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We also have found out that whilst Rob did own and work at the boatshed, his final actual appearance is even more random. Travis and Curtis are having a conversation, about Laura and Shannon I believe, when Rob walks in, Curtis leaves and Travis and Rob just look at each other.

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So, now seen the last episodes of 1991 and...Frank's return.The beginning of a long and very ignoble tradition of couples being given happy endings only for someone to come along a couple of years later and break them up for no good reason.The explanation is pretty much beyond stupid:The whole point of Frank choosing Roo over Bobby was that Bobby was out of place in the corporate world that Frank lived in and he and Roo wanted the same things out of life so...we get presented with a Frank who was out of place in the corporate world that Roo lived in and wants something different out of life.It's pretty obvious he's been brought back solely to stop people seeing Greg as Bobby's second choice by insisting she'd still choose him if Frank was around.(TV writers do not understand shipping:People still insisted Bobby should reunite with Frank when she left right up to the end.)The whole thing left a very sorry legacy:Frank and Roo's happy ending is taken away from them and never replaced, leaving them stuck in limbo long after Greg and Bobby were forgotten.I swear that if it wasn't for this storyline, they'd have been like Carly and Ben, staying together and raising a family off screen.Instead they ended up unmarried and childless in their 40s.At least we finally got confirmation that they got married and I haven't been getting it wrong for twenty years.

Talking of things we've been getting wrong for years, bye, Matt.Josh might make a slightly cartoony villain but he was actually very convincing as an apparently reformed character, so if you don't know it's coming the moment when he wrecks Matt's car and you realise he's up to something comes as a pretty big shock.

Wasn't expecting Simon and his dad to end like that, wonder how long it'll take people to notice he's still around.I was aware that he was the second person to find out about Sophie's pregnancy(bar some random doctor)but wasn't expecting Fin to tell him.Claiming him to be the father is possibly the last significant thing he ever does

apart from dating Marilyn's stepdaughter(it makes sense when we get there)and abruptly leaving.

Now how much of that will really happen...

A surprising amount of it.But by no means all...
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