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  1. There are no words to convey how much I loved this fic ... definitely one of my favorites!! If it had to end, I'm glad it ended the way it did... perfect !! Thankyou ♥
  2. It's sad that this is coming to an end :-( ... bit all good things must I guess lol I adored this chapter, so beautiful x
  3. Don't think Romeo is going to make things easy ... His wifey comment made my skin crawl lol I do feel for Heath , Really hope that things work out :-) Chax were amazing as always ♡
  4. Chax was beautiful at the start! Love them :-) I must admit I'm a little nervous about Bianca at the moment :-/ ♡
  5. That was so amazing!! So happy that they were finally allowed to take Isaac home x
  6. Love that Brax is going to play with the kids :-) & seriously how cute is Ella x Heath & Charlies chat was sweet too xx
  7. Whoa didn't expect Bianca to show up just yet !! Poor Charlie x
  8. Glad that Brax is getting out and about :-) x
  9. YAY :-) .... She said it lol such a sweet update, hope Isaac gets to go home soon ♡
  10. Awww I loved this April/Rubes and Brax/Charlie ... Such Sweet moments x
  11. Poor Brax :-( ... Can't even begin to imagine how difficult it must be for him! Great update x
  12. That's so sad :-( ... Really hope for a miracle that Brax gets his vision back!! Not confused any more :-P .... Such an emotional update x
  13. I keep scratching my head ... I'm so confused!!! How long was the time jump??? Great individual chapter, but just didn't follow on from the last one like you normally do ... like I said at the start, I'm Just a little confused :-/
  14. Cute update! Hope things go well for Bianca & Heath :-)
  15. So glad you updated!! Love that Brax got Charlie an eternity ring :-) ... Really hope she surprises him soon & says I love you ♡
  16. Bring on hot & steamy Chax lol Glad that April is starting to move past what happened :-) Great update x
  17. Great update!!! Poor Brax , their all ganging up on him about his tattoos lol .. Lucky he had Toby on his side lol x
  18. The puppy names were interesting lol Great update x
  19. Beautiful update ♥praying thatIsaac is going to be Ok x
  20. Great couple of chapters... The pup sounds adorable xx
  21. Carla & Brax's chat was just beautiful ... Just love how accepting of Brax they have become Kinda hoping that Carla has a little chat to Charlie about the whole remarrying issue :-) ♡
  22. Poor Brax! Lol ... like Charlies talk with Noah :-) x
  23. Not sure why Brax would do that without Charlie :-( ... But great chapter all the same x
  24. What an awesome moment for both Brax and Charlie naww lol beautiful update ♥
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