.

Anyway, today, and it was feeling uncomfortably like a case of like mother like daughter, or maybe like uncle like nephew, with Chloe refusing to leave Nikau and Bella alone and Nikau practically ignoring Bella while she was there.Bella of course didn't handle things well, but Ryder again shows what a good friend he is to her with a few calm words of support.

Yep, I don't think many people are going to think Susie's genuine after this one.John can't believe his luck.So he probably shouldn't.

Martha's been deluded about Kieran for a couple of weeks now but she's well and truly gone off the deep end here and lost her grip on reality.

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Again, really hope I'm wrong but it seemed like Suzy was manipulating John throughout that episode, especially when he heard her phone call (I'm not even convinced she was actually talking to anybody) and implied she was homeless later on.  It's a shame as well because as someone who normally strongly dislikes John, I've actually quite liked him since he started dating her.

The scene at the dinner table was wonderful - Ryder moaning about Chloe, Martha's remark to Ryder i.e. having a dig at Roo and Alf, Roo's reaction and the way she looked across at Alf, Marilyn trying to change the subject, Roo offering to spend time with Martha only to have Martha throw it in her face and Bella turning up to save the day for Ryder.  (I really like the way Roo does the shocked/look of disbelief expressions).

Wow, going against Bella.  Didn't realise Nikau was so close to Chloe.  I found Chloe annoying through parts of that episode but she was a lot better after Ryder levelled with her about Bella and why she needed some alone time with Nikau.  I do like the fact that Bella doesn't sugar coat things and can be quite blunt but that approach was never going to work with Chloe when she spoke to her before Ryder did.


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Yeh, poor Martha, it's natural she doesn't want to believe the worst about Kieran and Roo and Alf are the only ones she can take her frustration/anger out on.   Definitely not a good idea her returning to Merimbula, she'd be alone with him.  Clever ruse of hers letting Roo think she was ready to talk to Alf, telling Roo to go and ring him, Roo had to go and use the house phone, therefore giving Martha the chance to slip away.  Good camera work showing how she was feeling when talking to Irene, letting us 'see' what she was going through.   I'm guessing she was only 'seeing' Kieran in the preview?    Marilyn was very discreet at the breakfast table, just keeping quiet and carrying on with things. 

Bella has been very patient and understanding about Nikau catching up with Chloe, she knows deep down there is nothing between them but sometimes a step brother/step sister - I know they were step cousins - but they were very close so more like step brother/sister - can have a  lot closer relationship than ex boyfriend/girlfriend.  It wasn't much to expect to have a day alone with Nik.  Ryder was a super friend as usual, keeping a stiff upper lip when joining Nik, Bella and a reluctant Chloe for brekkie.  Ryder stood up for Bella by explaining to Nik Chloe wasn't totally  innocent as Nik did come in at the end of the argument between Bella and Chloe so didn't hear it all.  Ryder told Chloe what Bella had recently gone through which she certainly can relate to and the expression on her face seemed to have made her rethink things. 

Why was Ryder getting his pants in a panic about Mia staying at the caravan park, it doesn't mean he'll be running into Chloe everyday, he just avoids her.🤔  Mind you by the end it looked like the frost had begun to thaw.😉

That 'phone call' Susie was having was so false, so well timed for John to appear by her side.  I hope she is more efficient with tenancies in her job than she is with her own leasing arrangements?😀   She did take a chance that John would take pity on her by inviting  her to stay.   He was being the perfect gentleman but sly Susie had other ideas, I did  like the way he put the photo of him and Marilyn face down before going to the bedroom.😄

What was it about THAT episode?🤔

Look who's back!


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