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A Mothers Love (by Danni02) - comments

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Four !!! AMAZING chapters !!!!! LOOOOOOVE it all, especially …….

 Charlie nodded as she pursed her lips together, slightly saddened that he rejected her offer. “You could have come to say goodbye to Ruby this morning.”

Brax sniggered. “She’s only going away for a few days,” Brax answered. “Not like she’s going off on some around the world trip is it?”

 “What?” Romeo gasped. “No blanket is harsh but no kisses? Really, how can you be so cruel Miss Buckton?”

“Well I couldn’t because I’d only be punishing myself too,” Ruby answered before leaning forward and placing a soft kiss onto his lips. “And I would be silly if I did that,” Ruby said before kissing him again. “Because I like kissing you,” Ruby once again kissed his lips. “It’s very very good,” Ruby kiss him once again. “Very good indeed.” Ruby smiled as she let this kiss get a little more passionate as their tongues made their way into each other’s mouths.

“Mmm you told you’re mum you’d call her when you arrived to let her know you’re here safe.” Romeo said as he pulled back and rested his hand on her cheek.

“Really?” Ruby questioned. “We are pashing and you are thinking about my mother?” Ruby widened her eyes. “Anything you need to tell me Romeo?”

 “Brax doesn’t care about Ruby,” Charlie shook her head. “If he did he’d want me to have the baby to save her.”

 Romeo looked to Ruby and had to admit she did look tired. “You’re chariot awaits,” Romeo smiled as he turned around and bent down slightly wanting Ruby to get on his back. “Up you get.”

“You can’t carry me all the way back, Romeo.” Ruby sighed.

“Course I can,” Romeo smiled. “Now c’mon, up you get.” Ruby smiled lightly as jumped up onto his back and wrapped her arms around her neck.

“Chop chop then horsey,” Ruby kicked her legs against his side. Romeo laughed lightly as he made his way back down the road towards the campsite to join Dex and April swimming.

 “We both want this; I know we both want this.” Brax said.

“It doesn’t matter,” Bianca shook her head. “We can’t. Charlie is my best friend, and this would destroy her and she has enough to deal with with Ruby right now. And Heath....I have a baby with him and he’s your brother and technically still my boyfriend. We can’t,” Bianca said quietly as she tried her hardest not to kiss Brax in that moment. Brax exhaled lightly as he softly rubbed her cheek, before leaning down and placing a soft kiss onto Bianca’s lips. “Mmm,” Bianca smiled into the kiss, letting it deepened as Brax wrapped his hands around her waist, pulling her closer to him, so their bodies were pressed against each other’s. “Brax.”

“Just say the word and I’ll stop.” Brax whispered before placing another kiss on her lips. Bianca moaned into the kiss and she wrapped her hands around his neck.

“Don’t stop.” Bianca whispered before the kiss become more intense as she stepped back dragging him towards the stairs.

 where he saw Bianca still in her red silk nightdress, in the middle of breast-feeding her son. “Sorry I’ll eh -” Brax rubbed the back of his head as he looked away from Bianca.

“Didn’t have a problem when it was you kissing and nibbling on these last night,” Bianca said. “And they are just boobs. I’m sure you’ve seen them plenty a time before.”

Brax once again cleared his throat. “Uhm yeah I guess.”

Bianca exhaled as she took her son from her breast and held him up right against her as she tucked herself back into her nightdress.

 “Okay so we’re both adults and we....we made a mistake,” Brax said as he fiddled with the bottom of his shirt nervously. “At least that’s what it was for me. You’re gorgeous and a great friend but that’s it. We’re friends, we’re not...I didn’t get anything from it, you know it wasn’t....well I just kept thinking yeah she’s hot but she’s not Charlie.” Brax spoke the last part tentatively as he looked at Bianca, waiting for her reaction and only hoped she would say that she felt the same and not that she wanted something more to develop between the two.

Bianca stared blankly at Brax for moment before he could see a smile edging on her lips. “Thank God,” Bianca breathed a sigh of relief. “You’re a hot guy Brax but I just...I know I was with you last night but I just kept thinking Heath wouldn’t do it like that or it’s not Heath.”

“Ouch,” Brax gritted his teeth. “But I guess that’s good. We both feel the same way about it. You know, we both got nothing from it. It’s a good thing.”

“Well done, a gold star for Romeo.” Ruby laughed, before she looked down to her phone and exhaled.

“Still no signal?” Romeo questioned and Ruby shook her head before throwing the phone down onto the sleeping bag.

“And I cannot be done with another thousand kilometre hike today either.” Ruby yawned as she crawled over to her bag and opened it up and took out a bottle of water and her tub of pills that she needed to take for the day.

 “Babe, do you ever wish that we could be like we used to be? Like a normal couple?”

Romeo exhaled as he put his hand on top of Ruby’s running his finger over her turtle charm. “I just love being with you and right now, yeah, maybe things do have to be a bit different sometimes but it’s what makes us, us.” Romeo answered. “For me, this is normal.”

“You know you don’t need to stay with me just because you feel sorry for me,” Ruby said as she lifted her head up to face him, placing her elbow on the ground, and resting her head against her hand. “Plenty 18-year-olds would walk away from this kind of situation.”

“I’m not with you because I feel sorry for you,” Romeo shook his head. “The same funny, friendly, passionate about what she believes in, kind spirited girl I fell for 2 years ago is still there,” Romeo smiled as he rubbed her cheek lightly. “We were each other’s first everything, and I plan on making you my last.” Romeo said.

