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Well it was good to see Willow's nose out of joint when she saw Ziggy and Tane together - More of that please.

The way Amber's face lit up when she saw Ziggy and Tane also made me laugh.  As much as I've disliked Amber, I do think she is quite funny e.g. sleeping with Tane winding Mackenzie up about it and commenting on Ziggy and Tane when she saw them at Salt a few months ago knowing there was a spark.  I do believe that Amber was initially open to getting together with Dean but I think she's assessed the situation and come to the conclusion that he's had so much stuff to deal with as of late, that it wouldn't be the right time.  I don't believe that her and Jai moving in is the right thing either.  Contrary to what Dean said, I'm not sure if Bella's particularly keen on her and I don't think she would be OK with it although given how annoyed she was with Ziggy, Bella might support it as having Jai around would make Dean happy.

I found Ziggy's reaction to seeing Dean with Amber/Jai quite amusing.  I actually wasn't keen on Tane talking to Amber on Ziggy's behalf although I do like the fact there's still an understanding with those two.  Wouldn't mind seeing more scenes with them.

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Wow, you really don't have a good opinion of Dean, do you? (Or is it that you don't like Bella so you want to pretend that Dean doesn't like her either?) Bella offered to drop out of college and get a

I'm guessing THAT'S not Ribena in Kieran's flask...

Knowing that food costs money, flats come with bills and rent, and you have to work in order to get it.

I can see why Ziggy is concerned about Amber being back, she doesn't have the best record for not mucking Dean about and it's nothing to do with any lingering feelings between him and Amber, it's her whisking Jai off again.  She knows from old it'd send him off on a downward spiral again.   I don't recall seeing Bella telling Tane about Amber being back - off screen  maybe?  Took me a while but then I remembered Tane and Amber did hook up for a one night stand, the night she punched Ziggy, though that was meant for Mac.😉

Tane told Amber and I believe him it was a matter of happy 'wife' happy life.  Amber didn't know Tane that well did she that she could question him on being really into Ziggy.  Tane has changed his view on relationships and women in general has changed a lot since he first arrived, he was more a love 'em and leave 'em type back then, a real flirt. Maybe his nearly thing with Mac  altered his views, he's still got that spark but good to see him want a proper relationship with Ziggy, only hope she does feel the same way and isn't kidding herself.   

Dean does operate mouth before putting brain in gear, him suggesting Amber and Jai move in was very spur of the moment and maybe she could be forgiven thinking it meant he wanted to be more of a part of her life than she wants. At least that got cleared up thanks to Willow asking him if Amber knew it was just so Jai could stay local and he replied to the effect that of course she did, well I guess she does.🙄   Schools and the catchment areas aside, wouldn't she have to give more notice to the school he's currently in, the way it sounded they were all going back up north, packing her and Jai's things and coming back.  Until she gets a new job it'll mean Dean will be paying out for everything so hopefully she'll find one soon, she doesn't seem to be a scrounger and she's had to keep her and Jai when they were on their own before now. 

I can't remember how it was between Bella and Amber last time, but however it was Dean should check if it is OK with her, moving not one but two people in and one being a six year old.  Not only is the place also her home, she is part lease holder, although currently she doesn't contribute anything.  Mind you Dean did the same thing when he told Ziggy she could move in without checking with Colby who was the lease holder then.  It's just the right thing to do, a six year old would be a disruption as they would be.  Bella does spend a lot of time at Nikau's so may be OK about it, she may need to put a lock on her door if she hasn't already, knowing what little kids are like. Silly worry but I'm concerned about the stairs up and down to the flat, he'll be tearing up and down them like a mad thing. 

I feel a bit sorry for Alf, he's a bit  adrift now without the Surf Club and trying to fill his days, can only spend so much time going off fishing.  If Martha wasn't so occupied with arranging secret meetings with Kieran, she'd love he was able to spend more time with her, though not all the time of course.  Good excuse that she wanted a place of her own to think, do some painting etc and a van just happened to be free.  I guess she is texting  the real Kieran but it could just be going off into the ether.  It looked to me she was stocking up new clothes, etc for him.  Not having lost it completely she has brought some art gear to make it look genuine. 





