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  1. Great chapter Danni! Love that Daniel wants a holiday even though he is on one right now! I hope Chax are able to talk him out of going on their honeymoon with them Aww I wonder what James has in store for April and Finn? Finn was adorable helping with the "jackflaps". Looking forward to more! Xx
  2. Aww i'm so glad April and James talked first about what they were going to do if April was pregnant. I'm glad she's pregnant and everyone is being so supportive! So happy Charlie was able to get through to Ruby! Great chapter, Danni! Looking forward to more! Xx
  3. Aww this was your best chapter, Danni! So happy James and April are engaged. I just don't think April will be as excited as James is that test is positive..not looking forward to seeing him upset or disappointed if she is pregnant! Naww loving Chax at the moment!! A honeymoon baby sounds pretty good, considering where they've come from recently! Looking forward to more! Xx
  4. Oh no not Heath haha I have a bad feeling he is in trouble...hopefully he doesn't drag Brax into it Aww I feel so sorry for Ruby, hopefully she and Charlie can go and do something together!! YAY looking forward to seeing what James has in store for April! Great update, Danni! Xx
  5. YAY for Chax!!! So happy it was Charlie who approached Brax I think Daniel will be the first to notice! Aww poor April. Fingers crossed she's not pregnant if it's not what her and James want. Although, they have managed with Finn so no reason to say they can't again! Another awesome chapter, Danni! Xx
  6. Great writing, Danni Aww I hope Charlie and Brax can enjoy the holiday as much as the kids seem to be! I hope Chax can talk some more and reconnect! I hope Ruby is okay! April is not being herself..I feel a bit sorry for James! I hope she opens up to him soon too! Xx
  7. Another great chapter, Danni Hopefully Charlie and Brax can talk while they're in Bali. It seems like Daniel is right and Charlie should talk about it sooner rather then later! I don't like how April is being with James...it seems things have changed for the worse since moving in together! Hope she's okay! Xx
  8. Great couple of chapters Danni! I can't believe Dex died Things with James and April seem tense and same with Chax! Can't wait to see what you have in store for us. I hope this holiday will help Chax reconnect! Looking forward to more! Xx
  9. ....and THANK YOU for continuing to write for us Chax fans! You are awesome Loved the way you finished this story, Danni! Cannot wait to see where you take it in the sequel! Xx
  10. Awww hopefully controlled crying helps with Georgia!! It sounds like they could really do with them sleep Yay for Finn being one!! April has done a really good job with him...and of course James! Looking forward to more, Danni Xx
  11. Awesome chapter Danni! I hope James feels more secure in his relationship now!! Loved Daddy and Princess Georgia time! Really hope Daniel can become a Braxton without letting Grant know..if he's not named on the birth certificate, it should be ok Xx
  12. Awww Finn was adorable wanting to kiss his Mama and Dada! I'm so glad both April and James stood up to Xavier....such a jerk! Hopefully he is almost finished school so he can move right along I love Daniel. Wanting them all to have the same last name is gorgeous and like him I hope they all have Brax's name soon! Xx
  13. Great chapter Danni! Poor Brax and Charlie..hope Georgia settles soon! So glad James and April have sorted everything out Looking forward to more! Xx
  14. Aww glad Brax told Charlie to go get some rest I hope Georgia is okay and just letting the world know she has arrived Naww poor James, he seems so disheartened. I really like April and James as a couple!! Another fabulous chapter, Danni! Xx
  15. Great chapter, Danni! Aww Finn saying Mama was so cute! Nawww poor Charlie and Brax...hopefully baby Georgia gets some sleep, so they can all rest! I hope Daniel stays this cute forever! Xx
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