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  1. Seeing Lisa Lackey squark her opinions on the 'Soaps Down Under' documentary just makes me dislike the character of Roxy even more
  2. Narelle was also one of the best characters. She should have been permanent. She was like an early Marilyn.
  3. Lincoln Lewis auditioned for Ric Dalby.
  4. I can't remember a single thing Matt did. In fact I forgot he even existed until I saw him in a recent clip I watched. Whiny is certainly the word. And the weird thing is I loved her when I was a kid, but I guess I was only 5 at the time I think the main problem with Floss and Neville is they struggled to have natural interactions with the community; they were often playing the parental role in Summer Bay House but it never quite worked. However, I did miss having that older presence when they both left, it was never really replaced after 1989.
  5. I'd actually class Floss and Neville amongst the best characters. Sarah is another one of my favourites. Blake was pretty good too. Curtis is another favourite. I actually didn't like Selina that much looking back, or Chloe.
  6. Thank you! ETA: Just remembered the B/M/D feature.
  7. What is the episode number for Travis and Rebecca's wedding? Thanks in advance.
  8. Dannii Minogue has been vocal about the fact she would return to Home and Away. Have the producers asked her back since the admission in the 30th anniversary?
  9. He was a shocker wasn't he? Gorgeous man, but the character was awful to Carly.
  10. Forgot about her, literally couldn't stand her.
  11. Who are the best and worst characters from the 7TWO repeat? I would say Matt Wilson is the worst. Viv is one of the worst too. Greg, Sam, Nick, Lucinda. Apart from the longstanding cast, I'd say the best were Jack, Shane, Angel, Carly, probably more.
  12. Alf Stewart - 12 Roo Stewart - 14 Marilyn Chambers - 14 Leah Patterson-Baker- 11 John Palmer - 10 Martin Ashford - 6 Hunter King - 10 Tori Morgan - 18 Justin Morgan - 11 Brody Morgan - 9 Mason Morgan - 2 Raffy Morrison - 10 (-1) Ziggy Astoni - 16 Ben Astoni - 10 Maggie Astoni - 11 Coco Astoni - 8 Phillip McCarthy - 10 Buddy the Dog - 11 Robbo - 12 Jennifer Dutton - 10 Ryder Jackson - 13 (+1) Axel Boyd - 1 Willow Harris - 12
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