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  1. I doubt it'll end. It'd be more likely to move to digital I'd have thought.
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  6. Thought it was the lowest form of wit? Still missing The Early Years but they're repeating EastEnders now.
  7. From 6th August Drama Channel in the UK started airing EastEnders from the beginning. Is anyone watching? I'm loving it.
  8. Yeah, I don't really see how only knowing the biggest character of all time would make it tricky to bring her back. If anything, it would make even more sense. Besides, she'd have met Marilyn before even if she might not remember her that well, and she'd probably have met Roo off-screen. I love Dannii Minogue, always have. She is underrated, has an excellent music back catalog, and the thought of her returning to H&A is amazing. I don't see it happening, but I understand that the producers are incompetent so I totally get why they won't ask her back. Perhaps Neighbours should ask Dannii to do a cameo, not as herself, but as a guest character. Neighbours seems to have a tradition these days of employing former H&A actors that H&A is too stupid to bring back.
  9. I looked on Wikipedia and most producers of H&A have lasted 5 or 6 years, Lucy is at the 6 mark now, so who thinks her reign might come to an end soon?
  10. @dee123 the difference is she didn't say she wouldn't go back, but that she hadn't been asked. The current H&a team don't care about the past. It's funny because if this was Neighbours, they'd bite her arm off to come back considering her fame. Neighbours has asked Kylie back loads of times.
  11. I dislike the hate I've seen for Melissa George. I'm glad she took part, she didn't have to. I think she's more at peace with herself now. I think Dannii Minogue would like to return and I'd like her to as well, but I don't think the current PTB would like her to. Sam Frost seems like a charismatic girl, probably moreso than her character. I was surprised she said she remembered Shane and had a crush on him as she'd only have been 7 when he died, unless her Wikipedia page has her as younger than she is or she's pretending to be younger than she is?
  12. I'm sure they included the clip of Alf and Sally hugging in her final scene on the beach before Pippa drives her out of Summer Bay. All the other clips were from the 2013 storyline. Also - how good was the moment when Ray Meagher got emotional talking about Kate Ritchie? That was so sweet. I had no idea just how close they were.
  13. Yeah, I didn't get that. Like, I assumed they'd got the farewell clips wrong then last minute they suddenly slid in a clip of the proper one! It was like they'd got so far in making the show, then suddenly realised the Sally clips were wrong so added a proper one in at the 11th hour
  14. I noticed the quality of some old clips was really good (some from 1989 and some from around 1994) while other clips looked terrible from the same sort of times. I really enjoyed this show, thought it was brilliant. My favourite part was Ada acknowledging that she's a black widow on the show I would love Angel to come back but I doubt it'd happen. Emma returning would be awesome too.
  15. Does anyone know how Home and Away rates in Ireland? Thanks in advance.
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