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Summer Bay High (by Skykat) - comments

bay girl

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Great update

But I think I no why he walked out when Martha said she loved him:

His mum said she loved him but left him

So he thinks because Martha loves him she will leave him

He and Martha need to have a serious talk and she can assure him that shes not leaving him and alls right with Jack and Martha again

Update soon Kat


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Fantastic chapter. I really loved being inside Jacks head, the way his mother left and his relationships with women was describe amazingly, It shows how deeply his mother hurt him the emotion in your writing was great. I really cared about what he was feeling adding Lucas into the flashback was good too it made it not just about Jacks own emotions but young Luc's too. I hope Jack manages to find a way past his problems and admits that he loves Martha too. I cant wait to read more im hooked.

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That was absolutely fantastic. (and that could have had something to do with there being no Haley :P) I thought the scenes with Luc and Jack sounded so adorable, and hearfelt. You write it so genuinely and I now have an incredible in depth and detailed understading about Jack and more importantly why he does what he does. The characterisation on him is really brilliant.

And Gyps :( That's some really dark stuff, but at the same time totally gripping. What I really love about this fic though is the way even if a chapter is focussing on only a few characters and their back catalogue (e.g this chapter with Gypsy and Jack) you still manage to give subtle refernces and weave in some of the others, making them totally in character at the same time. Nothing is ever irrelevant, like the bit about Cassie appraoaching Jack and the little description that came with it. Now that's what I call a talented author, well done. :D

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That was awesome ILM. I've missed your writing so much!!! :)

I think it gave some really good background to what the characters are feeling and stuff like that. Especially Martha. I liked how you wrote about her brothers and how Hayley tried to make her blend into te crowd rather than upstage her, I think if anyone could take Hayley's crown it would be Martha! I liked how she befriended Cassie too. That shows how genuine she really is.

The first paragraph was brilliant. The description really set the scene, I almost felt like I was there. Love how you write Kane I can't wait to see what happens next!

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Well I thought that was an awesome chapter. I don't think you've ruined it at all, if it wasn't for you we wouldn't have a chapter at all because I do not feel like writing at the moment.

The Kane stuff is awesome, he's so dark and dangerous, I've just got such a sense of foreboding from him and after what he just did to Hayley...poor Cass. At the same time I feel sorry for him too, hes had a touch life and maybe in Cassie he'll be able to feel more sympathy towards her?

Its great to see some of Martha's past explored as well, makes her seem more human and more real when you dig into the background. I love her depth of affection to Cassie and Cassie's s vulnerable, pushing Martha away. I'm getting really worried about Cassie, she seems like a girl on the edge.

I thought it was an excellent chapter and paves the way for lots of exciting stuff to come. Thank you so much for posting for me, I really appreciate it, just maybe I might actually write some of my own story sometime soon. :P

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