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A Mothers Love (by Danni02) - comments

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LOOOOVED that, especially …….

 “Because that does nothing to help Ruby,” Charlie answered as she unlocked the car and opened the door to get in. “I’m going to do this regardless of what you say, I obviously would have liked it if you were able to accept it and stick around but unfortunately for me that’s just not the way this has worked out so I guess it just wasn’t mean to be. Now, I really need to get to the city so why don’t you just head off back to Bianca’s.” Charlie spoke coldly towards Brax before she got into her car, and turned the keys in the ignition, before driving off towards the city.

 “If it’s any consolation she didn’t seem to enjoy it much. Told me she preferred being with you.” Brax said quietly.

Heath gave a little grin. “Well maybe she does still have sense.”

 “So yeah you’re my brother and we stick together, we’re family and I’m not going to let some chick come between us.”

“I know but it’s Bianca. She’s not just some chick is she? You have a kid together and you’re proper in love with her. I’ve never seen you treat a woman like you treat Bianca. Usually you’ll be with a woman and then you’ll get bored of her and move on to the next one, but it’s not like that with Bianca. You are in a proper relationship with her and it’s nice to see.”

 “You know you are going to have to act better than that once we get inside?” Grant questioned. “It’d be obvious to anyone we weren’t a real couple. You can’t look so petrified of me.”

“Well it’s kind of hard to after what you did.” Charlie answered.

“But you still want to have my baby?” Grant questioned. “You don’t make sense.”

“I don’t want to have your baby,” Charlie answered. “I need to have this baby to save my daughter.”

“You mean our daughter?” Grant questioned.

“She’s my daughter,” Charlie answered. “You are just the sperm donor on both counts,” Charlie said. “The sooner we get this done and I get pregnant and don’t have to see you again the better.”

“No, you’ll just have to see my child every day of your life,” Grant gave a little laugh. “But hey if having a baby with your rapist thrills you who am I to judge?”

Charlie widened her eyes in surprise. It was the first time that Grant had properly admitted to raping her.

 “But Leah was working so I had to spend my morning in the diner and my Cosmopolitan only lasted so long.”

“Leah made you an alcoholic cocktail?” Dexter screwed his face up and Ruby and April burst into a laugh.

“Cosmopolitan is a magazine babe.” April said.

“Oh yes, that one that I lose you too once a month for a while,” Dex exhaled. “It looks more like a book than a magazine, seriously is there that much to write on fashion and stuff?”

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Great chapter.. I loved the stuff with Dex, Ruby, April and Romeo. Especially Dex's comment about an alcoholic cocktail to Ruby :lol:

Wonder what happens with Grant and Charlie and pretending to be a couple...

Looking forward to more :)

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Great chapter

Brax is really annoying me <_< ... anyone would think she is doing this whole baby thing or the pleasure of it. I don't see Chax getting together in this fic (hope I'm wrong) unless Brax actually starts thinking about someone other than himself

Ruby's visit to Bianca's is a road to disaster

cant wait for next chapter :)

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Chapter 22 - I'm glad Brax told Charlie the truth. I wonder what will happen between Charlie and Bianca?

Chapter 23 - I can't believe Bianca put the blame on Charlie. :angry: Wow, Heath's back!

Chapter 24 - I wasn't expecting Heath to react to Brax like that. I wonder if Heath will be a match?

Chapter 25 - Heath wasn't a match. :( I wonder if Heath and Bianca will give it another go?

Chapter 26 - I'm glad Heath and Brax are talking.

Looking forward to the next chapter. :D

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