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A Mothers Love (by Danni02) - comments

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Can't believe Heath wasn't a match either :( really hope that he & Bianca can work things out, them talking at the hospital was really sweet

Ruby scratching Brax?? Really? Lol

They can't pressure Brax into being ok with it & they can't try & guilt trip him ... But in his own time I do hope he comes around & he & Charlie can work through everything & be together


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Ugh Brax is SO frustrating..he STILL doesn't get it! :rolleyes: I can never see Chax getting back together in this story and that saddens me! Loved Ruby and Charlie and I loved that Ruby had a go at Brax, he did promise her and he is being a complete d*** about it! I wish Heath could have been a match...hopefully Grant will have his daughters tested!! Excellent writing again Danni! Please update soon! Xx

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Poor Ruby coming back to all this fighting <_< While I can see Charlie's point about having Grant's baby. I'm more on Brax's side.

I do think Charlie and Brax need to stop fighting for Ruby's sake.

I have no idea who the match for Ruby will be ats if she finds one. :unsure:

Good chapter.

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REALLY enjoyed that, especially …….

 “I’m sorry,” Ruby sounded like she was going to cry. “I’m so sorry I tried to call you I promise you I did, but no one could get signal and -”

“It’s alright.” Charlie pulled back and rubbed Ruby’s arms.

“But you’d have been so worried that something happened because I didn’t call like I promised.” Ruby sniffed back.

“I was,” Charlie pursed her lips together. “But you’re home safe now. A little earlier than expected actually,” Charlie said. “Thought you’d make the most of your time away.”

“I couldn’t when I couldn’t get in touch with you,” Ruby shook her head. “I’m so glad to see you.” Ruby once again leaned against her mother for a hug.

“Hey it’s alright,” Charlie rubbed her daughters back. “

 “I want a mother daughter day,” Ruby smiled as she looked up to Charlie. “If you do?”

 “So he left you because of me?” Ruby questioned. “It’s my fault you are over.” Charlie shook her head as she saw her daughter welling up. “I’m so sorry.”

 Rocco, upon seeing his dad, let out a squeal of excitement as he waved his hands out to the side. Heath smiled as he lifted his son onto his knee and Rocco babbled as he buried his head against his dad’s chest.

 “I’m so sorry I did. I just panicked. I was so scared I was going to muck up and thought that you and Rocco deserved better.”

“I’ll be the judge of what sort of man I date thank you,” Bianca said. “You were a great partner and are a fantastic father.”

Heath smiled at her compliment. “Do you eh....do you think we could maybe ever work again?” Heath questioned.

“Depends if you can forgive me for sleeping with your brother.” Bianca replied.

“I eh....” Heath trailed off as he took a deep breath.

 “Heath,” Sid walked out of the room and over to him. He exhaled as he shook his head lightly. “Sorry, you’re not a match.”

 “How could you?” Ruby spat as she lunged forward and scratched at his face. “You promised, you promised me.” Ruby cried as Brax took hold of her hands, getting them away from his face. “You promised you wouldn’t leave her. You said you wanted to spend the rest of your life with her.”

“I’m sorry,” Brax spoke quietly. “But she’s having someone else’s baby.”

“To save my life,” Ruby answered. “Do you actually want me to die?” Ruby screamed as she pulled her hands away from Brax’s grasp. “I hate you,” Ruby spat. “I thought you liked me, I thought you wanted me to be okay.”

 “Ruby,” Charlie shouted as she ran into the restaurant. “Stop it.” Charlie took hold of her daughter.

“But it’s not fair, how can he be so selfish at a time like this.” Ruby sniffed back as Charlie wiped the tears from Ruby’s cheeks with her thumbs.

“It’s okay,” Charlie answered. “He’s not worth all these tears or getting yourself so worked up over, oaky?” Charlie said as she sat her daughter down on the chair as she was out of breath from her outburst. “Calm yourself down,” Charlie said as Ruby regulated her breathing. “Now what you doing running in here and attacking him like that?”

“I’m just so angry with him.” Ruby answered.

“I know, but this isn’t going to solve anything is it?” Charlie said.

“I thought maybe if I yelled at him enough he’d see how wrong he was being in all of this.” Ruby answered as she looked up to her mother.

“I don’t think anybody will make him see that sweetheart,” Charlie answered as she gave Brax a glance and noticed some blood running from his cheek where Ruby had scratched him. “

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great chapter Danni

love Charlie and Ruby's relationship

I really thought Heath would be a match

Even if Brax cant accept what Charlie is doing I hope he at least is still there for Ruby... that's if she lets him after she finds out about him and Bianca

Wonder if heath and Bianca will try and make a go of things

update soon :)

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