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I agree about Patricia. She seems to flounce around with so much positivity she comes across like a cartoon character or a character from a children's show. I think the actress maybe smiles too much.

I was surprised when Nick came along and introduced himself with the surname Parrish. Obviously because of the link to


and it automatically makes you think of the mid 90s. So shocking how many episodes 7Two has got through already :o

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Episode 713 marks the first time we've seen Pippa in the beach house, a lot earlier than some people suggested when she briefly stayed there in 2009.Having seen some of the episodes from that era repeated in the UK recently, I think with Bobby living there she'll make quite a few more visits.

Yes, I kind of knew Nick's arrival was coming up but it was still a bit of a shock when he was suddenly there.It's about a year before I started watching the show and I can see the 1992 cast starting to slot into place.And I agree that, after a couple of episodes of being a bit panto villainy, Cynthia has actually developed into someone quite likeable, who I almost wish would stick around.

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There's something about Patricia I can't warm to. I should like her, but she's just too perfect, she's too sickly sweet. I can't believe in her.

Ah, hello Nick Parrish, you extremely boring but nonetheless likeable character, you.

When you said that I thought what "Nick" storylines can I remember, and for Lucinda's first year, there's a love triangle, but off the top of my head I can't remember any other storylines.

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Another Home And Away icon, Summer Bay policeman Const. Nick Parish (

whose brother Shane is a reckless criminal who steals cars and vandalises things

) joins the show as a policemen (with a policewoman who is not named

Lucinda Croft

) investigating Marilyn's sloppy babysitting where one of the babies go missing.

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