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A Mothers Love (by Danni02) - comments

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That was SURPRSING and coooooooool, especially …….

 “I hear you’re pregnant, congrats. I’m happy that you get to save Ruby the way you wanted.”

“Yeah,” Charlie smiled awkwardly as she lightly rubbed her stomach. She was 8 weeks pregnant, and counting down the days until she could get tested to see if the baby would be a match for Ruby. “Well I just came in for a tea so.” Charlie said as she tried to walk away but Bianca spoke again, stopping her.

 Please,” Bianca exhaled. “I’m so sorry that I did and I hate how much it hurt you but I just want my best friend back.”

“Well you’re not going to get her back, so just give up trying,” Charlie said before walking away as Bianca sadly walked out of the diner.

 “Sick till the day she was born,” Charlie exhaled. “But hey, if this kid is going save her life then I’ll put up with it,”

 “Hopefully I get home in the next few days.”

“I don’t know about that,” Charlie teased. “I’m enjoying the peace so might have you stay here longer.”

“Haha you are hilarious mother,” Ruby rolled her eyes. “So anyways did you remember the picture of the baby scan today since you’re already baby brain forgot it yesterday?”

“I did.” Charlie nodded as she fished into her bag, pulling out the scan pictures and handing them to Ruby.

“Uhm...” Ruby looked to the picture before looking up to her mother then back to the picture. “I don’t see anything that looks like a baby.”

Charlie gave a little laugh as she leaned forward and pointed to the baby on the scan. “That’s the baby there.”

“What the thing that looks like a bean?” Ruby questioned and Charlie once again gave a little laugh.

“Well it is about the size of a kidney bean right now so I guess that’s a fair comment.” Charlie said.

“A kidney bean,” Ruby laughed. “That’s what I am going to refer to the baby as from now on.”

“You are going to refer to my stomach as kidney bean?” Charlie scrunched her face up.

“No, just bean,” Ruby answered.

 “It’s pretty amazing that your eggs and a guy’s sperm can come together and make little kidney beans that turn into real little people.”

 I’m going to love this kid so much,” Ruby said. “It’s going to save my life. How am I ever going to thank it enough?”

“Well lots of babysitting, treats and fun days out sounds good to me.” Charlie replied.

“Of course,” Ruby answered. “I am going to be the best big sister ever to that little bean.”

“I know you will.” Charlie smiled lightly at her daughter and only hope that this baby was indeed a match. Although they were talking like it already was, she knew there was a chance it could go the other way and that it really was 50/50. She exhaled lightly and ran her hand over her stomach, hoping that this went their way.

 “Be in a room with you and Bianca all night? No thanks,” Charlie shook her head. “Bad enough Heath forgiving her so quickly, never mind me having to put up with you two in the same room for a night.”

“It’s just pizza, beer, wine, soft drinks obviously if you do come,” Brax said. “You’d save me from being the 5th wheel and it would be nice for the 6 of us to all hang out again like we used to. ou know it would be nice if we can be friends.”

“I can’t do friends,” Charlie shook her head. “Not when I lo -”

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Aww it's all been worth it!!!!! :) I loved Heath and Charlie's talk..I hope Brax does come round and accept Charlie's decision and this baby like he has Ruby! :wub: I think Charlie is going to need him! Great writing, please update soon! Xx

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Love the idea of Ruby taking Darcy surfing.As Heath said, it was weird to see him and Charlie getting on but also rather good.I was on tenterhooks at the end there, so glad the baby's a match.Hopefully everything will be all right from hereon in...

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SOOOOOOOO GREAT that Charlie’s latest offspring is a match !!!!!!

LOOOOOOOOVED that !!!1, especially …….

• “I asked Ruby if she would take me surfing but she said she’s too sick right now.” Darcy bowed her head down.

“Yeah, she is right now, but once she is better I am sure she’d love to take you surfing, wouldn’t you Rubes?” Charlie questioned as she looked to her daughter.

“Of course.” Ruby smiled at the girl.

“You pinky promise?” Darcy questioned and Ruby nodded as she linked pinky’s with Darcy.

• “You’re not allowed coffee in your condition.” Ruby told her mother.

“I’m sure one cup won’t do any harm,” Charlie answered.

• “You must be pretty fertile,” Heath gave a little chuckle. “You sleep with the guy twice, well you don’t actually sleep with him but you know, I mean -”

“I know what you mean,” Charlie said as she pushed the door to go into the canteen. “I guess he just has good swimmers.”

Heath gave another chuckle as Darcy ran over to pick out what ice cream she wanted. “Do you eh.....is it weird being pregnant with his child again?” Heath questioned. “You know after what appened with how you got Rubes?”

“I don’t think about that,” Charlie shook her head. “This baby is going to save Ruby and that’s all I think about. Not who the father is. It’s irrelevant to me. I love Rubes more than anything and I know I’ll feel the same about this child.”

• “I’m sure many people in the bay will think the same,” Heath exhaled. “But I love her and I do believe that people can make mistakes and that she won’t be unfaithful again. I believe in giving her a second chance. God knows I’ve had more than that. She’s forgiven me for things in the past, you know, she looked past my bad background, my involvement in the drugs, and I did walk out on her.”

• Charlie exhaled and Heath could see that she was hurting about someone else more.

• “Stop shaking your legs.” Ruby put her hand onto Charlie’s knee, stopping her from moving it.

“Well sorry but I am a little nervous,” Charlie replied. “What if he says the baby isn’t a match? Then this would be all for nothing. I’d have to have this baby for what? I would have ruined my relationship with Brax for nothing and I’m carrying the baby of my rapist. I actually wanted to have his child but I don’t even know if it's going to be a match. God, Brax is right, I am crazy.”

Ruby exhaled lightly. “You wouldn’t be you if you weren’t a little crazy sometimes,”

• “I know we’re not deeply religious but God wouldn’t be that cruel, would he?” Ruby questioned. “13 no matches is bound to mean the next one would be a match.”

• “Maybe you’ll just need to accept that there is nothing else that we can do.” Ruby said quietly.

“Never,” Charlie shook her head. “I’ll never stop trying and when you’re a mother you’ll understand why,” Ruby exhaled lightly and went to reply but stopped as Sid walked into the room, looking down at the results. “Just tell us,” Charlie looked up at Sid and he could see she was desperate for the results and didn’t need any unnecessary talk.

“It’s a match.” Sid smiled and Charlie breathed out a sigh of relief before pulling her daughter into a hug, as a tear of joy rolled down her cheek.

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