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1 hour ago, H&Alover said:

Why was Ryder getting his pants in a panic about Mia staying at the caravan park, it doesn't mean he'll be running into Chloe everyday, he just avoids her.ūü§Ē¬† Mind you by the end it looked like the frost had begun to thaw.ūüėČ

All I could think was during that last scene at the end about what I learnt from watching Andi Mack, if your crush looks back you it means they like you :wink: So I assume since both Ryder and Chloe looked back that they like each other!

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Wow, you really don't have a good opinion of Dean, do you? (Or is it that you don't like Bella so you want to pretend that Dean doesn't like her either?) Bella offered to drop out of college and get a

I'm guessing THAT'S not Ribena in Kieran's flask...

Knowing that food costs money, flats come with bills and rent, and you have to work in order to get it.

Alf's episode count this week:Four.

I'm afraid I have to side with Dean over Ziggy here.I've fully supported her right to end the relationship and move on with someone else, but she needs to show Dean the same respect that he needed to show her, and accept that she doesn't get to dump him and then go back to being his friend.He's actually continued to take her being with Tane very well, so she doesn't need to shove it at him.A shame Bella took the brunt of his upset, after realising what I noted a short while back:Apart from Mack, she's all he's got left at the moment.Unfortunately, he wasn't in the mood to be cheered up.I'm glad that, despite supporting her, Nikau wasn't willing to just let Bella bad mouth Tane and Ziggy. Also liking the running gag of Tane dragging Ziggy to the gym.

Gosh, Willow's brave coming back: Dean might be too polite to lamp her one, but I'm not so sure about Bella. Does Irene know she's around?

Irene played a blinder in convincing Martha to stay and see if Kieran turned up.It's a shame, because Martha had a very realistic view of Kieran when he first turned up, but it got to the point where she only saw what she wanted to, and now she really is seeing what she wants to, an idealised version of Kieran who wants to make things up with her.Anyone think Alf will mention when he used to see Ailsa?No, me neither.

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On 19/03/2021 at 15:15, christine king said:

All I could think was during that last scene at the end about what I learnt from watching Andi Mack, if your crush looks back you it means they like you :wink: So I assume since both Ryder and Chloe looked back that they like each other!

That "if they look back, they are interested" 'rule' has been around¬† a good long while.¬†ūüėČ

Me too Red re Ziggy and Dean, OK there is no way they can avoid each other be she be with Tane or not,¬†the bay is a small place, but her expecting them to be friends so soon NO WAY!¬† ¬†I guess Dean's call to Ben was to check whether he still wanted him to run the business now he and Ziggy were over, he said the business was still Ben's but I thought Ben had signed it over to Dean?ūü§Ē¬†

Bella took the brunt because Mac is out of town with Ari, of course if¬† a certain person, who popped up at the end,ūüėȬ† had been there without all that had happened not happening, he would have offloaded on her.¬† I'm guessing maybe she didn't go that far, she does have¬†her dad to think about and although we don't¬†know for sure yet, she must have read about Colby's¬†latest escapade which could have brought her back.¬† ¬†Bella didn't look like she¬†¬†will hanging the bunting out, more likely ready to strangle Willow with it.¬†

Irene did have her hands full with trying to keep Martha on a more or less even keel but without seeming to control her.¬† Btw when Roo and Alf were chasing around looking for Martha at¬† Salt, the Surf Club and¬† the beach why did neither of them think of going to or ringing¬†the Diner?ūü§Ē¬† Marilyn was there, I think,¬†¬†so could have told them, but any other member of staff could have too.¬† It took a phone call from Irene to say she'd taken Martha back to the caravan park.¬† It seemed to be going OK until Martha went for her walk and by heck did she go for a walk, another case of H&A's time lapse.¬† She went off in the afternoon/early evening at a stretch, next thing it was dark, and no-one was worried at all. It did help the her 'seeing' Kieran scene I suppose.¬†

Must have been upsetting for Alf and Roo seeing Martha  talking to Kieran, as we saw they got as far as getting her to the counsellor, but Martha was making no pretence talking to Kieran in public, she really does believe he is there. Her version of him seemed very reasonable saying what she wanted to hear and believe.  

