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  1. Good to see my last vote, Gypsy, so high ....... and good to see Tori and Jas so high as well
  2. Just 1 of my votes [after Shannon today] ,..... not surprised to see "the devil in a dress" so high on the list .... wanted to kill her when she was on screen, but, man, she was MOST DEFINITELY memorable .... "You will die with my name on your lips. That much i promise you."
  3. That's 2 more of my votes down in this countdown[Raffy and Willow] and it was also VERY good to see Ruby, Rachel and Mason on the list !!!
  4. Glad to see i wasn;t the only one to vote for the DIVINE Billie Ashford !!!
  5. I'm REALLY glad that Alex and Kit got some votes !!!
  6. Coooooool that Rosie, Edward, Peta and Robbie are on the list !!!! I especially LOOOOOVE Rosie !!!! And indeed kudos to Red Ranger for his AWESOME comments !!!
  7. Coooool that Gemma and Scarlet are on the list. A little surprised Maddie Hunter is this low, but i didn't vote for her, so i can't complain !!!
  8. GREAT to see Maddy, Sasha, Robert Robertson and Natalie on the list ...... i wish Mads and Sasha were higher, but i canl't talk cos i didn't vote for them ..... if it were a top 10 [rather then 7], Sasha would probably be on my [top 10] list.
  9. Coooool the 2020 Countdown has started ......and that Skye is there, [along with Lynn who i voted for]
  10. Interesting opening chapters …….. I loooooove Raffy a lot, so having her fall for/sleep with Hunter …. even with the whole Ty thing still muchly raw for her ….. is intriguing. Looking fwd to see how this goes !!!!
  11. Girls certainly have an effect on Ryder ..... is this leading to a guy [on guy kiss] that will return Ryder to what passed for him as normal?
  12. When Brody called Ziggy Zippy, I thought that was going to be the start of something ..... like how in at least one ep of Buffy, said vampire slayer was called everything but her actual name. Otherwise, yeah, the Josh/baby stuff was pretty weird ....... which sums up [in a good way] this fic in general !!!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone !!!!
  13. Nice take on there being no room at the inn ......with the whole destroyed hospital ......actually, is that [given the original setting of the XMas story] a comment on the trouble in the Middle East ??? LOOOVED Billie being annyed that VJ said she is going to explode [when she is "merely" giving birth]
  14. The court jesters laughing at Microbrain was BRILLIANT ..... and let's just hope that Billie and the currently unborn survive ALL of this !!!!
  15. That's good to know, re Hunter, and it sounds right about the XMas angel
  16. You'd "never" guess that you're not a fan of Kat Had to laugh at the farming double entendre re Matt and Kanga !!! So does that mean that, heaven forbid, Hunter is the father if Billie's unborn ????
  17. Cooool ending ... especially glad that Coco is happy !!!
  18. Enjoying this fic so far ...... cool that Vinnie is back, and was good that Mason was on hand, given his history. the whole Ziggy being bashed by her parents is BIG ..... Ben being involved doesn't surprise .... Maggie being so was ..... unless that was her reaction to being told that Ziggy was basically responsible for THAT school attack !!1
  19. to quote C 3PO "Here were go again" !!!! Particularly like Billie's bitch alert, and VJ paying Brody for the donkey with Brody;s own bread !!!
  20. An appropriately bizarre 2 last chapters of this “slightly” insane fic !!!! I’ll add to the chorus of people who didn’t mind Kat being killed! I’m glad that Raffy and spider Coco survived all the ….EVERYTHING in this story !! The whole what vamp Beth was doing to Mason double entendre was INSPIRED!!! Thanks for sharing this fic with us, pembie !!!
  21. Cooool latest 2 chapters .... Heath [or any river boy] as a ghome, and the "tragic" fate of those who wronged Brody was, uin a good way, insane. Nice touch with the Robbo Robert Robertson !!!
  22. Brody's imagination [and your own] are indeed quite intriguing ......and I mena that in a good way ..... ...here's hoping Brody's imagination throws Raffy and Coco a lifeline [after throwing them one heck of a curve ball in this latest chapter !!!!]
  23. That chapter was indeed pretty, no actually dark ..... intriguing that you chose Decker, rather than Brody's actual[in the show] father to be his dad in this ...... either way said father's actions were DEPLORABLE ...... ....and nice inclusion of a charecter form one of your previous [unrelated as far as I can tell to this story] fics !!!! Re the previous chapter, Tori her coffee when she saw Microbrain [Ash] is sadly true to form !!!
  24. Beth's Samson hair is a GREAT touch !!!! .... and Marilyn and THAT pepper pot - thoughts of a recent screened in Oz ep !!!!!!
  25. Yeah, Buddy's perspective was different, but V cooool !!! Although in real life, i'm sure I wouldn't condone anyone riding on the top of a train, but it's Raffy doing it, so I don't care ..... going be all awesome with your pet spider Coco !!!!
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