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  1. That would generally mean you're trying to PM someone who has disabled their pm box or blocked pms in some way shape or form. Its an option in your control panel. Maybe send an email instead?
  2. Comparing Rachel to Adelle is fine provided you have a relevent comparison to make. If you don't then use this thread to discuss Tachel and use the Adelle thread to discuss Adelle. Next post bringing up Adelle without making some form of valid comparison will be deleted, no warnings. If you have a problem with a post, report it, DON'T reply to it. Thanks. Back on topic...
  3. You can't but an admin can but its a pain in the ass and we really hate doing it, it effects every post you've ever made and is a big headache. Traceve if you're having problems with someone on here, feel free to PM me, there might be something we can do about it.
  4. Skykat

    Suggestions Thread

    Survivor game added. We used to have a game like this in the old forum and I remember it being hours of pointless fun.
  5. Character Survivor game. All current characters start with 5 points (see list below). Click the
  6. No worries Zetti it's a very valid question. To qualify you are more than welcome to comment on something you liked about a character's appearance, you can talk to the cows come home about whether you liked or disliked their clothes/ dress sense etc. You can even make reference to something simple like thinking a character's hair was a bit messy today. What we don't allow is anything negative that relates directly to the actor or actress themselves. So for example you are well within your rights to say that you don't find somebody attractive, that's a personal opinion BUT it's not acceptable to say that you think they're ugly, their eyes are too close together, they have a thin mouth or whatever point about them it is that you don't find attractive. That's your opinion and something the actor can't change so it would be unfair to comment on something like that. The same applies to their hair, their weight or anything that belongs to the actor as opposed to the character. Attaching derogatory names or comments to an aspect of an actor's appearance is also against the rules as it encourages negative discussion. One simple way to think of it is if you were an actor or actress would you be upset by coming on here and reading it about yourself? We know for a fact that actors and actresses do come on here and post and we have a pretty good relationship with seven. Whether you agree with them or not, the rules are in place nd they're not going anywhere. If you ever need us to qualify anything, don't be scared to ask.
  7. Still miss you. Hope your new profile suits you and isn't too much fuss but you knew full well I'd have had to do something. :P

