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  1. Great chapter! Looking forward to the next one!
  2. Poor Daniel, I hope he feels better soon Great chapter!
  3. Beautiful ending! As always I've really enjoyed this story.
  4. Oh can't wait to find out if she's pregnant!
  5. I miss your updates, hope you're back soon! I hope you're having a great time with your family though
  6. Wow that must have been really hard for Brax, great chapter!
  7. Great chapter, I really enjoyed it! I love the Chax build up!!
  8. Great chapter! Can't wait to find out Ruby's next move to find out more about her father. And of course loving the Chax stuff!
  9. Great way to end it, I loved every chapter of it, thanks!!! (As always when you end one, I'm hoping for a new one ;))
  10. Woah! A lot seems to have happened since the last chapter! I take it Brax has gone blind in the accident?!
  11. Congrats on your new job! I'm really glad you're planning to still make time to write these amazing chapters for us!
  12. Wow, I wonder who's pregnant! 3 options really... Can't wait for the next chapter!
  13. Ahh Heath, beating someone up is probably not the best idea when you might be fighting for custody soon.. I can understand where he's coming from though, poor April
  14. I love this fic too so I really hope you won't end it. But if you do, I hope you'll start a new one at least (: Love your stories so much!!!
  15. Ahh I love that things are going so well between Brax and Charlie's kids now. A bit worried as to how Ruby is going to deal with the stuff Xavier said though.
  16. Aww damn it, that is the worst timing, just when Brax was finally gonna break up with her!
  17. Great chapter! Seems like Brax is really winning Grace over, yay! Ruby might be a little harder to pursuade haha, I wonder if she's ever gonna change her mind..
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