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  1. FTA? Classic EE is available on UKTV Play though.
  2. Being honest it would probably have been wiser to start from the 1996 season; because those of us who were bothered would have sought out the 1988 to 1995 episodes when they were repeated from 2009 onwards on Australian television. I suspect no more episodes will be added but on the positive side, I do think we are getting closer and closer to old episodes (of any soap) becoming more widely available. I say this because UK television is currently repeating old episodes of 3 soaps; Coronation St, EastEnders and Emmerdale! Coronation Street's repeat started with 1986 and (due to airing 2 episodes each weekday) has already managed to get to the mid 90s (around 1994 I think, without checking), EastEnders started with 1985 and is already towards the end of 1990 (also via airing 2 eps each weekday) and Emmerdale is getting through the eps quickly too. The fact 200 eps of H&A have appeared on Prime is surely a good step. I did ask the Drama Channel in the UK if they'd consider a Neighbours repeat but they don't seem interested - and I know people have contacted Amazon to ask if a Neighbours repeat is being considered. As it stands 1987-2001 of Neighbours and 1996-2004 of H&A are areas I really want to see either repeated or uploaded to Amazon Prime (or Netflix). This is because of H&A's repeat on 7TWO which has made the 1988-1995 eps widely available, and the Neighbours 'From the Beginning' DVDs which has made 1985 and most of 1986 widely available. In due course I think every episode of EastEnders will be widely available and I'd really love this to be case for H&A and especially Neighbours, as it's my favourite soap. But yes, surely we are one step closer! This is a massive step not only for H&A, but for all soap fandoms, as it's indicative of the future.
  3. Still hoping for 1996-1999 one day
  4. One of the weirdest things I've ever read...skip over the drama because drama is boring, even though soaps are based on drama. Bizarre.
  5. It started a rough patch from 1990 IMO after all the original cast left. 1988 and 1989 are brilliant seasons. It was too much losing Tom, Celia, Lance and Martin in quick succession, especially Tom. I don't think it hit another great period until 1993/1994 although I did enjoy 1990-1992 to an extent. Looking back characters like Lucinda were pure awful.
  6. I think it was a mistake to axe Michael. I think the Ross family was most important as the foster family, so I'd rather they axed someone else.
  7. Red - I said in my post 'coupled with everything else' so ignoring Morag's fate is only one of many things wrong with the show. I feel almost bitter about how bad it's become now. I tuned in the other day and there were still some criminals after Robbo I tuned straight back out and I haven't watched a full episode since February nor does it deserve my viewership, or anyone else's for that matter. Um - not really, when the whole point of soaps are that they are ongoing and regularly draw on their history to engage and bring back viewers. In that sense 2011 is not a long time ago, considering the show has been running since 1988. If you tune in now it looks like a tacky Australian reality series that started last year, rather than a serious soap with its own identity. There's nothing unique about Home and Away anymore that you can't get from another soap; another soap which does it better. Even EastEnders looks a million times better than H&A now and it's almost impossible to compare the quality of Neighbours to H&A now when Neighbours is so much better than H&A now. I've not noticed that in the last 10 years - Leah has forgotten that she has siblings and who'd realise that she has Greek heritage? Probably no-one. Irene probably has grandchildren that we never hear about or see. Ali's the only one whose past they delve into and now they're not even acknowledging Morag. Last time I saw John and Marilyn they were playing pass the parcel with Raffy like she's some object rather than a child who needs a stable home. They seem to get Raffy when they don't have a storyline. This is going a bit off-topic now but considering how much time over the years Conrelia Frances devoted to the show, they ought to reflect this in some way on-screen. But it won't matter to me because I don't want to watch the trash anymore. The characters lives didn't start in 2011 so of course their lives before then would crop up in current storylines.
  8. Really? Comparing Jesse to Morag, really? Except it's quite a valid reason when coupled with everything else the show is just so poor now, often unwatchable. With them not acknowledging anything earlier than 2011 unless it's related to Alf or a retcon, I'm not surprised. It would be the dire quality of Home and Away if there's less activity here at the moment. The show's never looked so bad.
  9. Someone told me elsewhere that H&A haven't marked the death of Cornelia Frances other than putting up an RIP title card at the end of an episode. So is Morag in limbo or has she been killed off? This kind of vindicates my reasoning for not watching anymore, the show has been bad for years and this just proves how heartless it is.
  10. I doubt it'll end. It'd be more likely to move to digital I'd have thought.
  11. Does anyone know how Home and Away rates in Ireland? Thanks in advance.
  12. Ah, is that the coming Monday/Tuesday? Thanks Dan.
  13. Hi, I was wondering if anyone could help me please. I watched the actors who play Dean & Willow film some scenes on 24th January but I'm fairly sure I haven't seen them air yet, does anyone know if this is likely to have already aired or could still be coming up? Thanks in advance.
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