  8. There isn't too much of a point to them that I can see they're just there. We use them to determine how many episode requests a person is entitled to though so they do serve a purpose.
  9. So can you tell me is the C&A section the only section that doesnt contribute to the post count ? The forums that don't count towards your post count are general chat, character appreciation, games forum as far as I'm aware and possibly episode requests, though I'm not 100% certain on that one, I'd need to check. As Ryan has said the reason for it was because people were posting lots of spam in order to boost their post count and it was incredibly frustrating for both members and moderators. I would see no problem with lifting it in appreciation due to the new format in there BUT it would mean we would need to moderate even more heavily in there to ensure that people weren't just posting pointless things to boost their post count. As admins we do have the option to reset post count so I guess we could always use that as a threat to stop people spamming. I'll bring it up with the rest of the staff and see what we think. I'm not a hundred percent sure what you mean by this. Do you mean a single thread where everyone posts describing a character they'd like to see on the show and who they'd like to play them? I don't see any problem what so ever with that and if that is what you mean you have my permission to start the thread.
  10. Wilkepedia is definitely not to be trusted as a source, I could go on there now and say Jodi Gordon was married to Paul O'Brien's identical sister and within ten minutes it'd be posted on here as fact. Don't believe things you read on there unless they've happened or can be verified.
  11. Home and away have a habit of reforming the school bully though, look at Ric and Aden. It usually turns out that there is far more to delve into the character and I think we saw a brief hint of that during the Ruby stuff when he wrote her that note about his gran really having azhiemers. I think it shows that he has the potential to be a decent character with some depth if the writers want to go there and explore it. That said, it would be nice to see him taken down a different route to the reformed bad boy ala Aden and Ric.
  12. Okay so it's not really a christmas present but you all must be sick of reading warning announcements and I'm sick of making them. I'm sorry to those members to whom none of this applies, we appreciate that there has been a lot of changes for people to deal with and by the large our members have been nothing but supportive and i want to thank you for that. I do however want people to read this because I speak for all of the mods when I say that this forum is driving us all crazy. When we lifted moderator preview off this forum we made it very clear that a return to the arguing, personal attacks etc of the old system would not be tolerated and would lead to a return to moderator preview. Once again we are receiving reports and reading posts where members are making personal attacks on each other or on certain fans / anti fans for their opinions on the characters. Just to make it crystal clear: It is acceptable to: * Post your opinion on a couple, pairing, individual characters * Say why you like / dislike the above * Disagree with another posters opinion * Argue your point in terms of something another poster has disagreed with you It is not acceptable to: * Attack fans or anti-fans of a couple, pairing or individual characters because you disagree with their opinion * Post derogatory or generalizing comments towards the fans or anti-fans of the above * Take offense to somebody having an opinion that you don’t agree on If there is something you disagree with in relation to the CHARACTERS then please by all means argue your points, DO NOT get personal and if you do see someone get personal or feel someone is being personal with you then REPORT THEM and let us deal with it. There is also a tendency to generalise towards fans or non fans of a particular couple, it used to happen with JM and now it's happening with Adelle and the staff are as guilty as anyone. Please do not group a set of fans or a set of people who dislike a pairing, together and aim comments at that group of people. Chances are it will be a generalisation and not representative of every fan or non-fan and so will cause offense. I’m sorry if I’m coming across as overly harsh or aggressive on this but the moderators are stressed to death over this forum, we are trying our utmost to please everybody and make this forum the best place it can possibly be for our members. We are listening to your opinions and feeding back to you on them, we are available any time you want to talk to us about something. Please can you help us out and start showing some respect for each other and for us. I should add that this is not aimed at a particular person/persons/fan group or anti fan group nor is it a reaction to a single incident but to the culmination of several incidents we have had to deal with in this vein since the moderator preview was lifted. To re-iterate, I DO NOT want this forum to go back on moderator preview, please do not be the person who forces us to do that. If you have any objections or any points to raise in regards to this post please do so privately with me, over PM. In the meantime please continue to discuss and debate the characters of home and away as this forum was intended. Thank you.
  13. Okay I've been watching this thread and whilst I think there is some great and very mature discussion in here I just want to post a brief warning to you all to try and not make things personal. I'm not saying anyone is but I just want to post so everyone thinks twice. Clearly there are vastly different opinions in here, people have seen and read scenarios differently and so have different opinions on them. There are times when arguing the same point is not worth it because you're not going to change other people's opinions. Post your thoughts, agree to disagree and move on. I'm not getting at anyone in particular, just posting a friendly reminder. Thanks.
  14. We have been monitoring the situation and reviewing all of your comments and feedback and we have decided that whist home and away is off the air and the boards are quieter generally, we will trial taking this forum off moderator preview. This means you will no longer have to wait for your posts to appear. However, this is not a decision we have taken lightly and this section of the board will be very heavily moderated. Any spam or innappropriate posts will be deleted. If we have to delete more than three of a member's posts that member will be put on moderator preview an this will apply to the whole board and not just the discussion section. If the situation reverts back to being out of hand then we will have to have a rethink and put the section back on mod preview, something I really don't want to do. The hope is that this will stop the feeling that we're punishing everyone for the mistakes of a few, which was never our intention and we're hopeful that the past few weeks of having posts unapproved will mean that members now know what is or isn't acceptable. If you're not sure you can always PM a staff member to ask them to check your post for you. I'm confident that the majority of our members are mature enough and by the large have enough respect for us to abide by our rules but I would please encourage any of our members who see posts that they feel are breaking our rules, whether that be spag, spam etc, to use the report post button and let us know. I just want to thank our members for being so good over recent changes, whilst every change we make is with the best of intentions for the whole board, we're never going to please everybody and I want to thank everybody for giving the changes a go and feeding back to us. We do listen and take on what you guys have to say and hopefully you can appreciate where we're coming from. The combined threads will be staying for the time being, the general consensus of the staff is that they are better suited to encouraging discussion rather than arguments but like as before, its not set in stone. I hope this will encourage more of our members back into that forum and I look forward to reading all your posts. Please use this thread to feed back on the trial lifting of the moderatr preview and let us know what you think.
  15. Sorry about the delay in replying to you, I haven't been on here for a few days but I've now changed your username. Anything else, feel free to drop me a PM.
  16. Its over but I spy room for a sequel, Annie and Jai were left hanging and Ruby and Rosetta, should I start the petition now? Seriously great story Miranda, very amusing and lighthearted with well constructed dialogue and believable dialogue. I very much enjoyed reading it.
  17. Great update Miranda. The wedding sounded lovely and I loved Roman's involvement in puttin Belle and Aden together, its clearly on the cards! Update soon.
  18. Pm me the link if you like and I'll have a go for you.
  19. Jai's a pirate! Fantastic few chapters Miranda. So good to see the romance between Nicole and Geoff is back on and you write Aden and Belle very well. I love the dialogue, this fic never fails to amiuse me. The rescue from Mr Copeland... I can't wait to see what happens next, though given recent Home and Away I wouldn't have been surprised if Miss Phillips ewas part of the den on inequity! Oh and yay for Mrs Roberts / Mr Stewart and god help Annie when Jeffries and Campbell find her missing!
  20. That might be my favourite line ever! You're welcome about the ray of sunshine and thanks for explaininmg your character choices, iI always love to see the justification behind things, its the lawyer in me. Another couple of great chapters, so Charlie's done a runner with Rambo Roman and Campbell and Jeffries to the rescue! I love this story, interesting characters, great dialogue and plenty of comedy moments. What's not to like, please keep it coming.
  21. Miranda this fic is like a little ray of sunshine. Pride and Prejudice is one of my favourite stories and this is a great take on it. Initially I was surprised at Morag playing the role of the overbearing Mrs Buckton, Colleen would have been my automatic thought but you write this really well. I'm very intrigued by the tangled web and the reflections between both the novel and current events in the bay. Great story, I hope you continue to update soon.
  22. I'm rubbish with stuff like that but I believe I'm right in thinking there's a tutorials thread in artwork and creations? Maybe ask in there?
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