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Willow kind of needed to give Dean and Bella some space instead of chasing after them, although I did laugh at Bella shutting and locking the door only for Willow to casually walk in through the wide open balcony door a couple of paces away.(Good old Summer Bay security strikes again...) At least everyone else in town was pleased to see her (or the three that she met anyway) and it was nice to see her and Jasmine together again.I'm pleasantly surprised at how quick Dean was to move on.I guess he and Willow have been through a lot together, and it's tended to be her there for him when Colby wasn't, and maybe he's secretly relieved to have their "family" (a term that he was the one to use, again) be more than just him and Bella.As for Bella...well, I'm not surprised, and I understand, but she needs to stop thinking black is white and that everything's Willow's fault and that Colby's the victim.Because he made choices, and that included trying to kill someone knowing what the consequences for him and his family would be, twice.And yet, as ever, I'm forced to remember it was Willow who was most determined to stop him turning himself in and who talked Bella into believing he was right to kill Ross.Reaping what she sowed in more ways than one.And wow, Willow's making a mysterious phone call, who could it be...oh.They've given it away in the promo straight afterwards again.

Martha isn't even applying logic to her hallucinations now, with "Kieran" popping up right where Alf and/or Roo could see him and her accepting that he can somehow make sure they don't.

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Irene's instincts were spot on Willow didn't 'just' come back.ūüėȬ† As we heard she was acting as a agent for a third party.¬† Plus we found out Willow and Irene had been in contact while she'd been gone.¬†

Dean's panicked call to Bella to warn her Willow was back was just that bit too late. Seriously Willow you were there when Bella gave you a blasting in the court and after so you facing her with a beaming smile was not going to cut it.¬† You weren't laughing alone Red about Bella slamming the door in Willow's face who then just walked to the open balcony doors!!!ūüėĀūüôĄ¬† ¬† Dean handled it, or tried to, well I thought, he was willing to hear Willow's reasoning behind why she did what she did.¬† It was, as she said, to keep him out of prison as she knew he'd never be able to hack it.¬† ¬†Bella needs more time, she¬†has been through some tough times but she hasn't got Colby/Dean/Willow's history. Colby was losing all sense of reason, hell she even said it to him herself.¬† He'd promised them all it would be OK, he knew what he was doing etc etc when it became so clear it wouldn't and he didn't.¬†¬†

Willow didn't go that far then, told you so,ūüėõ she spent time with her dad.¬† Even if he couldn't really answer her, at least she could talk to him¬† ¬†and get things clear in her in her own mind.¬† ¬†At least Willow has¬†Irene and Jasmine who were genuinely pleased to see her.¬† Both filled each other in on all¬†their news (well nearly all in Willow's case).¬†¬†

Willow's subtle-ish questions to Dean about how things were between him and Ziggy made sense later when we saw Amber as I think Willow was testing the waters on Amber's behalf as to whether it was worth coming back into Dean's life.  She must have heard/read about Colby's incarceration. 

Irene had said earlier Colby's second murder was only alleged as he hadn't been tried for it yet, could be argued down to manslaughter/self defence, but later it seemed Bella was convinced he'd be doing two life terms.ūü§Ē

Change of pace with Roo, Alf and Martha.  Is her current behaviour part of what made her go off last time or something new?   She's getting canny at 'hiding' Kieran and don't forget logic doesn't come into it for her at present.  All she knows is she's got to keep Kieran away from Alf and Roo as they will set the cops on him again.  They've got a bloody good health service in Australia, same day as Alf and Roo were suggesting to Martha she see 'someone' aka counsellor she gets an appointment at NDH.  Really Alf you can't be that much of a Galah, expecting the counsellor to tell you what went on between him and Martha.  You have seen one yourself remember.  I reckon Martha did just tell the counsellor what he wanted to hear, she wouldn't want to tell the truth, she'd 'lose' Kieran. 