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I really felt for Mackenzie here, and found myself disliking Chloe quite a bit. Can Mackenzie have a relationship without a self-absorbed teenage girl deciding to wreck it? Ari is coming across as a bit of a rat, and I can't help wondering if he'll get the same comments that Mackenzie seemed to get when she was tempted by Tane. Because what he's doing, pretty much dating Mia behind her back while pretending it's platonic, is far worse than anything she did when the show was on the other foot, and he's basically treating her the same way Chloe is, like an obstacle to the reunion that he wants rid of. Well, I guess he's done that by the end, although we weren't told outright what he said to Mac. Mia is at least trying to be honourable, but having cosy romantic dinners with someone else's boyfriend feels like crossing some sort of line.

(Still, we saw Ari in his work clothes so, yes, he does still have a job!)

The stuff with the teens started off okay with some good lines from Ryder, but quickly dissolved into an argument about nothing that was as tedious for the viewer as it was for the characters.The Stewarts being at Salt en masse just felt like a way of fulfilling episode counts.

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I was much like Bella and Nikau were during the Chloe/Ryder arguing after they both gatecrashed their date night.  I'm hoping they can get together ASAP so we don't have to see any more of this.

It was around midway through that episode where I had come to the conclusion that Mackenzie deserves better so I was glad Ari finished with her.  I was very annoyed with Chloe.  She basically repays the person who gave her a job by setting up her mother to steal her employers boyfriend.  Although objectively I do think Chloe simply accelerated the inevitable anyway.


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I spotted those too!😀

Good one Dean, letting Bella know about Amber and Jai moving in by phoning/texting so he didn't have to tell her face to face.🙄

Slightly different situation between Chloe/Ari/Mia and Bella/Colby/Mac.  Mia and Ari were a couple for a good few years, Colby and Mac were a new item and Bella wanted to break them up as she was insecure and Mac couldn't decide if she could live with Colby being a cop.  To Chloe Ari is her dad so in her eyes he and her mum  should be back together - simples - err no.  Mia was trying to keep a distance and just have a friendly meal, but I think she does still have feelings for him, but 8/10 years is a lot of time to make up on.  Ari, I don't think, has had many serious relationships so the ones he has had have meant a lot to him, he's at a loss as what to do so I'm not condemning him.   But as we saw he did make a decision and used the "we need to talk" line.  But will Mia admit to what she really feels and give him another chance now he is free.   

As we saw Mac has another reason to be devested by the break up.😲 

For most of that episode Bella was upbeat, the rant to Dean aside of course,  good news about her photo work and someone at TAFE wanting to include it in an exhibition, her and Nik rolling their eyes when Ryder suddenly developed a lactose intolerance because they told him Chloe was in the Diner.  

Another case of unlocked door syndrome as both Ryder and Chloe walked straight into Bella's.   Maybe Bella and Nik should just have  locked them in, if they could find the key that is😉 and walked away.  At least they are never short of things to say to each other even if it is insults.

Did seem a random scene with the family meal with Martha acting all twitchy waiting for this 'call' from Kieran. 

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Alf's episode count this week:Four.

There was a theory, at the end of last season, when people found the cliffhanger somewhat lacking, that the season had been halted prematurely and the intended season finale would be aired early in 2021.If 2020 had had as many episodes as 2019, as some people insisted it would, it would have ended last week with a fairly mundane cliffhanger of Christian wondering why he couldn't remember Lewis.If it had been planned as two weeks shorter to accommodate an Olympic break, which was another theory, it would have ended three weeks ago on the even more underwhelming cliffhanger of Tori being a bit sulky about her engagement party.So if there was a planned season cliffhanger that got superseded on broadcast, this week is probably as good a candidate as any.That said, it would probably have had the same "Is that it?" response as Colby being menaced by a bunch of extras in prison garb.

