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  1. Great few chapters Danni just adore Chax and their little family in this fic and Bianca and heath too So glad that Romeo and Ruby have their own little family going too and Theo sound so cute Sad this is coming to an end but it has been great like all your other fic Really looking forward to the next chapter
  2. Glad Heath and Bianca are now back to living together Chax are about to move in together yay And cant wait or Ruby to give birth. Its adorable how much Romeo loves her Great chapter Danni
  3. Great chapter Danni love how much Brax adores the kids and how they adore him too Love that Heath and Bianca are getting on and working on their relationship
  4. Lovely chapter as always Glad Ruby's mood seems much better And love Chax family time
  5. Great Chapter Dannie felt a little bad for Romeo. Hopefully Ruby's mood picks up soon ending was super cute
  6. Still loving this fic Danni Sorry I haven't been comments much... so bad at it lol Really do hope that Bianca is able to forgive Heath sometime in the future An really loving Brax in this fic glad him and Charlie talked after the whole I'm falling in love with you event Romeo and Ruby are cute I hope he actually does genuinely like her Looking forward to more
  7. Last few chapters were great so gutted Charlie slept with Mark but glad she realised she didn't want to be with him Relieved Brax was so understanding about it
  8. Great Chapter Loving cute Heath and Bianca Wonder what Mark wants , probably to see Maya but can understand why Charlie would not allow that
  9. Love me some Chax. Great Chapter Danni Glad that Maya has grown so fond of Brax and that Ben is warming up to him Looking forward to the next Chapter
  10. Great Chapter Love that Maya as taken to Brax, lets hope Charlies does too Loved Heath and Bianca... so cute Bring on the next Chapter
  11. Another really good chapter it doesn't matter how many times I read a Chax fic I always get excited at that early stage of Chax Bianca and Heath are super cute Cant wait for the wedding
  12. Have loved every chapter of this story Glad Heath is getting feeling back in his leg and simply love Chax in this fic Cant wait for the last chapter, I'm sure it will live up to expectation as always
  13. Just started reading this and love it . Ben and Maya are just too cute. Cant believe Charlie's husband would suggest giving Ben up for adoption, he hasn't even appeared in the story and I cant stand him already . Cant wait for the wedding
  14. Great couple of chapters Danni So sad about Chax losing their babies. But I really do hope Charlie will find a way to open up and her and Brax can start comforting each other on this holiday Feel so sorry for Ruby not good that she blames herself for Dex's death April... really think she might be with child, just hope she talks to James rather than continue biting his head off. Feel so sorry for the guy Update soon
  15. Wow... was not expecting Dex to be dead feel so bad for Rubes. Loved her and Dex together Really worried about Chax, hope this holiday will help a little but I am doubting it Looking forward to the next chapter
  16. Great start Danni Wonder what is going on with Charlie and Brax, I have an idea but I may be wrong. Just have to wait for the next update Ummm... with April, wonder if she is Looking forward to reading more
  17. Been so long since I left a comment but I should let you know I read every chapter and I've loved every single one But I most say that last chapter is my favourite so far Just wanna wrap my arms around Brax, Love how you portray him in this story Just love the way he is with Charlie and Daniel I have loved everyone one of your fics but this fic is most definitely one of my all time favourite
  18. Loving this story Danni So glad Charlie got rid of Angelo Love how her and Brax already are with each other Really worried about Daniel. I have a feeling his symptoms might be a sign of But I really really hope I am wrong and that you are going somewhere else with this looking forward to the next chapter
  19. So long since I left a comment but I have been reading every chapter and each one as been great Glad that Bianca and Heath are working on their marriage and not letting Rose come between them Loved that last chapter Loved that Brax was able to forgive Bianca Love each update
  20. Really am enjoying this fic I do not think April being at Heaths is a good idea, they are only making things worse and I'm also getting the feeling this divorce inst going to go the way they want it to Surprised about Ruby being back but glad. Jut love how Dex is anyone else wouldn't have even thought to talk to her never mind being nice to her cant wait for your next update
  21. Great few chapters Danni Had to laugh at Toby panicking at Freya not having a Willie Loved when Brax got to hold Luca Loved Ella and Charlies talk and glad she seems to be coming around to the idea of having a baby brother I do want Heath to give Bianca a chance but at the same time I understand why he feels the way he does looking forward to your next update
  22. Loved the last two chapters A great way to end this fic Danni and glad that we saw Charlie pregnant again before it ended Looking forward to other stories that you have in store for us
  23. great couple of Chapters Shame Romeo seems to be so spiteful, he isn't helping himself by holding onto so much anger Loved Charlie and Brax at the end of the previous chapter Hope that Bianca does get better soon... but no doubt it will be hard for Heath especially giving Brax's situation and I cant even begin to image how Charlie and most especially Brax are going to feel when they see her Cant wait for the next chapter
  24. Great start to this fic Ending of the first chapter had my mouth wide open Feel bad for both Dex and Bianca especially Bianca knowing her marriage wasn't even legal Cant wait to see where you take this. Heath and April have a lot of groveling to do
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