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A Mothers Love (by Danni02) - comments

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SO happy Charlie slapped Bianca... and Bianca is a piece of work isn't she. how could she possibly try to blame Charlie for this nothing excuses what her and Brax did

Cant believe Heath found out like that... but cant wait for him to find Brax. he deserves a punch as much as Bianca deserved that slap

loved the Ruby and Romeo bits. Cant wait to see Ruby's reaction when she gets back and finds out whats been going on

hope Heath will be a match for Ruby

update soon :)

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Woah.I wasn't expecting Heath to react the way he did with Brax but I guess it makes sense that as a parent himself he'd understand where Charlie's coming from.Kind of hope he forgives Bianca, since he did acknowledge he didn't help by disappearing.Otherwise we seem to be left with some kind of weird Braxton wife swap...

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Pity Heath wasn't back a day earlier to knock some sense into Brax but I am glad he has started to make Brax think! I can't believe Brax is still staying at Biancas..those two are kidding right? lol

I love that Heath is staying with Charlie! :) I am surprised Charlie is still going to have a baby even if they found a match for Ruby but I guess you can never be too sure..maybe Brax and Charlie could have had the baby but because of Brax's stupidity that won't happen! :angry: Great chapter Danni, please update soon! Xx

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Two REALLY GREAT chapters there, especially …….

 She took a deep breath before she marched over to the table and slapped Bianca hard in the face. “Charlie.” Irene looked shocked as Bianca stood up as she rubbed her cheek.

“No it’s fine,” Bianca spoke quietly as she looked from Irene to Charlie, seeing the hatred and anger on her face. “I deserved it.”

“What could you possibly have done to have deserved that?” Irene questioned.

“You going to tell her or will I?”

 I hate you Bianca, because you know. You know how much I love him and how I’ve never loved anyone like I love him. How I let myself completly trust him and let myself think about us getting married and having children one day. I didn’t do that with Angelo, I freaked out so much over the whole moving in together thing, but with Brax, it was never scary. It was him, he was the one and now we can never be together.”

 “Or maybe you want to go find Casey and sleep with him too. You know, make it all 3 of the Braxton brothers that you’ve bedded,” Charlie spat. “Obviously you won’t find it a problem considering you were able to sleep with Brax easily enough.”

“You did what?” Bianca and Charlie turned around to see Heath and Darcy standing in the door way of the diner. Bianca looked shocked to see him, and Heath looked equally as shocked at what Charlie had said. “Well is what she said true?”

 “In this dream we had 4 girls,” Ruby gave a little laugh. “I think the middle two were twins. You were teaching the oldest one how to surf, as me, the twins and the little one were making sandcastles.”

“Sounds good to me,” Romeo smiled. “But four girls? That’s going to give me grey hair very early.”

Ruby laughed lightly. “Well I hope that’s just in dream world,” Ruby exhaled. “I only want two children.”

“Me too,” Romeo gently rubbed the side of Ruby’s head over and over. “One of each would be nice.” Romeo said and Ruby nodded in agreement.

“The boy first, hopefully,” Ruby answered. “So then he can be all protective of his baby sister.”

 “And besides, I can think of something better for us to do.” Ruby smiled suggestively as she placed a kiss on Romeo’s lips.

“Oh yeah and what’s that?” Romeo questioned.

“Practise making babies.” Ruby whispered before pulling him in for another kiss.

 Bianca bowed her head down sadly. “You left me, Heath, what was I supposed to think?” Bianca questioned. “You just disappeared for two weeks.”

 “Have you heard yourself?” Heath questioned. “She is going to have a baby to save the life of her dying daughter and you can’t support that? She could lose her daughter if she doesn’t do this. I didn’t think you were as selfish as that,” Heath shook his head, disgusted at his brother. “It shouldn’t be about you right now, it should be about Ruby,”

 “Hmm, and Uncle Brax isn’t here either is he?” Darcy questioned. “Dad said he was at Bianca’s and that he was a bast -”

“Darcy Callahan,” Heath interrupted. “Do not finish that sentence.”

“Well you said it first.” Darcy said as she glared up at her father.

“Well yes, but I wasn’t aware that you heard me.” Heath exhaled.

 “Why did you leave?” Charlie asked.

“I got scared.” Heath answered honestly.

“Big tough river boy Heath got scared?” Charlie questioned.

“Yeah,” Heath gave a little laugh. “18 months ago I had no-one else in my life worth worrying about and then I got Bianca, Darcy turned out to be my kid and then her mother died and she was my complete responsibility, then Rocco happened and then one day I just thought to myself I have 3 people who rely on me and want my love and I....I thought I’d screw up and I just......I panicked.”

“Don’t you think it wouldn’t have been a better idea to stay and talk to Bianca?” Charlie questioned.

“Probably, but you know me,” Heath answered. “Sometimes I don’t do the best thing. A bit like Brax leaving you wasn’t the right thing either. I can’t believe how selfish he is being.”

“Yeah, well I guess he has his reasons.” Charlie exhaled.

“Well I think he’s crazy,” Heath said. “Of course you’re going to do whatever you can to save your child.”

“Yeah but he can’t accept it so we would never work.” Charlie shook her head, saddened.

“Maybe because he isn’t a parent he just doesn’t understand,” Heath said. “I know I think differently now I have Darcy and Rocco.” Heath looked to Charlie and saw that she was uncomfortable talking about this.

 “And I guess most people in the bay would have been tested?”

“Yeah, a lot did,” Charlie answered. “Unfortunately we just didn’t find a match.”

“Well I’ll go to the hospital and get tested,” Heath said and Charlie gave him a thankful smile. “I eh, I wondered if it was okay for me and Darcy to stay here for tonight?” Heath questioned. “I went up to the van park but Roo said all the vans were full but there are people leaving tomorrow so I’ll can get one then, so it would be just for tonight.”

“Eh yeah,” Charlie nodded. “You can have the spare room and Darcy can have Rubes’ room for the night.”

“Thanks,” Heath smiled as he stood up from the couch. “I’ll take our bags up the stairs just now.” Heath said before standing up from the couch and picking up their bags and making his way up the stairs.

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