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Cliffhanger: Mac's giving them the frowning of a lifetime, Abe Simpson-style-e!ūüėĀ

Martha's grip on sanity becomes more tenuous by the episode. Belinda is nailing it.

Stewarts all wearing hats again. Must be either height of summer or an unspoken family thing.

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Ari is being extremely unfair on Mackenzie. Inviting Mia to hang out at the house with them was clueless at best, and then he went into full-on bad behaviour by telling Mackenzie he needed some space and then making a beeline for Mia on the beach.That's what he needs space for?

Willow definitely went outside the boundaries of being a supportive friend in her treatment of Ziggy.I get that Dean is Willow's priority, but getting rid of Colby doesn't mean his life gets to just magically go back to how it was before Ross' body was discovered.Ziggy has the right to choose who she dates.Meanwhile...I like Amber (she's about the only person with no illusions about Colby for a start), but I can't really say I trust her.It feels like she didn't really tell Dean anything concrete.Him being glued to his phone next morning waiting for her to call wasn't exactly promising.

Kieran seems to be acting as a subtle devil on Martha's shoulder.

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Really, really not happy Willow is back.  I was cheering Bella on when she had a go at her.  And I couldn't believe the hypocrisy when she questioned Ziggy's loyalty to Dean so was glad (whilst Ziggy agreed with what Willow did in court) she called Willow out for being a back stabbing traitor.

I'm not happy Amber is back either although out of the two I prefer her to Willow as at least she owns the fact she is a bitch.  In saying that she almost seems to have had a personality transplant since she went away. She was actually pretty pleasant to Dean.  Although whilst she's around it might be worth seeing her wind Mackenzie up a bit again.

Again Ari was annoying, being insensitive with Mackenzie and I don't think he can be excused by being oblivious this time as anyone in that situation would have perhaps suggested that Mia do her laundry elsewhere and have not asked for time away from their current partner to spend time with their previous one.  I think if Mia's not around, he and Mackenzie are fine as it was obviously the case with their short break but presumably Ari is still in love with Mia and that's not going to go away.  The fact that he said he needs time to think about it isn't good.

Even though Martha is hallucinating, I am quite enjoying the interaction with Kieran, probably because they are getting on.

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I thought it had been Tane that told Mia she could use their washing machine, this was when Ari and Mac were away.¬† Ari did act guilty¬†when Mia burst¬†in on him and Mac, he could have locked the door though to stop say Tane, Nik or Bella just¬†walking in, surprised maybe, a bit silly which would be normal. As an aside was Mac paying for their hotel stay, it sounded pretty top end and all her buying posh gear, I didn't think Ari earned that much.ūü§Ē¬† The time away didn't solve anything, the problem - in the form of Mia - was still there.¬† I think Ari honestly doesn't know how he feels about Mia which I was glad he was finally as truthful as he could be with Mac.¬† You've should always try and see from the other angle. If it had been the other way round and Mac and an old lover had had to finish due to things beyond their control and he came back into her life with unfinished business between them how would she feel and how would Ari feel.¬† ¬†OK he's perfectly entitled to go on the beach but he could have avoided Mia better and of course Mac had¬†to catch them - it's¬†in the soap handbook.¬† ¬†

Did Willow hit a nerve when she called Tane Ziggy's rebound crush?  She was there before and knew why Ziggy had broken up with Dean, them getting back together because they still love each other wouldn't change the reason why, it'd always be there under the surface, niggling away at Ziggy. 

I'm confused now though as to why Willow rang Amber (or was it the other way round)?  She did panic and tried to tell Dean about Amber being back before they bumped into her.   Is Amber being nice to Dean because she really does want her and Dean to have a proper go at co-parenting Jai or to keep him sweet while she still makes up her mind.   I'm guessing Jai was in school  while she was visiting the bay - does that mean she has nearby all the time?  

Martha was pretty desperate to lose Alf and Roo so she could 'see' Kieran, wondering why he didn't show at the pier, though I suppose there aren't many places he could hide there, unless he jumped off it?   That second sketch of him seemed quite disturbing as he looked angry. 

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