Ruby gave a soft smile. “So, you’ll still love me when I’m old, grey and wrinkly?”

“Oh yeah,” Romeo nodded. “Very much.” Romeo pulled Ruby’s head down to face him and placed a soft but meaningful kiss onto her lips.

The entire Leah/Bianca clash – incl. …..“How about sleeping with your best friend’s ex-boyfriend of all of 5 minutes last night?” Leah lowered her voice so no-one else could hear her, but her tone was angry and Bianca certainly picked up on that.

 “Thank you.” Bianca smiled as she touched Leah’s arm.

“Don’t,” Leah shrugged her off as she walked back around the counter. “I didn’t do this for you. I am not going to let her find this out like this,” Leah spat. “She doesn’t deserve to hear this in a diner full of people. You will go and tell her at her house.”

“Leah please don’t make me do this,” Bianca shook her head. “She’s going through enough.”

“You and or Brax are going to tell her,” Leah seethed. “Now I have work to do so get out of my diner.”

“I haven’t paid for the latte yet.” Bianca said as she pointed down to her coffee.

“Take the coffee and go.” Leah spat before she walked through to the kitchen. Bianca exhaled as she picked up the coffee and looked down to the buggy to her son.

“Oh baby,” Bianca bent down and rubbed her son’s cheek softly. “You have to tell mummy what to do. What should she do?” Rocco let out some babbles and Bianca exhaled lightly before she stood up and looked up to Charlie who was still talking to Sid. She nodded her head lightly as she knew exactly what she needed to do.

 “No no we won’t,” Leah shook her head. “You will go and talk to Charlie and tell her what you did because she deserves to know this and it’s better coming from you or Bianca than me.”

 “But I hope you were at least sensible about it. Surely you can’t be stupid enough to sleep with your brother’s girlfriend and not use protection.”

“I eh,” Brax picked up a handful of sand in his hand before letting it fall. “I didn’t use.....I don’t know if she is on the pill or whatever but we didn’t use a condom.”

“Of course not,” Leah clicked her tongue. “If you were stupid enough to sleep together why the hell would you think about being safe?”

“I -”

“I don’t want to hear it, Brax,” Leah shook her head as she stood up from the beach. “Just go and tell her what you’ve done.” Leah spat before she walked away, leaving Brax to think about what he did. He knew keeping it from Charlie would probably turn back on him at one point and knew he didn’t really have a choice but to tell her.

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Amazing writing, Danni. :D

Chapter 11 - I hope Charlie and Brax work things out.

Chapter 12 - I wonder if Charlie will let Ruby go on the camping trip?

Chapter 13 - I'm glad Charlie is letting Ruby go away. Charlie really is asking a lot of Brax.

Chapter 14 - I wonder how Charlie's talk with Grant will go?

Chapter 15 - I was kind of hoping Grant would say no.

Chapter 16 - I'm glad Heath is answering Bianca's calls. I hope nothing happens between Brax and Bianca.

Chapter 17 - Hopefully a match will be found soon.

Chapter 18 - Brax left. :(

Chapter 19 - I hope Brax and Bianca don't go any further. I hope Ruby's ok.

Chapter 20 - OMG! I can't believe Brax and Bianca. :angry: I'm glad Leah had a go at Bianca.

Chapter 21 - Charlie needs to be told the truth.

Looking forward to the next chapter. :D

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REALLY enjoyed that, especially …….

 “Brax,” Charlie sounded surprised to see him. She stared at him and already felt awkward and he hadn’t even entered the house yet. “I eh....I :oguess you want the rest of your things?”

 “I can’t get in touch with my sick daughter and my boyfriend left me yesterday because I’m doing whatever I can to save her,” Charlie answered dryly. “So how do you think?”

 Charlie felt like her heart was being ripped from her body. Although Brax leaving her hurt, this really hurt. “You and my best friend a whole 5 minutes after you broke up with me?”

“Well it was a bit longer than 5 minutes.” Brax said quietly.

 “And I’m supposed to be thankful for that, right?” Charlie gave a laugh of disbelief. “The fact that my best friend slept with you....the love...” Charlie trailed off as she once again wiped her eyes. “She knew what you meant to me, she knew and she just, she slept with you.” Charlie banged her hand off the back of the couch in anger. “Just get the rest of your stuff and get out.”

 “But I promised her,” Ruby said. “She’ll be worried, I know she will be and I want to talk to her.”

 so did you do the deed?” Ruby raised her eyebrows cheekily.

April gave a little laugh as she felt herself going red in embarrassment. “We did.” April answered.

“Oooh and?” Ruby nudged her friends arm. “I shared all the goss with Romeo; it’s your turn lady.”

“It was....good,” April answered. “But it wasn’t like in the movies. You know when everything is amazing and perfect and just what they thought it would be,” April said. “It was....awkward and kind of painful.”

“Well for a woman the first time can be,” Ruby answered. “And I totally know what you mean about the way they make it out to be in the movies,” Ruby gave a little laugh. “But as you get to know each other’s bodies it gets better.”

“I know,” April nodded. “We’ve done it a few times and it’s getting eh....wow.” April gave an embarrassed laugh. “Actually Bianca is annoyed cos I’ve pretty much stayed over at Dexter’s every night since. Not that we’re like animals and do it every night, but I just like waking up next to him.”

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Glad it was Brax who told her ... I really hope that they can find their way back to each other & move past it!

Can't wait to see what happens with Bianca & Charlie lol

The chat with Rubes & April was cracking me up :-)

Great update, look forward to more ;-) x

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