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  1. And then Sam leaves a few weeks later anyway. Though I'm sure if you worked out the maths, he's probably in the bay more than not in the following 150 episodes after he leaves anyway.
  2. We had a thread about this last year/earlier this year and it ended up everyone had a slightly differing answer. We all had our opinions and perhaps decided by how much you subdivide the show. I tend to go for something around 600/end of 1990. I think the earliest was Tom's death, the latest Sally's 1st wedding.
  3. I don't know if it's the fact that it was the eighties or such, or the fact that 30-40 year olds are played and portrayed differently in the current media to what they were, but I'm surprised at how young some of the early cast were and were supposed to be. For instance, Fiona Spence, I don't believe looks much older than when she was a regular, and it was surprise to me that the character (and actress) was only in their late 30's at the time. Obviously part of that was character. You compare it to recent people of that age and they are completely different.
  4. Actually you're right, maybe it was 1915/20 when they changed to the late 90's credits.
  5. Episode 1715 springs to mind.
  6. It was the next episode, but I'm not sure it was explicitily stated the passage of time between the episodes.
  7. Things that happened in 1992 Summer Olympics were held in Barcelona. Samara Weaving, Nick Jonas and Miley Cyrus were born. Dick York, Frankie Howerd, Marlene Dietrich, Denny Hulme and Peyo all died. Aladdin is released in cinemas and brings a whole new world of fans to Disney. Bill Clinton is elected president of the USA. A Brit didn't win Wimbledon.
  8. Wasn't the body in the bush Mud?
  9. They did cut one episode from around that time where Keith Williams, father of Sam's aforementioned friend, held Don hostage with a gun. The episode probably would have aired a few months after Dunblane. Also, I think the guy that was wrongly arrested for Chloe's attack was shot dead by Max Richards and that's why in Episode 2000 we see her go to see him in prison. All of this sounds utterly over the top, but somehow it worked.
  10. Part of what can get me is when you think about how you watched characters as teenagers, then think what age are they now, oh, they're 40! Equally scary is when you look at most of today's characters and realise that in 1991 half of them were in primary school and the other half weren't born.(A couple of years back Neighbours had the teenage characters discussing being two years old in 1996 and I was like "What?!That was only a couple of years ago, wasn't it?") For whatever reason when watching about a TV programme, I always imagine characters staying forever the age they were when they left.
  11. Part of what can get me is when you think about how you watched characters as teenagers, then think what age are they now, oh, they're 40!
  12. The town had other cheery things to concentrate on at the time like kids dying from cancer, being in jail for killing a kid, losing their home to Diana Fraser, marriage break-up, testicular cancer.....
  13. Having seen more of Bobby, I think they've given her a good direction in 1991, with the fostering and what-not, but I thought 1990 was a bit of a washout in terms of storylines.
  14. At least. We see her see Bobby in 1995 and then in 1999. In 1999 though I think she was fully aware what she was doing, it's just was she was doing was bizarre.
  15. Seeing as how we have two characters that have been there since the first episodes and another that came in mid-1989, that's rather narrowing the field down.
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