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  1. Half yearly profile updates added to: Rachel Armstrong Martha Holden Tony Holden Leah Patterson VJ Patterson Kirsty Phillips Miles Copeland
  2. Just to add that Red Ranger deserves the credit for Macca's profile and an excellent one it was too. Thanks very much.
  3. Profiles added for: Gina Austin Brendan Austin Half yearly profile updates added to: Irene Roberts Belle Taylor Aden Jeffries
  4. Profiles added for Hugo Austin and Xavier Austin. The next few profiles will be Gina, Brendan and a half yearly update to all the current characters aswell as some of the more recent guests. In answer to the question about Macca's profile, as far as I'm aware we don't currently have one. I will attempt to do one as soon as I have the time or if anyone wants to do one for me I'd not say no.
  5. Recent profile updates: Ongoing guests: Liam Murphy Claudia Hammond Trey Palmer Recent Guests: Robbo Cruze Joey Collins Melody Jones
  6. I know a lot of people have asked about it so I'm pleased to announce that we finally have a profile on the main site for Geoff Campbell. The Austins and current guests will be coming soon along with half yearly updates to all our existing, current character profiles.
  7. I have fixed the broken links on the latest interactive corner, thanks Barbara for pointing it out. Latest updated profiles: Martin Bartlett Kane Phillips Angelo Rosetta Christine Jones Latest additions: Ruby Buckton Annie Campbell
  8. The latest edition of our interactive feature covering March and April has now been added.
  9. Some updates from the past week: Profiles added for: Roman Harris Jai Fernandez Nicole Franklin Charlie Buckton
  10. The last few weeks has seen another blast of daily profile updates. We now have the following character profiles on the main site and a number of existing profiles have been updated and completed. A huge thank you to Zetti and RedRanger1 for their contributions to this batch of profiles. Guest characters 1988 - 1990 Angela Newton Bridget Jackson Tammy Newton Reverend Newton Stacey Macklin Andrew Foley Bob Barnett Ross Keating Louise Keating Former Main Characters Tom Fletcher Celia Stewart Lance Smart Martin Dibble Carly Morris Ben Lucini Emma Jackson Viv Newton Tr
  11. Send me a PM Zetti and let me know what you think you could help with and we can sort something out.
  12. There has been a huge amount of profile updates recently and becaue I'm rubbish I haven't got round to logging them in here so we've now added every guest character from 2008: Dr Aitkin Daisy Alexander Mia Austin Trish Barrett Asia Bailey Max Becker Judge Blake Kay Bowman Steve Bradford Lloyd Brown Father Bryan Murray Buchanan Andy Cannon Arthur Clay Enid Clay Dr Clayer Nina Collins Jamie Cooper Judy Craig Jimmy Crawford Nathan Cunningham Kayla Deboer Greg Doherty Freya Duric Dr Fagan Natalie Franklin Trent Gannon Nurse Gayle Reverend Hall Duane Harrison Mrs Ha
  13. That would generally mean you're trying to PM someone who has disabled their pm box or blocked pms in some way shape or form. Its an option in your control panel. Maybe send an email instead?
  14. Comparing Rachel to Adelle is fine provided you have a relevent comparison to make. If you don't then use this thread to discuss Tachel and use the Adelle thread to discuss Adelle. Next post bringing up Adelle without making some form of valid comparison will be deleted, no warnings. If you have a problem with a post, report it, DON'T reply to it. Thanks. Back on topic...
  15. The problem with main site updates is that all the content comes from the staff members who contribute and we all watch the show so current characters and recent ones are relatively easy. Older characters are much harder to do because we're relying on our own knowledge. If is possible that we can update the older profiles we will do but if in the meantime you remember things about the older characters that aren't on the main site, by all means PM them to one of us.
  16. THanks Jack. Today's profile updates include three brand new ones. Kirsty Phillips Kane Phillips Martin Bartlett Angelo Rosetta Christine Jones
  17. Thanks Jack. Its nice that people appreciate that updating the main site is voluntary and takes a lot of time. Has anyone given you a copy of the guest profiles list we're working through? If you wanted to do any off there just PM me and I'll send you a copy of what we're working on. Jessica if you read my previous post you'll see that I've already said that we're in the process of completing all the current character profiles, that includes Annie and Geoff and they'll be on their way soon as Ryan says, all work on the main site is voluntary and we'll get content up as and when we can.
  18. Character Profile updates for: VJ Patterson Irene Roberts (not that there was much to add - hmpf) Alf Stewart and Belle Taylor bringing them up to date to the season finale. Over the next few days we're aiming to try and get the current UK and australian characters all uploaded and complete until the end of the 2008 season finale plus a number of guest characters from the 2008 year.
  19. In the first of a series of many character profile updates: Rachel Armstrong Miles Copeland Tony Holden Leah Patterson and Martha McKenzie (Martha is now listed under her married name as Martha Holden). All of the above are up to date to the season finale 08 and the rest of the current characters will follow shortly. Thanks to everyone who says thanks. I have also removed Drew, Pippa and Jack from current UK characters and Jack from current Australian characters.
  20. Thank you to everyone who has bothered to say thank you and taken time to read the updates. It really does mean a lot to our team of contributors. We have a pretty strong behind the scenes team now with a few freelance contributors helping out Ryan, Lauren, Karen, Cal and the other mods and librarians who dip in and out to help us with things. I want to personally thank everyone who has worked so hard the past year what with a stream of non stop, key character departures, the regular magazine and a lot of personnel upheavals. You've all been fantastic, especially recently with us being on such
  21. You can't but an admin can but its a pain in the ass and we really hate doing it, it effects every post you've ever made and is a big headache. Traceve if you're having problems with someone on here, feel free to PM me, there might be something we can do about it.
  22. Skykat

    Suggestions Thread

    Survivor game added. We used to have a game like this in the old forum and I remember it being hours of pointless fun.
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