Scheduling issues aside, I continued to find Chloe's attitude to Ari and Mia rather selfish and annoying, and really wish Mackenzie had given that minor serve to her rather than to Mia.Instead, she breezed through the episode oblivious to anyone else's feelings, at least until the last scene.So we get confirmation Ari dumped Mackenzie: He implies it happened "last night" when in fact it was that morning.Despite appearing to be reasonable, I find it hard to believe Mia would put on that dress to go see Ari if she's as against the idea of getting back together as she claims.And Mackenzie has another reason to be upset, which explains a few recent elements, like her debating calling Ari and saying she didn't want him to stay with her out of obligation.My measured thought is that she should tell him, but I can understand her wanting to give it a while.Ziggy made a decent confidante.

Aside from the not-all-teens' drama, only thing of note was Justin and Tori's spat over his proposed new place.I suspect it's mainly down to Tori not really wanting him to move out.

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19 hours ago, H&Alover said:

Another case of unlocked door syndrome as both Ryder and Chloe walked straight into Bella's.   Maybe Bella and Nik should just have  locked them in, if they could find the key that is😉 and walked away.  At least they are never short of things to say to each other even if it is insults.

Even when they do lock the door at the Diner apartment, they leave the verandah door open, I loved it the other week when Willow did what we’ve been saying for years and just walked in the other door after the front door was closed and locked.

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 I guess Friday night's ending was a lot more plausible cliffhanger to the series than the ones we supposedly had.

Both Ryder and Chloe sussed out Nik and Bella's plan and played along nicely, but then of course they all ended up getting bundled into a van and that new place of choice by kidnappers  a shipping container.  Guessing it should have only been Nik and at a pitch Bella?  Mind you how could they and I'm assuming it's Paul and his gang,  know where he would be at that particular time, have they been having him followed? 

Chloe just wants her mum to be happy and she thinks her being back with Ari is the answer.   Had Mia donned that dress after she found out Ari had dumped Mac? Mia has had nine/ten years of having to raise Chloe on her own, putting on a tough front so would be wary of getting back with Ari. Chloe said Mia hadn't had anyone else since the breakup but it's still a risk going back to an old love.  From things that have been said they do know each other very well. 

Apart from you what suggested Red, about Tori not really wanting Justin and Leah to move out she'd likely lose two live in babysitters- bad thought H&Alover - I'm sure that's not the reason.😉   What is it to do with her anyway, there is a spare room for Ava, somewhere in the garden for Buddy, they don't need a huge place, it's south facing so that's wrong too. 🙄

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So, another reason to suspect this might have been the intended season cliffhanger: It's thematically similar to the 2019 finale, in that some two-dimensional villains whose storyline had already had an ending have suddenly turned up again for an unnecessary comeback tour. I'm not sure what the point was of Heath and Dean swooping in with the cavalry if the storyline's just going to be back to square one a few weeks later, although I guess they stopped Ari and Tane having to go through with the robbery. Despite the attempted misdirection of Ryder suggesting it might be to do with Colby, it's hardly a surprise that Paul and Leon are responsible. Ryder again showed his depths by being the one with the clearest head, although he was being a bit naive in suggesting no-one would kidnap them just to kill them, and he's lucky he was right. I remain bemused however that the show has got rid of all its school age characters and is just giving the same sort of "kids in trouble" storylines to its young adult characters.

Ari came across as rather sleazy by sleeping with Mia the day he broke up with Mackenzie.And yes, Mia found out about the break-up at the surf club while in her gym gear before deciding to change into something fancier to go and see Ari.

Tori was even more annoying today, and Justin giving in to her was frustrating, but Christian once again showed his ability to rein her in.

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Were it not for the geographical distance between the places, you'd near think it was the same container Susan Kennedy was in a while back. 

I'm back watching and love Mia. The tension between her and Ari was great. A shame Ari and Tane's past came back to spoil things. 

As much as I enjoyed Christian steering Tori in the right direction, I can't help wishing she was with Robbo. 

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