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A Mothers Love (by Danni02) - comments

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I completely agree with freakie42 your writing is brilliant and Brax and Bianca do not deserve Charlie (although I am still pro Chax).... I am beyond angry at the both of them. How could Bianca do this to Charlie. :angry2:

Brax is just being selfish it seems to me the only person he as taken time to consider is himself (i just want to smack him round the head <_<)I felt bad for him before but not anymore. The only possible way he could redeem himself from this situation is if he realizes what they are about to do is wrong and stops it before they sleep together and then tells Charlie... But somehow I don't see that happening. If they do sleep together I don't see Charlie ever forgiving either of them (and rightfully so).

Leah should have knocked the hell outta that door. Wonder if she will tell Charlie or not :unsure:

Anyway rant over i'm glad Charlie as at least Leah there for her and hope Ruby's tiredness is just that, and nothing serious. Hope she gets reception soon

Please update soon feel like i'm holding my breathe in anticipation of the next chapter

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OMG! EWww!

Amazing writing Danni. I will admit I think I spewed a little in my mouth when Bianca made the comment about Brax not minding when he was him kissing & nibbling on her boobs :puke: YUK!!

Glad that Leah told Bianca what she saw ... I don't know about telling Charlie? I guess they should? I just want happy Chax :(

great chapter

Can't wait for more x

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Bianca is such a cow. I stick to what I said before and I hope Charlie finds out, she has a right to know, no matter how much it hurts.

Plus she doesn't need another liar in her life.

Disgusted by both of them, Ruby is apparently a good enough excuse to not have to tell her but not to not do it.

They don't seem to be feeling too guilty either..

Anyway, great chapter, can't wait for the next one!!

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Ugh sorry but Bianca and Brax are disgusting!! :angry: Couldn't agree more with Leah..it's just a line you don't cross! I think Brax needs to have b***s and tell Charlie himself! I really hope Bianca doesn't get pregnant from this, it would completely ruin Chax if she did (if Brax hasn't done that already). Brilliant writing once again Danni! :) Can't wait to see where this story goes next, please update soon! Xx

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Danni you are such a talented writer :)

Brilliant writing as always, just not to much of a fan of the content lmao ... For obvious reasons

But I do think Brax & Bianca need to be honest with Charlie, they do owe her that


PS ... Do you have an update for unconditional love planned soon? Don't wanna be pushy but I'm having withdrawals lol x

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I am glad that Leah is sticking by Charlie and putting Brax and Bianca under pressure. It might cause Charlie a great deal of pain but I think she needs to know. That would be better than her finding out by a third party. I look forward to seeing what happens next. I have my fingers crossed ffor a donor.

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