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A Mothers Love (by Danni02) - comments

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Great chapter Danni :) Gee Grant is being so nice, I like that! Still praying they find a donor match but if not Brax and everyone else who thinks it's a bad idea (me included lol) will just have to deal with it because lets face it we would all go to these extremes to save a child! Can't wait for more!! Please update soon! Xx

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Two FANTASTIC chapters !!! TOTALLY looooooove it, especially …….

 Bianca smiled lightly as she moved closer to Heath. “You know I love you so much right?” Bianca questioned.

“I know,” Heath said as he tucked Bianca’s hair behind her ear. “I eh...” Heath trailed off. He loved her, he did, but he didn’t feel like she deserved to hear it right now. “Well maybe if you don’t leep with my brother again I’ll be saying it soon enough.”

“What?” Bianca and Heath looked up to see Ruby, April, Romeo and Dexter walking into the house. “You slept with Brax?” Ruby questioned.

“Ruby I -” Bianca tried to explain but was cut off by Ruby.

“How could you do that to mum?” Ruby questioned. “And to Heath?”

“It was just a mistake,” Bianca answered. “I hate that I’ve hurt your mum and Heath, but I’m going to make it up to both of them.”

“You stay away from my mum because I know she won’t want to be friends with you anymore.” Ruby spat before she ran from the house, with Romeo running after her.

“Wow, Bianca,” April raised her eyebrows. “Nice.”

“April, look I -”

“Don’t,” April shook her head. “Are you’re just going to forgive her?” April questioned as she looked at Heath.

“Well I left for a couple of weeks eh, so I’m not totally blameless,” Heath said as he looked to April. “So yeah, we’re going to try again.”

“Well, I’ll leave you two to carry on playing happy families then,”

 “At least I’m only sleeping with one guy. I didn’t get bored of one brother so jumped to the next then back again.” April shouted before throwing her school bag down on the floor and running out of the house.

“Well I guess we are leaving.” Dexter said awkwardly before he walked out of the house after April.

 “How am I supposed to save her now?” Charlie said as she felt herself welling up with tears. Brax exhaled lightly as he walked out from behind the bar and led Charlie through to the office. “There’s nothing I can do now and she’s my baby. I’m supposed to be able to keep her safe and I can’t.” Charlie felt like her heart was breaking, admitting there was now nothing she could do for her daughter. Brax exhaled as he looked into her eyes and could see the pain and hurt.

 Well you’re not getting to have the baby now, so maybe -”

“You think I’ll take you back just because I can’t get the IVF?” Charlie questioned. “Nah,” Charlie shook her head. “I don’t want you back. I just want my daughter to be okay.”

 You don’t have to hate them Rubes,” Charlie shook her head. “They -”

“Yes I do,” Ruby raised her voice. “You’re going through enough having to deal with a sick daughter and they just leave you and sleep with each other and don’t care about your feelings at all,” Ruby said. “And I’m so sorry for going to Bianca’s when you said I couldn’t. I guess I understand why you didn’t want me going there now but it was only so April could grab a few things.”

“It’s okay,” Charlie exhaled. “I just didn’t want you finding out from someone else, but I probably should have just told you yesterday.”

“You were probably just trying to protect me,” Ruby gave her mother a smile. “So how did it go with Grant today?”

“Not great,” Charlie spoke hesitantly. “Someone told the clinic we weren’t a couple so unfortunately now we can’t get the IVF.”

“Well who would do such a thing?” Ruby questioned. “This is to stop me from dying.”

“I know,” Charlie lightly rubbed her daughter’s cheek. “Brax swore it wasn’t him, so I can only think Tracy found out and put a stop to it.”

 Ruby smiled nervously, her hopes of the saviour sibling happening crashing drastically. “I love that you’re still willing to try but what else can be done?” Ruby questioned. “It’s not as if you will sleep with him, is it?”

“Hopefully it doesn’t come to that,” Charlie shook her head. “But you know I would do anything to save your life, right?”

“I know, that’s what I am worried about.” Ruby answered.

 “Well for what it’s worth I’m sorry,” Charlie said. “It’s me who wanted this so I’ll take the blame so if Tracy wants anyone to yell at send her my way.”

Grant gave a little laugh. “No I’ll just keep her being mad at me. It’s easier for me to get back in her good books.”

 “You still want to have this baby?” Grant questioned.

“Of course I do,” Charlie answered. “But if we can’t get the IVF what does that leave us with? I mean we’re not exactly going to jump into bed together are we?”

“No and we don’t need to,” Grant shook his head. “We could use the turkey baster method,” Grant said. “You know I pleasure myself and then put my collected sperm into a needless syringe and then you put it in you.”

“You think that will work?” Charlie questioned.

“Sure,” Grant nodded. “I’ve been reading about it online at work and it’s been successful.”

“What about Tracy though?” Charlie questioned. “I know I want to do anything I can to save my daughter but are you willing to potentially ruin your marriage for me and Ruby when you have nothing to do with her and when you’ll have nothing to do with this baby?”

Grant exhaled lightly. “I want to make it up to you,” Grant said quietly. “I know nothing will take away what I did but I thought maybe if I did this for you, it could in a way make up for what I did to you back then and show you that I am sorry.”

“Eh well.” Charlie was quiet surprised by what Grant had said. Last week he was still denying what he has done, but for the last two days, he’d admitted to it twice.

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